Beth Ann

2/15/17: Since Beth Anns return, she is quite different.  Sadena 'nailed' her and put her in her place.  Now the alpha rolls have been reversed.  She was always sweet with all people but now she is being really sweet to Sadena.  We were watching through the door and she had her paw stroking Sadenas face.  It was so 'motherly'.  Like she was with Sadenas puppies many months ago. 

2/6/17: Beth Ann has been returned.  She was adopted several months ago but her car chasing habit was more then they could handle.  She will be going to a trainer that I hope can get it out of her system.  She needs a tough agility course to keep her focused and entertained. 

6/10/16: Beth Ann seems to be happy to have company.  She is sharing space with Sadena and Chloe G.  This is going very well.  She will fence fight, but open the gate and all goes well as long as the other dog understands she is the boss.   

5/8/16:  Beth Ann has managed to get over much of her dog aggression.  There are finally some dogs she trusts.  She is currently sharing space with Dillon.

A month ago 2 small puppies managed through a space in the fence and went in with Beth Ann.  She was thrilled.  She mothered them and wanted to keep them.  Sadly, they were not weaned, so I had to put them back with their momma dog.  She was so distraught.  I think she would do great with another dog that was introduced to her as a puppy.  I also think she will be fine with a laid back dog that she does not perceive as a threat.

12/2/15:  Beth Ann's wound/burn on her back is still healing.  The burns on her leg and the rest of her back are completely healed. She is so good for Neosporin to be applied.  Her coat has grown long and it looks like it will grow over and through most of the scar tissue. 
    She is a total love with people.  She wants to cuddle.  She is not pushy but very appreciative.  She would be perfect for a senior.  She has so much unconditional love to give.  Great house manners. 

She would be fine with small respectful children.  They would need to be careful of her burn until it is fully healed.  She needs to be the only dog in the home.  She has not been able to overcome the trauma of the dog attack.  Cat's are an uncertainty. 

There is not adoption fee.  Ozark Dogs will cover any vet care related to the burn. 

7/24/15:  Beth Ann was turned into animal control.  People said her wounds were from being tangled in a fence. We think it was a chemical burn.   They shaved her down rather then just shaving the parts where the burns were. She was put in with another dog which attacked her and added puncture wounds to her neck and ear.  This was 2 months ago.  She was just rescued and is well into the healing process.  The rescue vet said she was looking good and the wounds were healing right on schedule. 
    Because of the dog attack, she is hesitant around other dogs.  She seems to want to be friends but very cautious and a bit defensive assertiveness.  She loves people and is respectful.  She comes for attention but is not pushy.  Maybe 2 years old and overweight at 67 pounds.  Good on leash and in the car.  Likes to go for a ride. 

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