Branson & Natali  aka  Merlin & Shayla

They could not have gotten a better home!!  Thanks Kim for taking them into your home and into your heart.

3/03/07 update: The pups are doing GREAT.  Natali has been spayed, chipped and rabies vaccinated - she is just a sweetie - she grunts like a pig when I get home and hangs around the longest for kisses.  Branson is perhaps THE most beautiful dog I have ever seen - he is REGAL (clumsy and a big goof ball too) BUT boy is he something to look at.  Natali is much more athletic but Branson is the guard dog ( thank goodness he has finally calmed down about the goats being on the front porch in the middle of the night ) he has such a big deep bark.  He has outgrown the easy chair and has taken over the couch.  Natali prefers to sleep in a large crate in the kitchen.  I can't tell you how much I love and enjoy these pups, they have fit into my family very nicely.  My Mom tells me all the time what great pups they are.  They got into trouble for the first time about a month ago.  They now go with me all the time when I'm outside doing chores and they go into the pasture and barn lot with all the big livestock (which at first scared me to death - but they would squeeze thru the gate)  both Natali and Branson got nipped at by my mule and one of my donkeys) which has kept them very alert and leery of the big guys - GOOD.  However they both did chase a calf one day and they got the yellin' of their life.  About a week later they got hold of one of my ducks - it lived but I don't think they feel ducks are fun anymore.  I think these guys are doing great.  I have slowed down on my picture taking but will send you some updates this spring.  Thank you again for everything.   Take Care - Kim

Below is an array of photos over the past 3 months (Nov-Jan) of the pups and some of the activities they have been involved in.  They graduated obedience class, visited a pet store and have had a great time playing in the snow. 


Adoption day
10/11/06 Dear Carol - Just wanted to give you a little update.  Should have pictures to send you this weekend - I took 3 rolls in 3 days - should have a good start on their baby album!  Well as for the pups - I LOVE THEM!!  They are the sweetest, cutest, smartest, best puppies ( that's the proud mom in me).  I took a vacation day Monday so I could help them settle in - they have met the chickens, ducks, goats, cats and dogs.  They follow me everywhere, except I don't let them go into the fields or into the barn lot.  At first they frightened pretty easy but I think now they know I wouldn't let anything hurt them.  I am so glad I did the two puppies - everybody should.  They just crack me up and Natali may be smaller but she doesn't take any crud off her brother.  They are enjoying their toy's and romping around the kitchen with a little soft ball, if one drops it the other swoops in and takes off with it.  The pups got a bath their first night home and I can't believe how fluffy they are.  I carried them over to meet my mom and grandma in a homemade animal sling that someone made for me.  My mom made over them forever.  Everybody thinks Branson looks and acts like my old Zak.  I have set up a crate next to my bed - I leave the door open and use my bed, bookcase and wall as borders for an open area outside the crate.  This gives them the option of sleeping in the crate or on the rug outside of the crate.  They are right by my head so I can reach down and pet them or hear them if they cry - which they don't.  The last two nights they have gone right to bed, both nights I got up about 4 to go to the bathroom and figured it was a good time for the pups, so I woke them up and we went out - I walk them around till they go and then they come back in and get a drink.  I give them both a puppy biscuit when we go back to bed, they eat it and go right back to sleep.  Both mornings I have woke up and they have been playing, not making a sound but laying on their backs pawing at each other.  Knock on wood I have only had one tinkle accident so far - can you believe it? They both will whimper when they need to go so they have me trained to JUMP already.....  I am mixing the vitamins like you said and today I picked up more food.  It's funny I spent an hour reading dog food labels anybody who knows me, knows I don't care what's in my food - but for the pups it's a different story.  The Nutra has changed it's formula - they do have a large breed puppy Lamb and Rice, no wheat or corn so that's what I got for them.  I appreciate you sending the other food with me to get them started on the right foot.  Natali's shaking seems to be much less even in the short time I've had them.  Yesterday 2x she had where you could tell she was going to have a shaking episode but this morning while we did chores and walked - she got a little shaky leg for a short time, rested and went on exploring - I really am keeping my fingers crossed for her and her brother and sister.  Branson and Natali will go to the vet October 20th for DHLP-P, Bordetella, Stool Check and puppy exam.  I will talk to vet about spay/neuter recommendations and will wait to have them microchipped at that time.  They start puppy classes Wed October 25th for 5 weeks.  I can't believe how well they already walk on a leash for their young age.  The kids are getting really excited about taking them to puppy school.  I'm feeding them a mix of dry and can 3 times a day and leaving dry out all day.  My mom babysat today.  They have the run of my kitchen, 2 crates to sleep in, food, water, toys.  I asked my mom to check on them about every 2 - 3 hours.  She never had to clean a mess - they always went when she took them out.  I fixed up an outside kennel with straw and dog house, plenty of room to play for when I want them out but not in harms way.  So they stayed in it today for awhile while my mom cut grass.  If the weathers nice I will put them in there when I take care of the cattle otherwise they go back into the house.  My other dogs really could care less about them and my cattle dog Ashton really would like to play - they just need to get a little bigger.  The pups will go to work with me tomorrow since my mom has dr. appointments and won't be able to watch after them.  I work on a farm and spend a lot of time in and around the barn, it is totally enclosed and only animals in it are cats and bunny's.  The pups will be able to run the barn when I'm in it and when I'm not they will go into a 10x10 kennel inside the barn with their bed and toys.  This way I can continue to get them out to potty.  They are going to be nothing to housebreak.  So my mom will see after them during the day, if she has appointments then they will go to work with me till they get big enough to safely leave.  Well that's about all I can think of - I think they are great and I really appreciate everything you did for them and me.  Take care and pictures will be coming soon.  Kim
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