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Carol's Blog for 2020

The views and opinions expressed in this blog are the personal views of Carol and are not necessarily intended to reflect the views of the
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Be who you are and say what you feel...Because those that matter... don't mind...And those that mind... don't matter."

March 13:  Well, lets see if I can screw this up too!  I just downloaded 36 photos and now they are gone.  Poof.  Vanished.  They were in a folder until I deleted them from the camera.  Oh well. 
     Hudini is home.  Boy was that a trip.  He is in really bad shape.  I inherited a puppy.  Named him Brady.  Will need to take more pix since the ones I took vanished.  More vet bills next week.  Just paid the $650 from last week plus the $400+ costs in getting Hudini home.   Hudini and pup will be another roughly $500.  Got to take time to get to Hobby Lobby to buy a circle cutter so I can make frames for the dream catchers so maybe the vets office will let me put them in to sell and all money apply to my bills.  My shopping spree now seems like it was a bad idea.... but other then the TV's, I did need the other things.  
     The doctors dog is back today.  First day in over a week.  I was worried.  Glad to know it is ok.,  Just wish I could let it in the yard so it could play with the others.  He's a great dog.  Just shit ass owner. 
    Maybe more later.  The puppy wants in here and this room is off limits to the dogs. 
March 5:  The last 'real' adopter who got Hudini with my consent picked him up from AC. She will put him on livestock transport to Oklahoma.  I am working to get him from there.  I can't do it.  About 9 hours one way.  I will not feel "OK" until he is safely through my door and on his favorite bed.  
     So this is another crazy month.  Miranda will be here shortly and we will work on Emo and give him a bath.  Did Fraz Monday.  Trimmed down and de-ticked the wild bunch yesterday.  Tomorrow someone is suppose to come program my new TV for free.  Not going to pay that jerk I got them from.  When you live in a small town and only 2 stores sell TVs, your choice is limited to Wal-mart whom you know don't know squat and won't help or the privately owned store who treats you like he is doing YOU a favor to just let you buy from him.  Sat and Sunday will just be spent worrying about Hudini and the Huntsville Pyr.  Might include getting the Huntsville Pyr.  I  don't know.  Cola goes to the vet Monday.  I think those poor crippled legs are almost done for.  Birth defect she has lived with for at least 10 years.  Looks like the one hip has come out of socket.  Wendy is off today and tomorrow or I'd of gotten Cola in earlier.  Nothing for Tuesday...yet....  Wed. Hudini will arrive... I sure hope so.  I'll be a basket case over the 3 day trip.  Thursday Sadie will have a dental.  She is 8 and don't want to put it off.  Following week is Care Ministries for the whole day on Tue.  I've got a long list.  Number one is spray for ticks.  Boy they are bad already.  Don't think they ever quit since we didn't have a good freeze.  Kathleen will be here Wed.  She will stay for several days and take Jayden home.  Then in for taxes done.  Last year!!! Yeah.  Then first week in April my daughter will be here.  I am so excited.  She is staying a month this time.  
March 2:  Trying so hard to keep my sanity.  I went on a shopping spree.  Something I never do.  Thought it was for me, but then analyzing what I bought, nope.  The Air Compressor has a new motor, really quiet, so I can adjust the pressure gauge to really low and use it to blow dry the dogs.  Yes, it is safe!   Other dryers are so loud.  They won't hear anything but the air itself.  No more then if they are running across the yard.   I bought a new mattress and box springs.  Found one that puts the height at only 17" from the floor.  4" lower then the one I had.  Cotton fell a few times trying to get up there, even with the help of the 19" bench.  I'm not sure how it sleeps as I only got a small piece of it one night.  I've had it for a week now.  Bought a new water softener for the shop.  It is where I bathe the dogs.  The old one was shot and leaked all over.  This will help give the dogs a good rinse and less shampoo.  It will also keep the toilets from corroding.  I bought 2 TV's.  SMART TV's.  they are so damn smart, I have not a clue how to make them work.  One is still in the box.  They other has about brought me to tears.  I never watch and probably won't except when my daughter or Kathleen is here. Bought the TV's for them to enjoy.   I did buy one thing for myself.  A new toilet.  The one in the bathroom I use most is only 14".  Old age is making me struggle to get up from that low a sitting point.  Got a 16 1/2 handicapped height.   Will move the14" to the shop and swap out for the one that is really ugly in the bowl from the hard water.  
