11/18/09 photos

9/27/09:  Got a call from Michelle and Brooks is her shadow and constant companion.  He weighs 110 pounds and his shoulder is in good shape.  Michelle has a great sense of humor.  That's really lucky for Brooks.  He is eating everything, literally.  A batch of chocolate chip cookies (diarrhea for 3 days), his new "non-destructible $150 bed" (they gave her a refund instead of replacing the bed.  Saying if he ate one, he'd eat the next) and then when nothing else seemed available, he went to eating the walls. 

12/03/08:  Brooks should be going to his new home soon.  He will be joining Maddie (aka Noel) who was one of the Christmas mange puppies.    I am very excited for him.  I know he will be loved and has plenty of love to give in return.

10/10/08: Brooks is scheduled for shoulder surgery in both shoulders for OCD on Oct 13. Prognosis is good for a full recovery and pain free life.   I am hoping he will have a forever home to go to by then so he can have the best chance of a full recovery.  If not, I guess he will just become 'one of mine'.
11/16:  Brooks has had his surgery and is doing ok.  Hard to really tell since he is in a lot of pain and limping on account of it.  He has taken to 'living' in a crate, but not overjoyed, just tolerant. Blog entry is in progress on our trip and his surgery.

11/18:  Brooks is doing great!  Keeping him down is a real exercise.  He wants to play so bad.  He wants to go for long walks, not short ones.  He wants to chase the cat.  He wants to chase the tennis ball. He does not want to go in his crate.  He wants to go outside and run.  It is going to be a VERY long 4 weeks.

The surgery is $2000.  To date (10/10/08) we have been able to raise $1100 through personal yard sales, cashing in coins we saved and a few donations.  With half down, the balance can be paid over the next 3 months.  

Brooks looks purebred Great Pyrenees, all snowy white with dark ears and double dew claws. He was born mid January.  He is mellow in his personality; showing the true Pyrenees devotion.  He learned the doggie door right off a is housebroke and good on leash.  He also knows he must sit for both attention and his meals.  He is laid back and happy to greet all his new playmates. His coat is very thick and soft.  He loves people and thinks everyone has come just to see him.  He gets really excited to greet all comers, canine or human.  He is not a field dog and must go to a companion home.  He is such a sweet loving boy.

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