9/3/15: April is returning from a year of being adopted.  They care for several toddlers and did not give her an escape place when the children got to rough.  A dog (and human) can only take so much. 

3/23/15:  April is  real sweetheart.  Loves attention.  Picked up as a stray.  Can't imagine why she was unwanted.  She is beautiful.  Gets along great with other dogs.  She is about 7 or 8 months old and 65 pounds..  She would be a good yard protector.  She barks at intruders she does not know.  Walks good on leash.  Not had a lot of car experience but has done fine. Not much inside experience, but as typical of Pyrs, I'm sure she is housebroke.   She does have a human size house in her yard and aside from dragging her blanket out the doggie door, she has not caused any trouble or been destructive.   She has not eaten the water containers or food bowls.  She enjoys her Nylabones.   She shares space with Jaden and a fence line with Dillon and Breeze.  No fence fighting.  Often the all end up together and get along fine.