Ash is a 2 year old Anatolian Shepherd and Pyrenees mix. He came in from an Abuse Case. He had spent his short life on a chain. He weighed 44 pounds on March 6. By May 6, he weighed 90 pounds. Considering his physical starvation, he does not have any  food aggression. He is sweet, rides well crated or in the back seat. He loves to go for walks and car rides. He knows a doggie door. He loves people attention. He has good house manners. He does not destroy anything.  He is not a big barker, and when he does warn, a simple "That's enough" will quiet him.  He has bonded quickly.

He gets along well with other dogs however, just like people, he did take issues with one male in the house pack of 10 others but he got over it.

He has a sweet, loving disposition. His personality is between an ASD and a Pyr. He is not alpha. As an only dog or with a female dog, he should be fine.   If he is going to be part of a 3 or 4 dog pack, Anatolian experience or understanding of the breed would be important.
3/30/12:  Ash had a bath today.  He turned almost white.  His coat is soft and getting real thick like an ASD should. 

4/26/12:  Ash weighs 88 pounds.  He is neutered and current and ready for his forever home.  He is extremely intelligent, affectionate and eager to please.  His personality is way more Pyrenees then ASD.  He would love being an inside lap dog, but thinks walks and car rides are the ultimate adventure.

3/18/12 twelve days of good food and love.
3/6/2012 upon arrival
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