4/21/07: Aslon has been adopted.

Aslon came into rescue 2/23/07.  He had been a courtesy listing, but the owner would not keep him any longer.  He is a wonderful fella.  He is also quite handsome.  The photos just do not capture it, though. In just a few short days he has learned the doggie door, quit having accidents in the house and become a real love bug.  He is learning that walking on a leash does not mean going side to side in front of you to 'clear a path' or protect you from some bug or blowing leaf.

He gets along great with the other dogs and has a happy playful attitude.  He and the black lab can play tag running around the property for hours before crashing for a brief nap.  He and the Komondor look magnificent running side by side with their tails high in the air.  It is like a competition to see who can raise theirs the highest to wave in the breeze. 

When he passes the dogs that are fenced separately and they bark aggressively, he just ignores them.  He is not at all confrontational.  I was told he was 'food protective', but he has not shown that to be the case here.  He is fed about 5' feet from 2 other dogs and he never eats too fast or gets defensive if they walk by him while he is still eating.  Neither does he insist on cleaning up his bowl.  When he is full, he quits.  He also patiently waits for any treats.

He had his very first experience at the "beauty shop".  The groomer said he was great.  Not a bit of a problem.  Doesn't he look pretty!

Aslon  3/01/07

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