Blake (aka Alabama Blue)

6/23/15:  Blake is amazing.  He is as near perfect as any living creature can get.  Well mannered, patient, not pushy, loving, gets along with all other dogs.  Perfect on leash, in the car, in the house.  New pix soon.

6/4/15: Blake loved his bath.  It made a huge improvement on his skin condition.  I think it will be cleared up in no time.  He went on a walk about last night but luckily a neighbor picked him up.  I think he was confused of how to come back in his space with all the house dogs barking at him.  He is now in the shop and getting along great with 2 male Pyrs 2 female Pyrs, a male Saint Bernard and a male little dog. 

6/3/15: Blake made the trip very well.  He is a really sweet loving boy.  He has some major skin issues which will be addressed in a few days.  Was tested for mange and negative.  Not sure what is the cause of his very scab covered skin.