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12/31/09:  Good bye 2009.  Where did it go?  We will be saying hello to 2010 about sunrise, dogs permitting.  I'm sure someone will shoot of some shotguns and the dogs will let me know that it has arrived.  We ended the year with a nice lunch in Branson with Linda (friend and dog walker) and her husband.  The dogs were pretty much on their own all day.  Since they pick on Annie, I moved Bear and Chipi to the big kennel and gave Annie their room all to herself.   Everyone is back in their respective 'night time' places now.  Sun is going down and very shortly, I am too.   Ashlee is asleep a few feet from me.  Goofy on his living room mattress.  Charlie laying over the heater vent.  I'm not sure who's taking up space in the rest of the living room and who is in the kitchen.  Poor Annie is in her dog house on the back deck.  Once we are ready to actually go to sleep, I will move the 'door guardians' and get her inside.  I wish they would just all stop their meanness to her.  They are blocking Parker too.  Guess they just pick on the ones who won't argue.  Ashlee stands up for herself.  Charlie is so deaf and blind, he is unaware he is being growled at.  He just steps right on whom ever is in the way.  Jason finished off the year by starting to tear up another mattress.  Caught him before too much damage was done.  They all need re-covered.  That plastic cover they put on them is so thin and rots so quickly.  Ideally, I can find some heavy plastic table clothes or motel type shower curtains to cover them with.  Might get lucky at the thrift stores next week. 

Happy New Year to all.  Here is the link to Blog 2010

12/27/09:  Bless Bear.  He quit barking around 10 pm and I got a pretty good nights sleep.  He could have barked some through the night, but I was too exhausted to hear it.  I did hear the little growls when someone would try to come back in after going out.  Zelda was 'guarding' the doggie door and anyone who wanted in or out literally had to step over her.  I finally got her to move permanently.  I think the reason she got in front of the door is because the mattresses were occupied.  She has begun sleeping on one and it was taken.  I moved one from the living room into the kitchen, but it's pretty crowded with 3.  Parker was on it this morning and the other 2 were empty and 3 dogs were mushed together on the remaining floor space in the middle. 

Jason got after Irene.  Food issue.  I normally separate them or stand guard but Irene was almost finished and Jason wasn't so I figured all would be ok.  I was freezing outside.  There must have been one kibble spilled on the ground.  Anyway, she got rescued from him, got to come inside while he stayed in the garage kennel for an hour.  They are all out on Bears side playing (mattresses are put out of reach).  Bear, Chipi, Sweetness and Sissy are in with us.

I really want to move things around in the basement so I can move the carpet down there.  I have about a hundred rolls for my rug making; some small, some room size.  I only need a little left in the shop. I need the space it takes up for the thrift store.  It's 19 degrees outside so the trips from the shop to the basement would not be fun.  Maybe I'll just re-arrange the basement and hope for a warmer day to actually move the carpets.

12/26/09:  More Ashlee discoveries from yesterday.  She ate the phone cord in two.  I was calling down to the shop and when Loren didn't hear the one right next to him ringing, but did the one in the other room is when he discovered it.  Glad he has the ends and crimper to fix it.  Thirty four years with the phone company, and an electrical engineering degree, he can fix most things. For the most part, the day went well.  A much needed reprieve from the past few.  Annie is beginning to come in more.  I was updating her page and realized she is at least 11 1/2 years old.  Sue is just going to have to cut off her vacations from now on.  This girl needs stability as her time at best is 18 months.  I know she has a real hard time with light.  She has had 3 eye surgeries back a few years ago for entropia.  She probably has sensitivity to light and dust as she has no eye lashes to protect her eyes.  She is just so sweet.  Age has really mellowed her in the past year. 
Hope your Christmas was less eventful then mine.  4:26 p.m. and I'm ready to call it a day.  Up most of the night because Ashlee would not let Annie back in every time she went out.  Wind was really blowing, it was raining and then snowing.  Annie would come in soaked and shivering.   I dried Annie off about 4 times between 11pm and 4 am. and an hour later she was out again. Think she enjoyed the attention.  I got Ashlee into the living room and closed the door and then curled up with Loren so the barking was not so loud.  They all had to bark at the snow.  When I went down this morning to feed Tiya I discovered she is not one for playing in the snow.  Nor is she one for going out when it's freezing.  Cleaned up poop and several puddles.  Decided to bring Jason up.  For the most part he was great all day.  Zelda had taught him to fence fight with Bear and Chipi so now that is his mission every time he comes onto the deck.  Bark collar went back on.  Otherwise he has really been good.  Hate the bark collar, but no choice.  He's going to lose his nose the way he sticks it through the fence.  Went back down a few hours later and Tiya had massed and peed again!  Put her in Jason's kennel for the day.  She is back in the shop for the night, but if I have a mess in the morning, back she will go.  In the mean time, they kept giving Annie a bad time. Irene is great.  I sure hope she does not pick up bad habits from Jason and the rest.  Mostly it was Ashlee, so she went to the shop.  Well, big mistake.  She has never gotten into anything here in the house.  Obviously she decided to throw a temper tantrum.  She got into a closed cabinet and opened the twist on tops off the dog cookies.  Two big almost full jars.  About 3 pounds worth.  They won't 'stop her up', because she topped it off with a full big jar of Vaseline.  She unrolled a roll of 'caution' tape I had, chewed up half a roll of duct tape, and knocked over a floor lamp and it broke beyond repair.... but she only peed once inside! Got them all fed and outside.  The wind is not blowing so 17 degrees is not too bad with the sun out and their fur coats.  Bear and Chipi are in until dark.  They have not had their special time in with us in 3 days.

