Bonnie has been adopted.

My daddy died, but I don't really understand that.  I just know I miss him.  At least Julia, my big canine sister and protector is here with me.  I really wish I had a new daddy, or a mommy would be ok too.  I miss snuggling up under the covers at night.  Now I just cuddle with Julia.  I don't mind kids, but I am really not use to them and would much prefer to be in a home with a retired person who will just let me cuddle up to them.  I'm not big on exercise, but my rescue mom says I need to take off a pound or two to get to my trim 14 pound healthy weight.
    This place is nice and we have a huge room all to ourselves, but the doggie door to the yard is a bit tricky for someone my size.  It was made for big dogs with long legs.  Julia holds the flap open for me while I work to step over the bottom.  It is hard, but I would never potty in the house. 
    I'll be getting a bath and hair cut soon.  Not sure I am all that enthused, but I am a bit stinky right now.  Daddy was sick for a long time so my regular grooming was kind of forgotten.  I'll look like a different girl; even cuter then I am now. 

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