We Can Agree to Disagree

These are my opinions, belief, philosophies of life. Call them what you will. 
I'm not asking anyone to agree with me.  It's my web site, so I can say what I want.

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ANIHEART.GIF (4940 bytes) Why doesn't God keep His promises?   When I was about 5 years old,  I tagged along to Catechism classes with my "big friends".  Someone told me, "You are special.  God has a plan just for you and no one in the whole world can do it but you." Or words to that effect. Well, WOW, did I feel important.  I spent the next 35 years searching for that "fame".  I thought I would become a famous designer or teach some child who would credit me with their fame and fortune.  It was not until I was 'coerced' into teaching Sunday school that I realized I had been fulfilling that promise every day of my life.  That special plan for me was in every smile and hello I gave to the strangers I passed on the street.  It was every hug I gave to a child.  All the regrets of sins of omission as well as those of co-mission came crashing in on me.  Why did I have to turn 40 to understand.  God does keep His promises.  We just have to be open minded and most importantly,  open hearted.

Why do bad things happen to good people?  I believe God offers us every opportunity to become more understanding of ALL his creation.  When at age 2, it was discovered that my daughter was deaf and had been from birth,  I thought "Why is God punishing me? Why is He punishing this innocent baby?"  History:  A few years earlier I had worked with a deaf lady.  I was frightened to reach out to her.  My heart ached for her loneliness every day as she sat alone at lunch.  But I did nothing.   God had now given me the opportunity to learn what I was too afraid to learn before. It was a true Blessing, not a punishment.  
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anim1715.gif (4100 bytes) Taxes & Representation: Put a column of Government programs on our 1040.  List: Defense, NASA, Environment, Welfare, Education, Justice, Law Enforcement, Farm Subsidies, Foreign Aide, Elected Officials Salaries, Health Care,  etc, etc.  Now the Tax Payer may designate his tax obligation in percentages.  If they are strong on Education, fill in 20%, Farm Sub, fill in 12%,  Health care, 18% and so on.  If they are against Foreign Aid, the Space Program and Elected Officials being paid, then enter 0%. And so on.  A "Discretionary" category also for those who want to leave some decisions up to others.  Total of 100%.  If we could speak out in this way,  we would really be heard, our wishes would dictate government expenditures and we could cut a bunch of "waste" that people just don't want to support.
Law Suits:  It seems people want compensation from others but take no responsibility on their own part. In this weeks news a bank robber who got sentenced to 20 years is suing the cop who shot him as he was running out of the bank with the money!!  A 20 year old mother of 4 (all born before she was 18) was rear-ended in a chain reaction.  She's suing the guy behind her (not the car that started it) claiming the 15 mph impact has ruined her health!   I believe anyone who files a law suit and loses, should be responsible for half the defendants legal and related expenses.  The lawyer who represented the claimant should be responsible for the other half.


Laws or Crime & Punishment

One of the "Manson Family" women was up for parole again for the 17 time in 30 some odd years.  She was denied.  She was under 20 years old when she was locked away for a horrific murder. BUT... is there a likelihood she will do it again?  I doubt it.  Why should we, the public, keep supporting her or any one else who is extremely unlikely to re-offend?

I recently read Judge Sol Wachtler's "After the Madness".  (Longest book I ever read from cover to cover as I've never been much for reading). His insights from 'both sides of the "fence" are so accurate.  Our justice system does not balance the punishment to fit the crime.   And the penal system does not discriminate between the shop lifter who stole to eat and the murderer who maliciously killed innocent children.  They are treated with equal degradation.  Then the parole board is equally lopsided in it's decisions.   True, no one can guarantee what someone else will do.  We do not live in the mind of anyone else,  no matter how well we know them, or think we do.  Too often we 'error on the side of caution'.

Why don't our legislators work on 'remedy' laws rather then restrictive laws.   There is a book out written by 2 teenagers.  It is a compilation of really dumb laws.  We need to take a look, lest we become unwitting criminals.