Loren made the turkey and we had a good lunch.  They all watched intently as we ate but they all know not to dare try anything.  Loren bought me a new video camera.  Mine was top of the line 8 years ago but was so complicated and bulky.  It has a hard drive and uses the same connection as my camera he bought me 2 Christmases ago.  I tried using it but will take some practice.  Trying to film 12 dogs while they are in my face is even harder then taking stills with 12 dogs in my face.  Just curious that I might be holding a giant treat and they all want a piece of it.

So hope you all had a Merry Christmas, stayed warm, didn't have to walk the dogs or clean up poop and your dogs dinner did not consist of gifts, gift wrap or food from your dinner plate.

Barely 12/24/09: What a way to start the day, or end yesterday, as the semi sleep disruptions started before midnight.  Trying to do Jason a favor and not use the bark collar.  Heard what sounded like another fight.  Irene is as sweet as can be but Jason wants to be sure she knows he is boss.  I have got to spend more one on one time with him before this escalates.  Anyway, I turn on the big yard light and he is under shelter and she is soaked.  From what I immediately observed, he was not letting her come under the 18x20 cover.  Put on my sweats, loaded the bark collar with spray and headed down in the pouring rain. I need to back up here to feeding time 8 hours earlier.  We had lesson time:  "Mommy does not come in the kennel if you jump on me".  It took about 5 minutes for Irene to catch on.  Jason however remembered and went over and laid down by the dog house like a good boy.  Now back to midnight and pouring rain.  No time for a lesson so in I went.  By the time I got the bark collar on Jason and Irene on leash and out of the gate, I was not only drenched, but a muddy mess, literally from the top of my head to my feet.  I braved "new dog in house" and came in through the front door.  Amazingly no one got upset!  I think they sensed it was not a good time to test mommy's patience.  After mud on the walls and 2 bath towels full, she was reasonably dry.  Before I had ventured down, I had filled a Kong so I grabbed it up and took Irene to the garage kennel.  I put her in the garage, gave her the Kong and left the light on.  No time for doggie door lessons.  I think she will figure it out.  If not, I suspect she can 'hold it' until I show her in a few hours when it's breakfast time.  Now in the mean time, Annie has decided to go in and out numerous times.  At this point I am into the good towels.  Something sparks some excitement (other then Irene whom they pretty much ignored).  They all went running off up the hill.  It's still raining.  I run a bath, as all exposed parts were covered in mud, including my hair.  They have all returned to the house by the time I'm out of the tub.  Annie seems to be the only one who is soaked, again.  Think the others were moving too fast to get really wet... 'run up barking, check it out and run back for cover'.  Sissy and Sweetness had taken up their positions on the bed, the now very muddy bed.  Good thing I did get a 'nap' before all this started or I'd be crying instead of laughing.  It's now 1:54 a.m. I hope Annie is back in.  I'm not going to look.  She has become confident enough to ignore the sideways glances and barely audible growls.  She will just have to drip dry if she went out again.  I'll be joining Loren in the spare bedroom for the rest of the night.  All is quiet.  All is calm.  Just hope Santa don't land the reindeer on the roof tonight or it will be another 'sleep interrupted'.

