Amie aka Autumn          Amie and the critters video.


Branson Titanic star and Amie

First email from Autumn's new mommy:  8/04/10: What a joy she is!!  I laid a blanket on the floor in front of our bed and she slept there all night.  She did not get up until around 7:00 am to go out.  I already gave her a pill this morning, and that went just fine.  She did "smile" at me this morning and it was so darn cute!!  She is getting along well with my Cavaliers; she growled once, but I think it was just a little overwhelming.  When I told her "no", she stopped.

She follows me everywhere, and really loves my husband, too.  He thinks she is a doll baby.  I went for a walk with her this morning and introduced her to the miniature horses.  She was VERY interested. 

I will get pictures for you, and send along.  Thank you for the nice things you said about me on your blog.  I am happy to know that you think we are a good fit.  I think we are going to name her Amie.  We are trying it out to see how she likes it.

8/03/10:  A great family has adopted Autumn.  She is a very lucky girl to get them for her very own!!!

5/18/10:  Autumn is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. She has a very sweet disposition. She seems slightly more laid back then her sister Penelope. Still nervous being groomed, she eventually laid he head in my lap and fell sound to sleep while being brushed out.
     She did well for the car ride and got in and out nicely. She was fine in the vets office. On the way out she met a 2 week old colt and just ignored it. It was as if she was familiar with fouls. We did not meet the cat but was fine with other dogs in the office.
     The sisters are quite bonded and it would be nice for them to stay together. An adoption discount would be applied if they went together.
      She weighs 70 pound and estimate her DOB to be Feb 09. making her 15 months old.

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