9/7/18 Hudini may be returning.  His adopter is ill and unsure of the ultimate prognosis.  Hopefully all will turn out ok.  Please keep both in your thoughts and prayers.
1/28/18:  Hudini and Sadie got adopted together.  They have settled in fine.  I am so happy for them. 
Merry Christmas 2017:  
10/25/17: Hudini is still here.  He answers to Hudini.  I do not think he wants to be a goat dog anymore. 

7/22/17:  Sprite has been back about a month.  This is the second time he has "lost his goats".  He is considerably more social then he was 3 years ago when he first arrived..  I don't know if he really wants goat responsibility any more.  He is pretty good at being a house guardian.  Gets along with 16 other dogs inside and out.  No food issues.  Still a bit insecure with strangers.  Walks fine on leash.  Loads up in back seat of car.  He is a good passenger.  About 75 pounds and 4 years old.


11/22/14:  Sprite 2 was a goat guardian until his owner passed away.  In less then 24 hours here, he has decided being inside with the other dogs is pretty neat.  Still a bit unsure, he has made great strides in trusting me.