9:30 a.m.  It is so quiet in the spare bedroom as long as Jason is not barking, which he didn't after the collar.  However when I took it off him this morning the little battery cover and battery were missing.  Hope they just fell off and are buried in the mud as opposed to buried in his tummy. 
12/23/09:  Got up to a heartwarming sight.  Annie had come inside and was on one of the mattresses.  I had been up and down most of the night trying to get her to come in.  As soon as she would get near the door, they would chase her off.  She must have snuck in when they were finally asleep early this morning (This was at 5:00 am).  I altered the feeding so she would eat inside without stress but once she was done and the other bowls were going down, she went out the door and into the dog house.  At least we made progress.  I feel so sorry for her. 
    #2323 will die today.  I named him Trevor but was unable to secure him a rescue or home.  I managed to keep hope (and him) alive for a month, but the powers that be sent down word he had been there too long.  They only have 2 new dogs there, but they are euthanizing the 3 that are not new.  Dog food is free and staff has to get paid and feed rather it is one animal or a dozen.  I just don't understand the logic.  I keep checking for emails, hoping one will arrive in time.   I feel like I do in some dreams.  I'm running desperately to save someone, but I am running in place, making no progress and then it's too late.  I'm sure many of you have had that dream.  Wake up exhausted and totally frustrated.  Want to go back to sleep and have it end differently.  Only this is not a dream. Addendum:  Just got a call.  Talk about a last minute rescue.  Trevor will be going to rescue.
     Irene is a great girl.  I wish I could get pix, but yesterday she took a mud bath, with Jason's help, and today it is raining.  I should have got the pix before I put Jason in with her.  Oh well. 
    Zelda hardly leaves my side since she got groomed yesterday.  Not sure what is going through her mind, but she is sure clingy all of a sudden.  She is usually Miss Independent.
12/22/09: Jason and Irene are getting along great.  She is more interested in loving up to me then playing or eating, but Jason keeps her occupied.  Feeding went reasonably well tonight so there is hope!!   Suppose to rain for the next few days.  I can't get Annie to come inside and can't get her to go in the garage either.  Gate is open.  She has full choice.  I even left the garage light on.  I'm sure I'll be out there in the rain with a leash tonight bringing her inside.  She looks so sad.  She really misses her mommy. 
     Charlie and Zelda got groomed today.  I was going to have Irene done, but she looked really good... that is until I put Jason with her.  There was about 2" of water in the pool and they had a great time with it and the mud it created.  Sure glad they are pretty much self cleaning.
     Nancy came and everybody got walked except Tiya.  I planned to do that, but the day just slipped away.  I'll spend time with her tomorrow inside the shop.
     Got Panacur for Parker today.  He is just not gaining weight.  I had blood work done less then 2 months ago and all was good.  He's been de-wormed for everything.  Not sure what is going on.  Friend gave me a recipe for homemade food that will put the weight on him and still be healthy to eat.  I'll pick up the things I need tomorrow. Naturally I only have 1 ingredient out of about 7 or 8.  Was a long day. I really need some rest.   Jason will need the bark collar as he is already gearing up.  
12/21/09:  Got pix of "Irene" this morning.  Beautiful 10 month old Pyr.  I'll be taking her.  I'll move Jason to the big kennel and put here there too.  He will have someone of his own age to play with.  I'll move all the toys down there too.  His garage kennel looks like a child's play yard; Rope toys on chains to the fence so he can play tuggy, balls, Kongs, etc.  May have to use the bark collar if he sings at night, but hopefully he will be too tired from playing all day.  This is sort of De Javou.  It is a repeat of how we ended up with Sweetness.  Was fostering a hound who did not fit in.  Felt sorry for him all alone.  Found Sweetness to be his companion.  He left.  She never did.  NO REPEAT ending!  
      It was not overly cold last night and Annie was happy to stay in the dog house in the yard.  I left the kennel gate open so she had run of the place and could have come in if she wanted.  I do have to have more 'time out's' for Ashlee.  She is just not going to leave Annie alone.  She is not being aggressive, just herding her like she was with the others for awhile.  Annie is just not sure what to think of it.  She is afraid enough of the tile floors and doorways.  Always has been.  At least she has mellowed in temperament.  Two years ago she would of had Ashlee as lunch.
     Lunch with a friend today.  Also have Sandy's mom coming by to pick up her eye drops.  Hope she brings her with.  Wish there was time to go over to Lacy's home so they could see each other.  Sort of a family reunion.  Lacy was such a mother to Sandy.  Also have to re-cover the crib mattress that I just recovered 2 days ago.  I left it down and forgot when I put Jason over on Bears side.  I just can't do puppies.  Too old!   I don't have chickens so maybe Irene won't re-direct her teeth.
12/20/09: 4:32 am.  Hard to believe that in 12 days it will be 2010.  Yesterday was an adventure. I moved Annie to the shop and  brought Tiya up to play with Jason.  It took about 5 minutes before I was sure enough to open the kennel and let Jason out.  They ran and had a great time until Tiya somehow got into the other yard with the rest of the dogs.  Bear and Chipi were in the house.  The others were on Bears side.  Everything was ok until Tiya saw me.  Protective instincts?  Anyway, I had 6 dogs all going at it.  Ashlee was trying to stay out of the way, but did get the fringes of the fight.  It's a wonder I didn't accidentally kill Tiya.  All I could do was lasso her with the leash,  hang on for dear life and drag her 'kicking and growling' out the gate.  I felt so terrible about hurting her, but I had no choice.  It was either her or all the dogs would have been hurt by each other.  It's like a mob mentality when they start.  I put Tiya back in the shop and brought Annie up to the house. 
     Everyone was fine with Annie except Ashlee.  She is obviously jealous.  They all ran around and got re-acquainted.   Annie is mellowing in her old age.  I've always felt sorry for her and do love her.  Just 'visitor dogs' wear me out.  Anyway, I still have some dog adjusting to do.  Annie slept in the upper kennel because she barked the whole night before in the lower kennel and kept Loren awake.  Other then a dog house, there is no shelter in this kennel.  It was not unbearably cold last night, but will dip again soon.  I did try moving Jason and putting Annie in the garage kennel, but that didn't work either.  And Jason is not ready to meet Annie.  That was another near disaster. Thank God the 2 dogs in Huntsville got adopted or I'd be a bigger basket case with 15 here. 
     Don't know what is going on with Sweetness, but she has taken a major dislike to Chipi.  They have spent plenty of time together for the past 2 years, but now all of a sudden she wants to fight.  Sweetness and Sissy are always in when Bear and Chipi come over into the main part of the house.  Never been a problem before.  Bear did kick Sweetness out of the computer room a few days ago, but Chipi never did anything.  She is as insecure in her whole existence as Sweetness is.  Chipi does get along fine over here with all the others.  She just stays with Bear to keep him company.  Maybe I need to change that.  Put Sweetness over there during the day and switch at night.  Sweetness is one of my bed partners so would not want to take that away from her.   Guess I just need to take into consideration that many are getting old.   I just need some foster homes for new ones and more help so mine get more attention.  I just love them all and spread myself so thin 'making the rounds'.
   And to top everything else off, I had a store 'almost' customer.  His beautiful dog got out of his vehicle and went to meet Tiya and Annie through the fences.  The guy was your typical jerk.  When the dog finally came back to him, he hit it!!  OK, I was already having a bad day so I probably over reacted, but I sure had my say.  I asked him if he would come up to someone if he knew they were going to hit him every time.  Of course, it didn't sink in.  Just wasted words, but at least I had my say.   
12/18/09: 6:30 am.  Annie and Tiya communicated most of the night.  Bear had to get his opinion in also so barking was coming from 3 directions.  Imagine Loren will be a grump this morning.  He needs his 8 or 9 house sleep.  I get by on 2 to 4.  The choir did their thing at 4:30 am. I was not able to go back to sleep so Sahara, Ashlee and Parker got a good brush out for over an hour and a half.  Now my body can hardly move from sitting on the floor that long. Sahara actually let me brush her tail.  Usually she immediately gets up and goes outside if I touch it. Ashlee was hanging her head over my shoulder so guess that is why she stayed.  All three were surrounding me several times.  Kind of hard when you only have 2 hands.  Parker has this tendency to stand over everyone and everything.  Good thing I trust all 3 completely as with several of the others I would get very nervous with my face in such close proximity to 3 big sets of teeth.  I have got to take some time with Zelda today.  She is in dire need of a good brushing.  Very high maintenance dog with that long wavy coat.  Did Bear and Sissy the other day but they get tired and they DO let me know they are DONE!  I do not argue with either.   It's the Anatolian in them.  Much stronger personality then the Pyrs.

