7/30/11: Brandy (aka Abby) has been adopted and is living just a few hours away.  Thanks Rose and Bob for giving her a great home and a great 'perfect match' canine playmate.

   At Christmas, Brandy was observed for a week wasting away in a ditch by the side of the road before anyone came to her rescue.  Cold, scared and hungry, she has made a strong rebound both emotionally and physically.  She has a delightful personality and so eager for friendship, both human and canine. 
She made friends quickly and is very playful with other dogs.  She learned the doggie door right away.  She also made good use of the igloo dog house to curl up in. 
    She needs a family that will give her a lot of exercise or has property and another dog for her to play with.  She is an energetic dog and like herding breeds, needs an active life or she will be bored and get into trouble. 

She is just over a year old and about 40 -45 pounds.  From digging into breed characteristics, she seems to fit the Australian Kelpie profile. 

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