Sahara's 8 Puppies

All these pups have been adopted.  Momma will stay right here as one of my forever dogs.

After sorting through the varying information given on these pups, and taking into consideration size and that they were still nursing, yet eating, I would say they were born the 2nd week in November.  I know 3 are girls and 4 are boys.  I'm unsure if the last is boy or girl because it is white and I am not sure if I keep looking at the same pup.  Hey, you try corralling 8 active puppies and turning them upside down and not getting confused!  Momma is said to be a purebred Pyr while one possible daddy is purebred Pyr and the other is 3/4 Pyr and 1/4 ASD.  I did not see either male.   They all seem healthy, but on the small side like momma is.  One has an 'attitude' but have not figured out which one.  It growls while eating, but with 8 little heads in 4 pie tins, it's hard to tell which one is making the noises.  One thing for sure, they are real fur balls.  We didn't have time to brush them all after their bath, but those 2 we did had the most beautiful puppy fur.

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