I'll bring Annie up today and see what happens with her and Jason.  He may decide the garage kennel is his and won't be willing to share.  I don't want to move him down because to get adopted and have it be successful, I need to spend a lot of time with him.  Out of sight, so to speak, out of mind.  But Annie is about 10, maybe 11 years old and has arthritis. Sometimes it flares up and she starts limping.  Only having an igloo dog house and blankets won't be enough for her.  It's going to be a long month!

12/17/09:  Two of the dogs in Huntsville got adopted and the third is somewhat alpha so with 3 other alphas here, no place to put her.  Worked on re-covering  2 of the crib mattresses the dogs sleep on.  The plastic they use really wares out and cracks.  I was going to use the plastic flannel backed table cloths but  found an old motel type shower curtain.  Not sure where it came from.  Rubber backed fabric so it should work perfect.  It can breath but still be wiped clean.  It was only big enough for one but maybe I can find something similar at a thrift store.  Found a sign maker that will do my Thrift Store signs pretty cheap.  I need to find 2 more realtor sign frames to put them in before I have them made.  Size may vary.  Want to have it open this weekend too, but just can't see spending money on another ad this close to Christmas.  Don't think I'd get the business.  So frustrating that the rugs have not sold like they should.  Without a real store front, it's hard.  I've always had a store since I was about 22 years old and always done great.  But then I didn't live in Arkansas and the economy was not crap.

Went over Tuesday and visited with the people that adopted Lacy the Collie.  They are such nice people.  Lacy remembered us and came running to greet us.  It was pretty neat.  We need to get over more often.  It's less then 5 miles.  Annie comes tonight for a month.  I still am not sure where I am going to put her.  She will freeze outside.  I just hope her and Jason get along or I'm screwed.  This will be a very stressful next 4 weeks.   The dog dynamics are just not conducive to Annie being here right now.   Zelda is going through what I hope is just a phase.  She just growls at most of the other dogs even the ones she has been with for years.  Had full blood work done a few months ago to rule out illness.  Just don't know what is going on with her.

