Betsy aka Barkeep
Betsy has been adopted.  Here is the first email from her new mommy:  3/26/10:  I just wanted to let you know ... What a beautiful and wonderful dog. She is already learning and eager to be with all of her new family members. She is an absolute sweetheart and we have already fallen in love with her. Although she has grown up an outside dog she was very happy to be an indoor dog and was not eager to leave the warmth of the house for outside duty. She spent her first night in her crate in my sons room and was an angel. Thank you so much for making this happen for us. We couldn't be happier! Here is a picture with one of her new friends.   Thanks again.  Laurie   (pix will be re-sent)

Betsy is a delightful puppy.  Loving yet independent.  She will come when called (puppy-puppy-puppy) but when the attention is over, she goes off to play. She has the most gorgeous eyes.  She was born Nov. 4th and her momma was most likely the victim of a neighbors bullet on Nov 5th.  She was bottle raised along with her 8 littermates.  Although 4 months old, she still has all her baby teeth.  She is only about 20 pounds so will be on the small side when full grown. Probably in the 60 to 70 pound range.    She is healthy, happy and adorable.  She will grow up to be quite a stunning adult.  

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