5 Flippin Puppies

5/16/12: Puppies arrived.
The puppies were in a 35' long drainage culvert right off the highway in Flippin.  There were 6 but the wonderful AC officer after crawling in that scary pipe, asked if he could take one home.  So here are 3 boys and 2 girls.  They are approx 5 to 6 weeks old and mostly Pyrenees with a little something else mixed in.  They have been wormed and got their first puppy shot.  They seem quite healthy. 

They are all water dogs!  They love the wading pool and playing in their drinking water containers. See my blog for 5/25/12 & 5/26/12 for antics and 5/21/12 for video links.
Dena is the quietest.  She is the vacuum cleaner.  She picks up all the spilt kibble.  She is becoming more social and cuddly in her foster home.   She has single dews.  
Dena is fostered in Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

These below have been adopted

Chet has been ADOPTED.   Chet is curious.  He untied my shoe and chased a leaf.  He also likes to climb on things and check them out.  He is independent but enjoys attention.  Single Dews.
Chet is fostered in Fort Leonard Wood, MO.
8-9 weeks old
5 - 6 weeks old
ADOPTED    Chip is the biggest and also the loudest.  He is fearless and adventuresome.  Dews 
ADOPTED Chuck is the most shy.  He wants cuddled and hand fed.  He is the smallest male.  No Dews.  He and Dawn look a lot alike so have to 'turn them over' to see who I've got.
8-9 weeks old
5-6 weeks old
ADOPTED Dawn is a bit unsure and not ready to venture too far on her own.  She is independent and entertains herself but will join in with her littermates for a game of chase or tug..  No Dews. 
8-9 weeks old
5-6 weeks old
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