Adoption Agreement

Adoption Agreement

Name of dog:  _________________  Sex: ______ D.O.B.   _______

Breed:  _________________________    Color: _____________________
Adopter’s Information:
Name:____________________________    Home Phone:_____________

Address: __________________________  Work or cell: ______________

 City:______________  State:___ Zip: ______ E-Mail:_________________
Emergency contact: 
Name: ______________________________ Phone: __________________

In assuming ownership of this dog that I wish to adopt, I agree never to abuse nor neglect it, nor violate any animal cruelty laws.  I further agree not to chain, tie or tether it while I am not present.  I will not use any form of choke collar except within the confines of formal training classes. I agree to use positive behavior modification and training and never to use ‘punishment’ techniques. I agree to provide it with a loving home, a balanced diet, disease preventatives and necessary veterinary care including annual shots and physical examination.  I agree to accept this dog as a member of my family and I will allow him/her to have access to the inside of the house when I am at home including both during the day and at night (not in garage or laundry room). I agree not to "debark" this adopted dog.  I further agree to not remove the dew claws, crop the ears or "dock" the tail or in any way unnecessarily surgically alter the dog.  I agree not to shave the coat any closer then 2”.  I agree not to use it for any research purposes, dog fighting or any illegal activity.

I give my permission for an adoption agent to visit my home in the future and to accept that if this contract is breached, including neglect or cruelty, the rescue reserves the right to remove said dog, where deemed necessary for the safety of the animal, from my premises. Such entry shall not constitute trespassing upon the premises occupied by me or upon the location of the dog in question.

I agree that this dog will wear an identification tag, which includes my name and phone number at all times.  If required by law, I agree to obtain a license for this dog in the city or county that I live in.  I agree to notify Carol Sacher, (870) 508-4814 , email: ( within 3 days should this dog become lost, stolen or critically injured.

I agree that I will never relinquish this dog to anyone else, including an animal shelter or unauthorized rescue or re-home this dog, or have it euthanized without first getting permission from Carol Sacher/ Ozarkdogs.  Should permission be denied, and Carol Sacher/ Ozarkdogs agrees to take the dog back, I agree to transport the dog myself to the designated rescue personnel or I will keep this dog for at least 2 weeks at my own expense, until arrangements can be made to have it picked up.



Release of Liability

I have read and fully understand the Adoption Contract____(initial). There have been no representations or promises other than those included in this adoption agreement. ______ (Initial)

I understand that this dog is a rescue dog and that the Rescue makes no guarantee as to its future health beyond the veterinary documentation provided and the rescue is not responsible if it should become sick in the future. 

I acknowledge my awareness that dogs respond to situations differently, that such response may be unpredictable, and that the Rescue makes no claims, representations, or warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the behavior or temperament of this dog in it’s new environment.  I agree that the Rescue is not liable for any damage to person or property that is caused by the dog I have adopted and that the Rescue is not financially or
legally responsible for medical or any other expenses incurred by this dog once the adoption agreement has been signed.

Signature signifies that I have read and agreed to the terms of this adoption agreement.

Adopter Signed: ________________________________  Date:__________

Rescue Representative: _______________________________________

______check here if this is visitation/pre adoption.

Finalization date _________________ signed:________________________________