12/14/09:  Monday has arrived.  Was sure hoping to have an email that would save Trevor.  He has to be inside or I would take him.  He would be miserable and in too much pain outside.  If it were a perfect world, there would be no homeless dogs, or people, no sickness and pain and no evil.  When I meet a dog, it becomes my friend and I care.  Even though I may never see it again, it is never erased from my memory.  Kind of like the 110 adolescents I fostered in the 1980's and early 90's.  Sure I may have to do some digging into the memory bank, but bet I could come up with all 110 names given time.  But I do what I can and try not to beat myself up when I fail.  Annie comes Thursday and I am dreading it.  Not because of Annie, but because I don't know where I am going to put her.  Her coat never grew out after the botched shaving.  Sue says she will be fine in the outside kennel, but she is not use to that here or at home.  I know it will be tense if I bring her in the house with the others.  She is fine with some but she is bossy so not sure how that will go over with the newer ones she has not met.  Also, Zelda has been feeling claustrophobic and been growly lately.  It is getting crowded.   If Jason were not so much puppy, I could put her in the garage kennel with him at night.  I may try it.  Last time she stayed in the shop kennel and it worked out great, but Tiya has it now and she is not about to share with any dog. Also got to make some decisions Tuesday.  Before I got the call about Annie, I called on some other dogs.  Two German Shepherds and one Pyr/Akbash in Huntsville.  All females. We are going over and see.  The most adoptable one is a PB GSD but she is alpha.  Just can't use up another space for one dog, especially since I'll have Annie a whole month.  The Pyr is the same age as Jason so they should have a great time together.  That would be the sensible choice, but another rescue said they will take her if no one else does.  So she is safe.  The GSD's are not.  If the PB really is a PB, I'll take photos and try to get her into the GSD rescue. Winter sucks!  If it were spring, I would be able to handle this.  7:00 am.  Time to get dressed and feed.   
12/13/09: I took Jason down with me yesterday for some one on one attention.  He really is good for a puppy.  He is just exuberant in his enthusiasm. In no time at all I had him "sit", "Lay down", and "stay".  I was able to circle the room and leave his sight and he stayed.  I was really proud how quickly he caught on.  "Sit-Stay" didn't work, but "lay down - stay" did.  I'll be taking him down with me today to reinforce what he's learned and add to it.  He has got to get his "I'm so excited to see you" jumping under control.  That is one thing that I hate, is a dog jumping on me.
      Been raining but warmed up enough for dog walking this morning.  Loren took Goofy.  Bear and Chipi are in with me now.  They will have to go back on their side when I go down to the shop in an hour.   
    Got notice this morning on a young male Pyr needing a home.  It was dumped a few hours from here.  Still looking at the 3 dogs in Huntsville.  I have to decide who can best handle the outside weather as I do not have inside space left.  I know many dogs never get to come inside.  they live their whole life in a yard with a dog house no matter how hot or cold, but to me that is just not a life.  They have to be 'family' rather they are with me or placed in their forever home.  But I guess a bit of discomfort waiting for a better life is better then no future at all.
    Did $70 in sales and a bit more in donations so passed the $200 mark.  Doubt I will have much today.  Do know of 2 people coming back.  They just had to take some measurements.  If I make even $10 today, I'll be happy.  Jason gets some more lessons and Tiya will get me part of the time, so it's all worth it. 
12/12/09:  It has been busy.  Yesterday I sold $143 in stuff and got about $15 - $20 in donations.  They are in a small container so have not counted it yet.  Would be happy to do half that today.  Second day is never as good as the first.  Did have a number of people who said they would bring things by after Christmas to donate so that's great.  Stressing over a dog at AC.  I was wanting to take him but we just can't.  He needs to be inside where it is warm and I am out of inside space.  I sent out an URGENT to all the rescues I've dealt with so hopefully he can be saved.  Had an interesting perspective presented to me yesterday by a friend who stopped by.  She is well versed in different religious beliefs.  Not really sure that is the right term.  Anyway, she read a story about a very wise and priestly man who went out into the world.  When he looked at a snake, it died.  As he went on, he looked at a squirrel and it died.  Later he looked at a bird and it died.  He was summoned to place his eyes on the new born son of the King.  Sop fearful that he would cause the child to die, he pretended to look at him.  The king was insulted.  Then the wise man heard the baby say, "You rescued me from my life as a snake so I could move on.  And you rescued me again from a life as a squirrel.  And then you rescued me from the life of a bird.  Here I am, where I was meant to be."   Just thought that was such a cool story.  Not so sure I believe in reincarnation, but then not so sure I have anything about life figured out as certain.
12/09/09:  Signs are up.  Body is down.  Dogs are barking and it's freezing outside.  My ad did not go into the radio on time so don't know if anyone will show up tomorrow for my sale.  Ran it in the newspaper for Friday so that may be "the day".   Will be interesting to see what reaction Tiya has to strangers.  I suspect she will hide in her crate or in her cubby hole.  When the bug guy came today, he never even knew she was in the room.  Not much of a watch dog!  Hopefully a lot of people being around will help her socialize and not be so attached to me.  Less attached, maybe she will become more dog friendly... Hey, I can dream.  Looking at 3 dogs in Huntsville.  Will go over next Tuesday and meet them.  Two German Shepherds and a Pyr.  All girls.  Like to get Jason a playmate.  The Pyr is about his age.  Annie comes next week for a month.  That will be hard since Tiya has her space.  Will just have to work it out.   
12/07/09:  It's noon and I am running so far behind plan.  Need to get to town and get the ad in the newspaper for the Thrift store/Benefit sale end of the week.  Given up on a sign for now and just use yard sale signs which I already have.  Hope to get things priced today.  Zelda needs a good brushing and so does Sahara.  Goofy needs it almost daily.  Never thought he'd have tangle issues but he does.  Beginning to think the Pyr is just a tad and he's mostly Wolfhound and Komondor (because of the coat). I swear he keeps getting taller.  Linda said so also.  Ashlee stole Tiya's food bowl off the table this morning.  I should have known better then to get sidetracked before going down.  At least she quit eating when she was full but the floor was not real clean so I dumped what I swept up and started over.  Surprised Sissy didn't get into it once it was accessible.  Bear and Parker seem to want to be friends.  They politely sniff each other through the fence and never get into growling.  I just don't trust Bear.  Maybe someday. Break time is up.  Need to get off this computer and get something done.
Afternoon:  I just learned the Gretel was put to sleep last month.  She had cancer.  She is the dog I tried for years to save. Even though I never met her, my heart breaks for the suffering she endured.  At least she will not have to endure another winter.  The daily worry can now end and the grieving process can begin.  God Bless you Gretel.  No more chain and no more tree for a home.  Run free, and know I loved you.

12/06/09:  Not quite as cold this morning.  Only about 28 but no breeze so tolerable.  Bear is enjoying his morning in with us so I have not started on the shop yet.  I picked up Bears beds before I switched dogs around, but forgot the blankets in the crates (no doors, they just like the cubby hole they provide.  Wasn't long before Jason had one pulled out into the yard.  Oh well. 

Got a great update on Lacy Jane the Collie.  Then got sidetracked and started digging through old emails trying to update some dogs' personal pages.  Discovered I have not heard from several in quite some time so guess I may make some calls today and work on the shop tomorrow.  When I lost my computer and email address folder, I didn't realize I had lost some of the adopters info also.  At least I have hard copies.

