Excerpts from Annies 'mom's emails: 1/17:  I was going to call you yesterday but I am too teary eyed and emotional to talk right now.  .  I am already trying to imagine my world without Annie.  She was a very special dog not only to me but to my neighbors.  Everybody loved Annie...even the neighborhood Golden Retriever, Kody.  He will surely miss her too.  We loved getting together with him and Annie acted like a 6 mo old pup around him.  Jumped all over the place and got all excited.  Just wanted to play. 
  I am sorry I wasn't there for her in the end but you were and I am so thankful for that.  I know you did everything possible.  Thank you so much for taking such good care of her.  You are totally a devoted dog lover.  We need more people like you in our lives.
  I will be in touch with you when I get home.  Loving you for loving Annie,   Sue
1/16  How is Annie????    .......  I am so sorry you have to take care of my sick dog.  I wish I was there to take her home even tho I don't think it would make any difference.  You have enough love for both of us for now and I sooo appreciate you for that.   Please keep me posted on her. .....
.....I love Annie and have taken very good care of her.  There is nothing I don't do for her.  I have walked her faithfully twice a day in sleet, rain, hail,  snow and beautiful weather.  I take her for rides in the car.  I take her to the vet when she needs it.   I put rugs and blankets on my slippery floors so she can go where she wants to even tho my house always looks a wreck.  I feed her twice a day,  I brush her but I can't always bathe her.  She won't let me put her in the tub unless I have help.  I have loved her and spoiled her as much as she would let me and if something happens to her while I'm gone,  I will feel so sad.  If I had known she was going to be sick,  I wouldn't have left her.  Thanks for all you have done,  are doing,  and will do.  Sue
1/15 I trust you thoroughly for her care.  You are a great mom to these dogs and it's not like Annie doesn't know you as her other mom.  When we get old and sick,  we act differently.  Annie is doing that now.......  I feel  like I am between a rock and a hard place.  I have a neighbor who loves Annie.  Do you think it would help if I sent her over to see her??  ........  I just don't know what to do at this point. Please keep me  posted on her condition.    Sue

Jan. 16, 2010:  Annie crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  Even though she was a visitor, she had once been my rescue.  Once in my home, always in my heart.  My only regret is that she did not have her 'mom' with her at the end, only me & Loren. 

Annie, I will miss your visits.  It was never easy integrating you back into the pack.  Dynamics were constantly changing.  New dogs to meet and adjust to.  You learned to go with the flow.  Always cautious passing through doorways, uncertain of the greeting you might receive.  This time you were really making progress with the uncertainty.  You wanted to be by my side all the time.  And I let you.  You chose the bedroom as your sleeping place this past week.  The week before it was the kitchen.  The first week it was in the dog house which I moved onto the deck.  But then it got freezing cold so I'd leash you up and closed you in.  You accepted that even though you normally preferred outside.  That preference changed as the days became weeks.   I did my best dear sweet Annie.   I'm sorry it was not enough. 

Annie visits Christmas 2009.
Annie visits Christmas in 2008 


Annie came into rescue in July 2006.  She had spent her 8 years of life in a back yard with very little human contact.  Her only 'friend' was a 188 pound Newfoundland that drooled all over her.  Having never been brushed or bathed, she stunk and was a matted mess.  After hours of 3 of us working on her, we got her hair cut down and got her bathed. 

 Annie had eye surgery for intropia in September. Her eyelashes were turning in and scratching the eye, but no apparent damage was done.  She also had a wart on her tail removed during the eye surgery.  She tested positive for Ehrlichia and was treated.  She was tested for lyme, heartworm, liver, kidney, CBC and worms.  Negative on all counts.  Her one canine tooth is chipped, but vet said it was healthy and saw no need for any treatment.  Then she went into a new foster/ forever home.

Annie comes and visits when her new foster mommy is out of town. The other eye had to have the same surgical procedure done in December while she was here visiting.  While she was here visiting in April 2007, she had to have more eye surgery on the lower lashes.  She will probably refuse to get out of the car next time she is brought here for a visits.  Bad things always seem to happen to her when she visits. Poor girl. 

Annie looking so pretty on her visit Sept 2007

When we got Annie in July 2006

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