2/21/14: As far as our Ashlee, it has been a long hard few months...we were struggling with lots of hair loss and the thyroid issues, her storm phobia seemed to be getting worse by the day and then around Thanksgiving while she was in the yard she got bitten by a stray dog... My husband was home at the time but had no clue...our neighbor told him that the dog had been around and bothered his dog as well, a few days later he found the bites and by then they were getting infected so to the vet they went. Anyway after two shots, two rounds of antibiotics and much cleaning we just couldn't shake the infection...then the foot trouble started...we have spent about 8 weeks cleaning, wrapping, and trying to get them healed. Long term antibiotics, something for chronic stress, gotta keep her from walking on hard surfaces as much as possible...just feeling a small bit of what you must go through daily when caring for all your special doggies! The good news is feet are finally, slowly healing, bites finally healed well, her last blood work and lab work was all good, her thyroid numbers r now good and her hair is growing back nicely. We found a new vet that could do a little more in-depth care, we are trying to look for options to protect and continue healing her feet, as she has aged, her feet twist more when she walks and evidently the footpads are not lining up under the bones in her feet, especially the right one, so the pressure from the bones are causing sores that have been so hard to heal. Right now we are using padded socks over her bandages. Those big old funny feet just don't fit in doggie shoes, or people slippers either. She is such a pain, but we can't imagine not having spite of everything and even when she was sick she is always sweet, unless rawhide hoarding is involved! I hope you find a wonderful home for your special needs doggie, I know you work so hard to make all their lives better.
7/1/10:  Hi Carol, Summer has been a busy one so far...seems like we always look forward to a break and life just gets busier than ever.  Ashlee went to the groomers the second week of June and looked beautiful.  They said she was the sweetest dog ever.  She hasn't dropped her coat, and is looking very much like a big white lion, except when she gets under the porch and gets brown.  She spends most of the time inside and the small floor fans were a great idea, thanks.  She also has a new buddy.  A couple of weeks before school got out one of my students found a baby kitten on the playground at recess.  It looked like it got washed up in the storm the day before and fit in the palm of my hand.  So of course it came home.  After 4 weeks of kitten milk at five bucks a is king of the house.  The first week I had to keep it in a big rubbermaid tub on the kitchen table.  Ashlee wanted to constantly lick it and carry it around.  After a couple of weeks it began to play with her.  Now it is her constant inside buddy, climbing all over her and often curls up on her back to nap when she is napping, of course whenever I try to get a picture of that they move.  Anyway Rizzo has become friends with it, the goats aren't sure, and the other four cats hate it!  But Ashlee will let it do anything, they are adorable together and she is still such a sweet girl. Hope you and all your babies are well, and your weather is being kind to you.  :) Georgia 

3/21/10:  Hi Carol, Just wanted to touch base and let you know that Ashlee is doing great. She is a spoiled rotten big drooling baby.  Her coat is thick, thick, thick.  Still has the burnt patches that just won't grow well, but no more sores on her funny toes lately.  She is going to the vet this week for a check up and heart worm check.  Everyone loves her!  She went to school this week and here are a couple of pictures of my class enjoying her.  She lets even kindergarten babies get in her face and maul her.  She needed a good nap after spending three hours at school on the day before spring break!  Hope u and your dogs are doing well and that spring weather comes and stays for u soon!  Thank you again for rescuing our girl.  Georgia

1/30/10:  Hi Carol, I am sure you are snowed under again, we have been in for a couple of days also, little bit of snow mostly icy roads.  Ashlee went to school for a couple of hours Thursday afternoon, even with a sore paw she was a very gentle and welcome visitor.  I forgot my camera, but the kids loved her and she tolerated all the petting and crowding they could dish out..  I needed to get her to the vet after school, her back paw had a very sore toe, Dr. Mann said it was a cist caused by a small object that made a sore.  When he examined her feet he said she had probably had a few previously.  I was very worried.  We are treating it this week and it should clear up without having to be messed with.  He said she was a wonderful dog and praised the heartworm treatment as just the right thing to do.  She is doing great, I just spent a panicked day about her foot.  Here are some pictures of her and her buddies on one of the daily snow walks.  Hope all your fur friends are well. Stay warm, Georgia

from Ashlee's new family:  1/12/10:  Hi Carol, all is fine, it has just been a crazy week!  We did get the day out of school last Monday which was great, but after that it was just nuts.......  Ashlee just goes with the flow!  No major problems, everyone just falls in love with her.  We have to watch if she drinks alot, and have had fewer accidents (none in the last 3-4 days) especially if we are careful to have the last person up walk her late before bed.  We will miss the 21 year old for that duty, he just left tonight. She has favorites already, she loves the goofy white and black cat with the messed up ear, she loves our youngest who just went back to school, and she loves the goats.  She has made friends with the dog next door finally and likes the other cats and Rizzo and the grandpuppy.  She has started wanting to be a little frisky and wants to play at times and when she is out back she is either wandering with the goats in the yard or curled up in the straw with them.  They have bonded with her and do not cry if she is out with them. She is eating very well, and has only walked upstairs a couple of times when following Anthony.  She will most likely stay downstairs since he is not around.  She, as you know loves, loves to be petted!  I have been trying to get some pictures, but have been too busy to figure out how to get them off my phone, so here are a few from this weekend with the camera with some of her friends.  I would like to know if there is a favorite type of toy that she likes, she needs to stay busy in the house at times, since it will calm down with our kiddo and his buddies gone most of the time.  Also is there a "best" type of brush to use on her fur.  We brush her daily for a couple of minutes, she loves it and it is usually needed if she has been in the straw, but not sure if the one we are using is appropriate.  She has enjoyed the fireplace with the rest of us this past week and just seems totally at home.  I know you miss her, but know that she is doing great so far and she has filled a spot for us in our home. We love her, thanks again for sharing her! :) Georgia