12/05/09:  It has really turned cold.  Was 17 degrees this morning.  All the outside water was frozen.  I broke up the ice on top of Jason's' water, but apparently that was not good enough.  He dumped it.  He has inside water that is fresh daily but he never drinks it.  Don't know why.   Last night Sissy would not come in.  She was way up on the hill.  When I'd call, she'd bark.  I got dressed and braved the freezing weather to go get her.  Sometimes she can't get up so just didn't know if she wanted to stay out or could not come in.  I snuck cookies into the palm of my hand but it still looked like the pied piper as they smelled them.  I got within a few feet of her but not close enough for her to smell the goodies.  She got up and took off.  Darn her.  I tried herding her back to the house and got within about 30 feet and she doubled back and took off up the hill again.  This was about 9:00 pm.  I decided to watch a movie as knew I would not sleep until she was safely on the bed with me.  About midnight I heard a slight growl which meant she wanted in and Ashlee was saying 'no'.  Had to run Ash off to the side so Sis could come in.  Here is this pathetic looking 60 pound dog intimidating a 115 pound dog who has been with us for over 8 year; her whole life.  Anyway, I slept pretty good sandwiched between her and Sweetness.  Sissy was nose to nose with me which was better then rolling over and being nose to nose with Sweetness.  Sissy has much better breath then Sweetness.  About 4 I woke up and Zelda was in my path.  Ended up curling up on the floor petting her.  Sahara moved in near to me so they both got some attention for about half an hour.  Then back to bed until 7:00.  Linda came over and we walked the dogs.  The Golden was loose again.  Got into a confrontation with the lady owner. (the guy is nice.  She is a real piece of work).  Anyway, she went running to daddy and he comes down the road squealing tires and almost runs over the dog.  What a pair!!  Anyway, Monday I am calling the sheriff again to start patrolling this road.  Don't need people going 50 and 60 in a 35 and telling me I "don't own the road" and it's none on my business how fast they go.   Anyway, the dog's life is in jeopardy so if it comes here again, I'll call animal control.  It's too sweet a dog to have people who don't care about it's safety. 
12/04/09:  Again, time just slipped away.  Needed freestanding shelves and after checking out other thrift stores, decided we could make one.  Had the shelves we took out when we remodeled this house so just put them together with some screws and put some wheels on the bottom and it looks great.  I have enough shelving to make 2 more, but I don't want to push my luck.  Loren had to help and wood is not his thing.  Tiya really enjoyed all the company.  I had to put Jason out in the kennel when I went to the shop.  If it fits in his mouth, he chews it.  I had a bone shaped Kong with slots for treats in the ends so that should have occupied him for awhile.  Had Bear in the house earlier and felt bad shuffling them back around, but Charlie is blind and deaf so can't put him on the other side and can't keep him in the bedroom.  Just wish Bear didn't have this aggression towards the little guy.  Make life so much easier for Bear.  He could stay on our side much longer.  Still more stuff to haul out of the basement and set up.  Then the pricing starts.  Ugh. 
11/30/09:  The Golden went home.  People were gone for the holiday and the dog sitter didn't do a very good job.  Don't know what their excuse was for all the other times it's been running loose for over a year.  They have relatives along this road so guess the dog visits when ever it wants to.  Yes, they got a lecture!  (and a new collar).  Told them to go get a tag NOW!   Jason is very happy to be back in the yard with all the others.

Loren went to the gun range to practice.  Time to renew his permit.  He cowboy shoots.  Does not hunt.  Would never kill anything, not even the fish he catches and releases.  His dad was a career cop, so playing cowboy is one of his pleasures. He's got a range here on our property but it freaks some of the dogs out.  Ours are fine, but the rescues have probably been shot at so don't want them unnerved.

Guess I'll go down and spend time with Tiya and work some more on setting up the thrift store.  Need to get a sign.  Wish I was an artist.  Nothing is worse then a sloppily made sign but can't afford a professional.  Any local volunteers with a steady hand? 

Evening: Got a lot accomplished.  Managed to scare Tiya and totally upset her sense of continuity.  I knocked a 6' steel rule over and it crashed to the floor.  She went and hid.  Then I had to move the table that has been her 'safe place' where she sleeps.  I also covered up her other sleeping spot.  That was intentional.  It is a shelf that has slats and I was afraid she'd catch her leg in the spaces.  Anyway, I gave her 2 new places to huddle in and she seemed happy.  One was her idea and one was mine.  She got a lot of cuddle time after I scared her so I'm sure that made up for some of the day's trauma.  

We'll need to find 2 more tables.  Hopefully we can find some used ones cheap.  I hung quite a few of the rugs on the wall. That relieved a lot of table room.  What I dread most is toting stuff out of the basement and into the shop.  Seems I just put it all in there only a few months ago.  Somehow Loren got the notion this was going to be a yard sale.  I have not broke the news to him I plan to have regular hours.  We never do much on weekends anyway.  We mostly plan things for the first part of the week.  He'll get use to it and him not having to pay the vet bills that I can't cover will make him happy.   I feel real confident in my plans. 

11/29/09: Seemed like Monday all day.  Tried to get a few things done to set up the "thrift store" in the shop.  Still want to have working room but want to have everything set out.  Have you ever noticed no matter how much space you have, it takes no time at all to fill it up?  I need to set aside room for things for the Assistance Program also, but that won't start until spring when some donations should start coming in. 

