1/16/11:  She is such a love!!!!!  She has blossomed some more.  She finally decided a few weeks ago that she will take food quickly from our hands.  She was timid before.  She did get an ear infection last month but we got her to the vet quick when she started itching and she is good now.  We now have a couple cats.  One is a tiny kitten I saved off the middle of the road.  If you can believe it she and that kitten have become best friends.  Halo, baby Oscar kitty and her are always together.  The baby is usually somewhere in the middle of them all.    Our human baby loves to sit next to her and pet her and talk to her.
     It's usually quite the wrestling match with the cat, pug and her.  They have a great time.  We love how she sleeps in bed with us every night.  And she has proved to be a quite proficient "belcher".
    We couldn't love her more.   Karen

10/24/10: This is her sitting on my lap.  I think she thinks she is small.  She is really at home.  She runs full speed to play with us in the yard, she loves to lay on her back in the grass and she loves to stick her belly out at us so we can rub it.

9/29/10:  She is such a love!!!!  She is definitely a creature of habit..  She gets up at 7:30am every morning and is in bed at 9:00pm every night.  She poops in the evening and she starts a wrestling match that spans three rooms with Halo every night between 7:30pm and 8:00pm that lasts at least 20-30minutes.  She's protective of the other two dogs and the baby.  She is cuddly and sweet and smart.  She definitely does not like thunder and at night when she hears it she lays ON TOP of one of us.  I have the video of her and Halo wrestling but I can't get it to attach but I will keep working on it.
     We just love her and she already knows about grandmas and how good they are..
9/17/10: We are just in love with Brittany.  She and halo have totally bonded and so have Ashton and her.  It is like a wrestling ring at our house every afternoon.  Brittany and halo chase each other round and round and she even bounces side to side like a pug.  
    Now we sleep all together in, Dave, halo, Brittany and the cat. Thank goodness cupcake likes to sleep in her own bed on the floor by our bed
   I just wanted to let you know I think she's happy and feeling at home and letting her personality come out
9/6/10:  She is a good girl.  She is already walking us the perimeter of the fence line we have up so far.  She likes little Cupcake and she is tolerating crazy Halo even though I think he gets on her nerves.  Last night I think he won her over though.  We were outside walking and he heard a scary noise and ran and hid under her for protection.  She looked down between her legs at him.  Our baby, Ashton, just talks and talks to her.  He sat down next to her and slid his toy over to her.  He's given her quite a few toys today.  And he keeps walking over and just petting her back.  I didn't realize she liked her belly rubbed so much.
9/4/10:  We made it home fine.  Her and the baby slept the first two hours and then the baby talked her ear off the next two.  I've never heard him say dog so many times.  He held his hand out and she licked it and they both loved it.  We got home and she met Halo and Cupcake.  Halo stopped dead in his tracks when he saw how big she is but he got over that in about 30 seconds.  They just all had a dog parade around the yard following her around.  She's checking out the house and the water and food bowl and is still her easygoing personality.
     Thanks again for letting us adopt her.  We are already so in love with her.   As soon as we get some good pictures I will start sending them to you.    Karen
Brittany is very affectionate.  She has bonded quickly with all the people she has met.  She wants to be friends with all the other dogs too, but she is a bit insecure if they get too pushy with her.  She would much rather cuddle next to her people then be outside playing or even exploring.  She is a 'homebody'.  She is ok in the car but still unsure if she will be taken away never to return.  As her confidence grows, I am sure she will want to be in the car every time her people invite her.  She is great on leash and knows 'sit' and 'shake paw'. 
   Her coat is bunny soft and getting long and thick.   She has a beige nose and light gold eyes.  She could be mixed with Brittany Spaniel.   She weighs 80 pounds and is about 3 years old.

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