6/24/15:  Breeze has been here for over a year.  She is so near perfect!  She has been runner up several times, losing out to bigger Pyrs.  She would make a great therapy dog with a little attention.  She has been starved of it for some time and really needs consistent human interaction.  She has been marvelous with small children and very safe around the elderly.  She has great therapy dog potential and it is just going to waste. 

She is good on leash.  Good house manners.  Good on car rides.  Good with other dogs.  Probably good with cats. 

She is about 26" at the shoulders and 65 pounds.  Perfect cuddle size for a child. 

5/25/14:  Breeze is very petite for a Pyr.   She is young and wants to play with the other dogs.  She is very social and seems submissive.  Came from a farm.  Another "field failure".