Tomorrow I'll call animal control and see if I can bring this Golden in.  I could easily find it a home but I'm sure it already has one.  I've done everything I can to find the owner short of going door to door over a 3 mile radius (about 100 plus houses).  He was not taken care of all that well, but he was not hungry.  I hate him not having his people but guess they don't miss him.  Anyway, if he becomes in danger at AC, then I'll adopt him and feel comfortable finding him a new home.  He's an older dog but plenty of energy (he walks miles and has been for over a year).  Wonder he's not been run over as most do 60 on this 35 mph road.  Jason will come back up to the house.  He needs re-socialized as is slipping into bad habits, like jumping on me.  I'll just leave Tiya in the shop.  She really seems to enjoy it.  Has her cubby holes with blankets, her nylabones and her Kong filled with goodies.  I also leave the stereo on 24/7.  She seems to enjoy the music. 

11/28/09: Where has the year gone?  I've been neglecting Bear.  He gets to come in several hours a day, but I just have not been attending to his coat and ears.  Today was the day.  Was getting matted in his "pantaloons" as my friend Kim calls them.  Bear is good for the attention.  Rolls one way and then the other letting me know where he wants brushed and where he has had enough.  I got all the mats out and was shortening the pantaloons when he decided it was time to quit.  He's kind of uneven but not too bad.  Chipi and Sweetness are the only other ones in so even though they have short coats, they had to have their turn. 

Yesterday the funniest thing happened.  Since Sandy had not had a bath before the people came to meet her, I spent a lot of time brushing her out.  Ashlee always watches any attention I give the others.  I forgot the bag of hair and the brush on the floor.  A few hours later after they had left with Sandy, here comes Ashlee with the brush in her mouth and brings it to me!  It was so cute.  Her coat is like cotton since she had been shaved before she came.  So I brushed her cotton for awhile.  How could I turn her down?  I've never had a dog ASK to be brushed before.  She can be so interesting sometimes and so different from the others.

11/27/09:  Woooohh.  Long day.  Sandy got what I feel will be a great home.  They brought their other dogs to meet her and all went well.  Don't think Sandy had ever seen such a little one as the min. Chihuahua but she was fine even when it was growling at her 'protecting' it's "mommy".   Sandy seemed content, but confused.  She got in the car willingly and laid down in the back seat.  I always feel so sorry for them.  Just no way to explain to a dog that they are going to a new forever home.  Maybe I'll just start trying to explain "this is only a 'stop over'".  They will most likely not have a clue what I am saying, but at least I will have tried. 

Weather turned out great.  Was cold this morning when Nancy came to walk dogs.  We got most of them walked.  I was still cleaning house, but she walked several and then I joined her while the floors dried.  Walked Jason and the golden this afternoon.  Thought I'd try the Golden in the bit yard.  Was not real sure I could trust Goofy and didn't want Ashlee to get excited so kept them in the house.  Let the others into the big yard one at a time.  All went well for about 5 minutes... ok maybe 3 minutes.  Don't know who started it, but the Golden and Parker were at it.  Luckily I had at least one leash within reach so ran out there to them.  I'd get one off and the other would re-attack.  Thank goodness Parker does listen to me.  I finally got the leash on the Golden and kept telling Parker "Bad Parker" and pointing from him to stay back.  It worked.  Got everyone back in their respective places and took Jason and the Golden back to the kennel.  So much for togetherness.  10 big dogs all being civil to a new comer is asking a lot.  I do wish the owner would come looking for this dog.  I've put posters on the corner posts in several locations where I've seen the dog before, put an ad in the paper, on the radio's lost pet list and called both the humane society and animal control letting them know I have it.  Aside from knocking on 100 doors or turning it loose to be run over, I don't know what else to do.  How it has survived as long as it has wandering up and down this road is a miracle.

One more load of laundry.  Since I picked up all the dog blankets, figured I might as well wash them.  Must be on load number 10 or 11.  Glad my hot water heater re-heats fast as a shower is going to feel so good. 

11/26/09: Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  The Golden is still here.  I feel bad for it.  Afraid to turn it loose even though it has been wandering these roads for well over a year.  Traffic just flies even though the speed limit is 35 and the 'red necks' think they get 'points' for killing innocent critters.  It's sport.  I'm really torn over what to do on Sandy.  It's not like applications are pouring in, but to 'settle' is just not in me.  Both are good, but not perfect for Sandy.  One would spoil her and give her so much love but does not have the financial resources to meet her needs.  The other has the resources and would, without a doubt, meet all her health needs, but I have a nagging feeling there may be a lack in the emotional commitment department.  This decision making gets harder and harder.  Their future and their life is in my hands.  Every since I lost track of the one and even though I got word she is fine, I still have concerns.  Why are they not contacting me themselves?  To all of you who email and call and re-assure me your fur kids are doing fine, THANK YOU.   It's truly what keeps me going.

We are having lunch at a local restaurant.  They have the most fantastic Thanksgiving buffet every year.  Then we are Thanksgiving again on Saturday with friends.  And in between on Friday I will have to say yes or no to one on Sandy.  Hopefully today I will learn more so I can make a confident decision, one way or the other.  And if not, someone will just have to show they have the patience to wait until I'm confident on my decision. Evening  Feeling good about Sandy for tomorrow.  Feel bad for the one who won't be getting her, but have to do what seems best.

