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Shop is approx. 3600 square feet consisting of a 3 room apartment, a work garage, a storage area, 2 large work OR business areas, 3 toilets and one shower,  laundry, commercial size air compressor, 220 power, 2 eagle car lifts.  One lift in garage.  The other in the north side work/business area.  Heat pump (new 2017) services the entire shop with heat and air conditioning.  Vacuum system under shop with vacuum outlets in both work/business areas.  Blown in foam insulation through out. Ceiling fans through out. Florescent lighting through out except apartment.  Entrance to the north work/business area is to the left of the apartment entrance.  Under the back section of the shop is an open storage area 60' long by 10' wide.  Low at one end for storing lumber, etc. High enough in the middle for a lawn mower.  High enough at the front end for parking a pick-up or medium size tractor.

"His" Shop

Front of shop.  Approx 3600 sq. ft including the apartments (on left). 

Entering the 'garage' area.  16 foot ceiling to accommodate full rise of vehicle on lift. Plenty of 220 plug ins. Plenty of compressor air lines.

Eagle lift. Air lines from commercial air compressor (center of pix) Also air hook-ups on walls and lots of 220 plug-ins. 

On right in garage is toilet, deep sink, water lines. 

Garage toilet, deep sink, water softener.

On left of garage, storage cabinets, exit door. Plenty of peg board on wall for hanging tools.  3 air lines in this area and two 220 outlets (not including clothes dryer)

Air compressor located on outside of building off path to back shop.

Hook-up for another air hose. There are 5 in all through the building, but the compressor can service 8.

Laundry area and garage area as viewed heading out of shop.

New heat pump which supplies the entire building with heat and air conditioning.

Multi-use area/ Business
30' X 30'

Tree buffer between road and shop. 

Path to entrance of back multi-use / business shop

900 sq ft (south side) work area.  Door is into additional 900 sq ft work area.  Central vac system in the floor with remote control.

Toilet and deep sink

Plenty of wall space to add shelves, tables, etc.  Or an open area for meetings, dog training classes, set up a business.

Door on left goes to outside so if you wanted a 'business' entrance, people would not have to go through the shop. Door (open) on right is back into shop storage area. Not visible in pix, but a wall suction fan is in rafters. 

Door on left is into storage area.  Door on right is into additional work area.

Another air line in this room.  Also an overhead on a reel.  220 plug ins.

Storage area

Area joining rest of shop: exit door, clothes dryer, water heater (leased) washer

Storage area.  Lots of shelves on right.  Wall of pegboard on right. Overhead door can close off garage and laundry area from rest of shop.

Storage area as viewed heading back out of shop.

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