11/17/08: BUCKWHEAT is doin' great!! A big lover!!!!! and a Watch Dog Beyond compare!!!!  He sees and hears EVERYTHING!!!!

Thankful for finding you and all the efforts you put forth for the adoptable dogs..!!!!

BUCKWHEAT is a real Sweetheart!!!!!

Wayne n' Joyce

First report:  Buckwheat is joining the family just fine. He's learned if he taps the glass on the patio door, we'll let him out to do his business. Of course he made some mistakes in the house but it's all in learning his boundries. He He loves to sprawl out on the tile floor in the bath and kitchen. He also hides his Milk bone treats in a blanket that he now regards as his own.
He tends to give most of his attention to Joyce since he's figured out that Jetta and Spirit are my girls.
Jetta is a black Shepherd Dog from a rescue foster home in Tulsa Oklahoma. Spirit is a Siberian Husky adopted from the SPCA Bartlesville Oklahoma.
He gives me a surprise each morning by waking me up by slapping his front paws right on my face!
Joyce does all the vet visits and will take care of the stitches, shots and normal requirements he needs.
I found the web site with all his pictures and linked my friend and family to it. Everyone loves him !
10/31/06 visit:  It was great to be able to go visit one of our rescue puppies.  Buckwheat has certainly become handsome with adolescents although he was always an adorable little puppy.  Thanks Wayne for letting us visit and see how well this precious boy is doing. Carol & Loren

When I was a baby!  Wow I have changed!



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