   I find it amazing how a nation can show such an outpouring of compassion and yet at the same time display such prejudice and contempt for other human beings.  We united for those we consider victims, and jumped to destroy anyone who might be the same color or faith or nationality as those who attacked us.  Innocent Afghanistanis were persecuted by Americans not only in our country, but in their own.   Most of this has since been sorted out,  but there are still so many Americans who wave this flag and have no comprehension of what it was founded on.  Unlike the majority, I pray for the misguided hijackers and terrorists right along with my prayers for their victims.   History has shown us that a powerful leader can persuade the masses.  This not only includes people we Americans consider bad,  but also those we consider good.  
      I take no association with any 'religion' or religious belief,  because I believe God gave us all the wisdom to know in our hearts what is right.  People persuade people and we follow what suits our wants and needs.   True faith is one who stands up and most times alone for what they believe in.   I believe the suicide attackers felt in their hearts they were giving their life for their God within the dictates of their faith.   To be so mislead to die for something that surely did not ensure their place in heaven, to me is very sad.   

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More 9/11

  I just don't get it.   Why is the government responsible for the lives lost in the terrorist attacks?   And what is the matter with the families of the victims displaying so much greed?   People are killed every day and it is a tragedy, but what makes these victims families 'special'.   This 'give away' should have begun with all the veterans who fought for our freedoms.  The VA hospitals are inferior. The mental health care is practically non-existent.   The GI bill is totally out dated.  Victims of Agent Orange had to fight tooth and nail for some sort of admittance of wrong and then for meager compensation.  New diseases are beginning to plague those who fought in Desert Storm.  How hard will these people have to fight for justice.  The government continues to turn their back on our defenders and protectors........ because that is their job description?  How much money will the families of those soldiers killed so far in "Americas War" receive?  If the government is so eager to give handouts,  shouldn't those families get many times over what the families of civilians get?   And what about the families of the Oklahoma City Bombing?  Because it was an American attacking Americans, that makes them less victims?  And the police and fireman who put their life on the line everyday to try to keep us safe.  Why are only the families of those lost on 9/11 getting the compensations.  Isn't the life of a local cop killed while trying to resolve a family dispute or stopping a burglary just as valuable?

People suffer. People die because families can't afford life saving surgeries or medication. People pay for health care and then the trusted company goes bust and they are left with either no care or astronomical indebtedness..  People save for retirement and companies like Enron and the Savings & Loan failures come along and they are wiped out through no fault of their own.

We go in to Afghanistan to stop terrorism.   We blow the shit out of their country,  which sadly to say wasn't much to begin with.  Now we need to 'rebuild'.  I always thought 'rebuild' meant to 'put back'.  Where does it say improve beyond anyone's wildest expectations?  The new standard of living we are trying to give them is like giving the average American the Bill Gates standard of living. 

I find it amazing that we KNOW a person does better when deprived of dependence, yet we enable in the name of 'fairness'.  I truly believe that of all the 9/11 people being compensated, 50% will have the money all spent within 1 year.  Another 30% will have used it all up within 2 years. Beyond 5 years, only 5% will have invested it wisely or put it into savings and still have something to show for it.  And the Afghanistanis?  Well, they will still be raising opium and importing it into the USA.  They will have continued to fight amongst themselves and people will continue to go on suicide missions to destroy all that our government built.     2/1/02

Update 3/03/04  Well, cutting Social Security benefits is again being suggested.  Nakita Kruchev once said (sic) We will not need to destroy you (America), you will destroy yourself.

anim1431.gif (6379 bytes) Abortion VS Pro-Life: To those who carry the signs all I can say is "How many children have you adopted?  How many were handicapped?  How many foster children have you raised?  How many hours a week do you volunteer your time to work at a youth center? In a pediatric unit?  In a day care center?"  If you are not willing to take the responsibility for your opinion, then you have no right expressing it by blocking doorways, demeaning those who have differing opinions or kill in the name of 'life'.