     Now to the rest of the 'I'm emotionally falling apart'.   Kathleen will be getting Jayden in a few more weeks.  They know.  The longer it drags, the more I see changes.  Not bad nor good, just changes.  This upsets the routine that they all need to stay in.   Not sure what to do about Zoey.  Have someone who wants her, but I won't deliver and she can't come get her.  I've learned a long time ago taking a dog and leaving them is way more traumatic then someone coming to get a dog and taking it with them to the new home.  Sadie is not herself.  $200 in vetting later and she is not improving with the meds.  This morning she refused the pills.  Hidden in her favorite canned dog food.  About $5 in pills gone to waste because they dissolved in the food before I could get them out.   Snow Fox did get a good home through another rescue.  At least that is the story.  Now I'm dealing with second call in several weeks from an Animal Control.  First was Mississippi.  Kashi had been picked up.  I contacted the adopters.  I guess they claimed her.  I made it very clear to AC I would send someone to get her if needed.  They were all very agreeable and promised to contact me if she was not claimed.  And last night after I went to bed.  Phone rang.  I ignored it.  Rang again a few minutes later.  Then a third time. All within 10 minutes.  I figured if I didn't get up and check, there would be a deputy at my door doing a wellness check.  It was Animal Control in Visalia, CA.  They have Hudini.  The people who came and got him from Leah have since given him away to someone else.  I don't know who.  Anyway, with a 2 hour time difference, I have to wait until 2:00 my time to call.  He has had the most rotten luck with adopters.  Not my fault.  Not his.  Two cases were caused by cancer and one caused by death and one by divorce.  Setting into place some options if I need to get him back.  He is illusive because he's a working LGD  and I don't want him put down for aggression.  They are so mis-understood. 
     Hoover and anticipation of my daughters visit are the only things keeping my spirits from sinking into oblivion forever.  Hoover makes me laugh.  Many dogs make me smile.  Actually all of them at various times.  But Hoover makes me laugh. Really laugh.  Something I have not had since I lost Goofy.  I need to keep him even though it is selfish because he will probably outlive me. 
Feb 17:  It seem to be hard for me to keep this blog.  Winter sucks and all the rain all last year was so depressing.  Ground is saturated, slippery and dog prints all over the house.  Don't remember when I got Hoover.  Know Jayden and Zoey were last year.   Kathleen is taking Jayden home in March.  I may have an adopter for Zoey.  I'll know this week.  I will miss them both terribly.  But I need to get down to just Sadie and the wild bunch.   And maybe Hoover. 
    Snow Fox came a week ago and hopefully she will be transferring to a fairly local rescue.  She  looks like and is the size of an Arctic Fox.  She was suppose to be a purebred Pyr.  Not even close.  She is a sweet girl, but the personality is just not what I prefer.  Size either.  
    Care Ministries have been such a big help around here.  They are coming tomorrow to finish the leaves that didn't get burned.  Just never got dry so will have to be hauled across the road.  Thinking about opening up more yard space.  I am just trying to make things look more 'normal' and not so 'dog rescue'.  As long as I have separate areas, I might say yes and I need to say no.  It just tears me up to turn down, but without help and my "Hoover" knee still terribly painful, I just can't care for any more then those that know the routine. 
    Sandra will be here in April.  I am so excited.  I love when she is here.  She loves to 'fix' things like I do, so trying to get some exciting changes in the plan.  Maybe paint the livingroom.  Maybe put some siding or paint on the out-buildings which use to serve as dog houses.  If there was a way to move them, I would give them away, but location makes it impossible.  Shingle roofs so dismantling is also difficult.  Guess just make them look 'pretty'. 
     Air compressor guy is suppose to be on his way.  I hope he doesn't try to cheat me again.  But when there is only one around, no competition leaves people at his mercy.  Also having the Zero Turn picked up and serviced.   Just want everything fixed and ready to use.  
     I sold the SUV to Althea and Rick.  They finally picked up the old van too.  So glad to have it gone.  As long as it set here, I kept pouring money into it.  They get it to the high school where they have mechanic shop for students.  Just be out parts, which should only be a fuel sensor.  On the SUV,  I didn't realize I'd miss having a trailer hitch.  Maybe I can eventually get one on the van.   I love the van.  It is almost too big for the garage.  Had to take a bracket off the garage door as it scraped.  Still scrapes, but just a little bit of the door.  Mostly just the rubber part. 
  Hopefully in a few days I'll pull posts off FaceBook and stick here.  It will catch things up somewhat. 
Jan. 3, 2020.  Don't know if I will start a new page or not. 
     Hanna and Parker crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday evening.  It had been a day by day for over a year.  Their suffering was my selfishness.  I just did not want to let go.  Been in a daze all day.
    The visitor from hell is leaving.  I just looked out the window and she is loading her luggage into a taxi.  Thank God!  She could not make up her mind what her name is.  She attached herself to me until I was crazy.  All she could talk about was Sean Connery (the actor), her dog she gave away and how she had been so 'abused'.  I hardly think having a nanny, servants and maids and living in various countries in 4 story mansions and being a Prima Ballerina and married 4 times (all for short durations) was an abused life.  And if it was, it was of her own delusions.