6/4/11: She has been perfect for the last two weeks. Not one bad thing! We are taking her camping next week.



4/25/11: Photos

3/7/11: She's doing OK.  She has been chewing on my son's toys but other then that, she's been pretty good.  She is very loving.


Alexandra in her new home with her new best friend

2/23/11: Alexandra all prettied up for the trip to Denver and meet her forever family
2/6/11: Snow day.  first 7 photos.  Mud day next 2 photos.

1/29/11: In just 2 days she has made herself right at home.  Normally I introduce a new dog to the 'pack' one dog at a time, but she had such an aura about her, the entire pack welcomed her with calm acceptance.  Not a single growl, nor excessive 'sniffing'.  She has figured out who will play with her and who would rather not.  After lights out, she welcomed herself on to one of the beds where she spent the night cuddled 'over' my husband.  She can be a tad pushy if another dog is getting attention, but she is catching on fast that is not acceptable.  She has to wait her turn. 

We went to the park and she was the star attraction.  She schmoozed everyone she met, including a Beagle and a Pit Bull.  She especially liked the human kids from age 3 to 10.  One toddler even stepped on her tail and she just sat there patiently waiting for his mom to move him.  she had so much fun, I had a hard time convincing her (lifting her) to get back in the car to go home.

1/27/11:  Pictures say it all!  Totally irresistible.  This big baby girl loves to hug and cuddle.   Great house manners, loves a car ride, good with other dogs and cats.  Born June 6, 2010, she is 70 pounds and growing. 

Snow Shoes

Sully behind

Sahara behind

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