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 4/27/12: Summer is here and your intentions are good, but please do not shave your Pyr or any double coated dog.  Think of it this way:   Do you take out your home insulation during the summer?  Does a bald man go out in the sun without a cap on his head?  Do you know someone with skin cancer or that had heat stroke? 

That undercoat is insulation serving the same purpose as the insulation in our home.  That outer coat repels and reflects sun and rain the same as clothing.  Both protect the skin from exposure to the same harmful elements that we use clothing for. 

Dogs cool themselves by panting and through the pads on their feet.  Trimming the hair between their pads will help them cool.  Provide a wading pool or fresh water source they can stand (or sit) in.  Use a small 5 to 8 qt. hard sided cooler/ice chest for their outside water.  (See "ice" and "no ice" articles below.  you decide)  Provide shade.  If you don't have a tree or covered porch, make a lean-to with an old bed sheet draped over a couple of lawn chairs.  And do NOT walk your dog on hot pavement.  Make sure he has grass to walk on. 
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