Adoption Application

Please be aware that we take the placement of each dog very seriously.  We won't be as thorough as if you were adopting a child, but we will do what ever it takes to satisfy all our concerns.  You will most likely have a home visit by one of our representatives.  We are not looking to see if you are a good housekeeper or if you drive a fancy vehicle.  We want to make sure you don't have any hazards that could harm the dog (like an old vehicle leaking antifreeze or nails sticking up on your porch.) 

This is NOT a 'submit' form. Please provide the following information in an email:

Highlight all the questions ( crtl & A keys and then "ctrl & C" keys to copy).  Then click HERE   Email correctly addressed to us will come up.  Then in the body of the email message area, click the "ctrl & V" to paste.  Then you can answer the questions and send.

OR click here to bring it up in a WORD DOCUMENT which you may type in and attach to the email.

Please be thorough.  I cannot be looking up your vet's phone number, guessing at your fenced area or wondering why you no longer have a certain dog that your vet thinks you still have.

We reserve the right to deny adoption to anyone for any reason.

Name of dog you are interested in:

Your Full Name:
Significant others Full Name:
Physical Address:
City, state  & zip:
How long have you lived here?
Do you plan to move in the next few years?

Home phone with area code:
Cell phone:                                            Additional phone:

Email address:

Number of adults living in the home:               
Number of children at home and their ages:

**Veterinarian name:
** Please notify your vet that I will be calling and give permission for them to speak with me about your dog history with them.

If with this vet less then 2 years, name of previous veterinarian:
Phone number: 

Do you currently have pets?  Please list ALL:
Dogs:  name, breed and age:

If dogs and cats, are they all spayed/neutered?        Current on preventatives?       Current on immunizations?

Have you lost dogs to accident, old age, disease?  Please describe last 2:  Name, age, why or how it died or became lost:  Name of attending/ diagnosing vet if other then above.

Personal reference.  Non-relative of person who has a dog that you have interacted with:
years known:

If you have adopted from a Rescue in the past, please provide name of rescue and contact information:
Name of Rescue group:
Name of contact person whom you dealt with:

Do you live in ? : house -  apartment/condo -  other (explain) ____
Do you own the property?               If NO, please give landlords name:
 and phone number: 

Is it in an urban, suburban or rural area:
Distance to highway:

Property/ lot size:
Yard size:
Fencing.  Please describe type, height and enclosed area size:
Outside shelter / shade. Describe:
Doggie door access?:

How many hours a day are you (both) away at work/ shopping, etc?:
Where will dog stay when you are not home? Be specific:

How flexible is your work schedule if the dog should need veterinary care, etc.?
How long have you worked for your current employer?        Occupation:
How long has significant other worked for current employer?            Occupation:

Where will dog stay when you go on vacation?  
If it is not going with, Please provide contact info for person who will be caring for it:
Name:                       Phone:

What type of vehicle will be used to transport dog to Vet, etc?
Where and how (crated, seat belted, loose) will the dog ride?
Do you understand the dangers of a dog in a parked vehicle?
Do you understand the dangers of a dog in bed of pickup?
Do you understand the dangers of a dogs head out a window?

How familiar are you with the breed you are wishing to adopt and how so?
Have you owned a dog most of your adult life?

Are you open to taking positive reinforcement dog training classes?
Will you immediately contact Ozark Dogs if behavior problems arise so you can get assistance to correct them?

Do you understand that if approved, when you sign the adoption contract you are agreeing (1) never to abuse, including striking the dog with hand or object,  nor neglect the dog and (2) to never relinquish the dog to anyone without first contacting Ozark Dogs for permission?

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