Sundance aka Ajax
3/20/10:  Ajax is doing great.  His name is now Sundance. I see Sharli (that adopted him) about once a month.  He is a good boy and does not try to escape the yard like his playmate.  He has outgrown his puppy antics and is a real gentleman.

Ajax was adopted by my neighbors and has a small boxer mix as a playmate.

Ajax loves the water!  A wading pool or pond is a must for this little guy.  Every trip around the yard requires a detour through the pool.  To describe him as "happy" falls short of his exuberance about life.  Having been abandoned on the side of a country road has not dampened his spirits.  He is a true optimist.  He greets everyone with enthusiasm, be it human or animal.... all except feathered creatures, that is.  He made no attempt to chase the goose (which is almost as big as he is) but he was eyeing it as if it could be something of a little too much interest.  He has learned 'sit' and walks well on leash once he settles in to new surroundings.  He is affectionate and playful and a real delight to be around.

Sharing the yard with Georgia has been great for both of them, since they are near the same size, age and energy level. There has been no "sharing" problems between them.  They share the same bowl and then go over to the second bowl and share it.  It's really neat to see that since they just met yesterday (9/19/07).  

He is a Beagle mix, approx 40 pounds and 6 - 8 months old.


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