from Ashlee's new family:  1/3/10:  Carol, we didn't get any pictures today, every time I tried to aim the camera or my phone at her she would come walking to me, but she did great.  She seems very comfortable around all our critters and met the neighbor dog when walking to get the paper this morning.  He was excited to see her, she was pretty shy.  She slept on the floor by the sofa on a blanket, our youngest and Rizzo on the sofa next to her.  She has followed us around all day and seems comfortable.  Only one accident today, we thought it was water from the Christmas tree stand when we took it out, we have to watch when she starts walking around.  When she does go out back we leave them for about an hour and she will wonder the yard then curl up in the straw on the porch or stand at the door and look in until someone lets her inside.  All the kids and granddaughter and grandpuppy came for lunch and met her, so she got lots of attention.  Even the resistant one, Chris, walked in saying "so where is the new puppy".  She is an eater, and we have to be careful, cause every time she goes in the kitchen someone wants to give her a treat, she also gets in the cat food quickly if we do not pick it up.  Like our other dogs learned being around the goats means animal cookies...she has learned quickly that goats mean a we have to cut back on all of them.  I will keep you updated, she seems very comfortable and calm and so far no one has had to fuss at any of them, so she has not been upset at all.  Tomorrow she will hang out with dad and Anthony and we will see how that goes.  Thanks again, we love her already.  Georgia
First email from Ashlee's new family:  1/2/10:  Carol, we made it home a few minutes ago, one stop to potty at a rest stop, she totally ignored the stray cats there.  She was great on the drive home, every few minutes she would come up front and put her head between us to be petted.  She has roamed the downstairs of the house and went to the back porch with us to meet the goats.  She has basically ignored them after a quick sniff they are watching her every move.  She has gone down the steps twice and now is roaming the yard.  We are watching her and going to bring her in for the night shortly.  She seems very comfortable. 
        I don't know how you do what you do and then let them go, but someday I would love to do something with animals, when I get too crabby with the kids.  I will try to keep you updated and if you don't hear from me just call or email.  I do promise that we will do the very best we can to love her and take care of her.  She seems to have a very gentle spirit.  I will try to send you pictures of her tomorrow, I am not always real technology savvy, but can usually get a kid to help out if I get stuck.  Thank you again, and we will make sure we do heartworm meds on the 20th.  Tomorrow we will go tag and bed shopping.  ..... I am sure you do not need to meet everyone, but I have added some pictures, these are all of our current pets, cats, dog and goats, the lab was our Jasmine we just lost....  Our kids all live in town, except the youngest who is at UCA but they all visit often, so Ashlee will not be lonely and will get lots of love too.  I promise.  Thanks again, Georgia
Ashlee's new animal friends

Jasmine who crossed the rainbow bridge.
1/2/10: Ashlee went home with the couple who came to meet Irene. 
Update12/20/09:  Ashlee is doing great.  Her coat looks like a sheep, but is growing fast and looking nice.  She is happy to be more active and is showing her willingness to join in with the other dogs and do her best to keep up.    Being petted is usually more fun then out running in the yard though.  Her 8 weeks of restricted exercise from her heartworm treatment is complete and she ready for a forever home.

She is good with other dogs but does want her share of attention.  She got pretty spoiled being confined to limited activity the first 8 weeks, but is now gradually understanding that around here, attention time has to be shared. 

I was recently asked what it looks like when she walks.  The best way to describe it is what an egg laying duck might look like on the run. She squats and waddles.  It only makes her more endearing as one sees her struggle to keep up with the other dogs.  She is not in pain and it is the only movement she has ever known. 

Oct 31 update:  Ashlee had a benefactor so heartworm treatment took place a few days ago. She is doing great.  She does not mind the new routine which gives her a lot more individual attention.  Special Thanks to Julie and her canine companion Montana. 

Oct.1:  Ashlee is a unique Great Pyrenees right at 1 to 1 1/2 years old.  She was born with an obvious birth defect.  Her hind knees bow in, her feet splay way out and she walks more on her legs then her feet.  Such a shame she did not have people who cared enough about her to have this corrected when she was a puppy.  It's too late now.   Sometimes such a uniqueness can be handicap, but I would like to see it turned into a blessing.  My vision is to see Ashlee become a therapy dog, able to give inspiration to handicapped children. 

Ashlee is very sweet and loves people.  Her imperfection make her that much more endearing.  She can't keep up with the other dogs, but she can trot along at a medium pace.  She has a little trouble with the doggie door but still manages to get through it.  She can do one or 2 steps but could not climb down a staircase.  Gravel and rough pavement hurt her feet, but she loves walking on grass and is fine with tile floors. 

Ashlees' coat had to be shaved.  What should have been a beautiful, soft and fluffy coat was so matted that there was no other option.  Fortunately it will grow back in 6 to 8 months and she will look lovely in her own special way.  Unfortunately, they got too close on one spot and burned her skin.  That area is not growing back very well.

She has been spayed and is UTD on her shots and on the road to being heartworm free and healthy. 

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