11/24/09:  Never a dull moment.  There is a Golden that has been wandering the area for well over a year.  It's obvious it belongs to someone but it is seen miles apart.  Followed my neighbor home and wouldn't leave.  It's here now.  A new friend for Jason, but Jason is not overjoyed.  Too bad!  Tiya is quite happy about it all.  It got her moved into the shop.  She considers herself a queen now.  A 900 square foot 'home' of her own, stereo 24/7,  choice of two beds and her own 10 x 20 'bathroom' (outside kennel).  I took her down a Kong filled with peanut butter and dog treats.  She licked it clean and looked soulful when I took it away (to refill it).   She went to the vet today for x-rays.  More on that on her page.  Goofy went in also (separate times) to have his ears flushed.  He has the strangest ear canal and so darn hard to get clean.  Could tell they were bothering him again.  Don't want him to end up the way Frank was when we got him.  A huge abscess.  Think this is just a yeast infection that is just stubborn.  May have a good person for Sandy.  The other person was good and would have loved her dearly, but just some minor snags.  Things happen for a reason.  Anyway, this person is close and I'm guessing retired.  Awaiting the application and can do a home visit myself.  Also have a possible for Jason.  We will see.  He is a good puppy and is going to make someone a great family buddy.  Got a desperate email about 2 Pyrs on chains for well over a year.  Neighbor to the e-mailer is willing to let them go.  I referred on to another, but said if she can't take them, I would.  Guess they are a real mess and have totally been neglected, but are sweet.  Just breaks my heart.
11/22/09:  Yesterday went well for Tanner and the transport.  Today had it's high points and it's lows.  Jason dumped his water 3 times!!  I have the handles to the ice chests strapped to the fence and he managed to get them off without chewing through them.  I have not a clue only that it is down right scary that he could do that.  One ice chest was in Bears room.  I'd moved everybody around so Bear and Chipi could have time in with us.  The whole thing was dumped.  I had to sweep most of the water out because there was no way I could mop it up.  If it had not been so much trouble to get the shop vac out, I would have been better off doing that.  Oh well, Bear has a very clean floor now.  In between water dumps, the family of neighbors came down to meet and walk the dogs.  They were visiting from Texas and the kids have always wanted to meet the dogs every time they come.  The boy was about 14 and the girls about 10, 8 and 6.  We took Sandy, Parker, Zelda, Goofy, and Sissy.  They were all great, kids and dogs.  It was the highlight of the day for everyone.
11/21/09:  Loren's taking Tanner on the first leg of the transport.  I just come unglued when I run late and things were just falling apart this morning.  I'm one of those people if I have to be somewhere at a specific time, I allow myself like 30% additional time.  I would have been leaving right on the exact time, which had I got stuck behind a truck going 30 mph, I'd have been a bigger basket case.  Our days of going places together are temporarily gone.  Parker is developing separation anxiety.  Yesterday when I went to pick up Tanner, Parker got out and came looking for me.  Twice.  Loren was home, but in the shop getting it ready for Tanner.  Parker took off again this morning looking for Loren.  He was walking Goofy.  I was in the kitchen grabbing a glass of milk before leaving and watching Parker out the window.  Then he was missing.  Had went looking for Loren.  Right now I have him right beside me and that's where he will stay until we figure out how he is getting out.  I cannot believe he could get his big old body over the gate.  Can't find any holes in or under the fence.  And how he came from the direction of the shop is a real mystery.  I'll just have to close him inside if we both go somewhere.... ok, keep him in the house even if one of us goes somewhere.  There is just something about this guy that gives him a kinship to Keeton and Matsu and I loved them both.

Tried to re-unite Tiya and Jason again yesterday.  Lost cause.  I tied her and the minute I opened the gate to the kennel with him on leash, she went ballistic and he retaliated.  End of that experiment.  Poor Tiya will just have to be an only child which means I'm out of space for others unless they are guaranteed to get along with everybody or not be escape artists.  But there are no guarantees. 

11/18/09:  Shoulder is fine...finally!  So weird, like it never hurt.  Guess the meds did the trick.  Dr. said 6 days and it was right on.  Got the floor mopped really good this morning.  it really needed it with all the rain and mud getting tracked in.  Left the dogs closed out of the living room while I went to lunch with a friend.  They were sure happy to have the door opened when I got home.  I just wanted the floor to look nice for a little while even if I was not home to experience it.

Tanner's transport is getting some response.  Hopefully it will get filled so he can go to his new home Saturday.  I really can't drive all the way to Little Rock.  Still need someone from Marshall to LR.  Have it covered from LR to Memphis.  I wish I was more versed in getting contacts of volunteer transporters.  Still nothing on Sandy.  The Cabot dog got rescued so that is good.  Not heard back on the possible at AC here.  Not looking, just don't want one overlooked. 

Dogs have all been so good the past few nights.  A drizzle rain helps.  Ashlee has settled back down and is understanding she can not control the entrances.  I think maybe Sandy relayed the "time out" message to her. They all slept in the bedroom last night.  Sometimes some wander off into the kitchen or living room but we had the fireplace going and think the bedroom was probably most comfortable temp wise.  Even Parker was close by instead of his favorite dog mattress.  I just love that guy.  He is so much a combination of Keeton and Matsu.  An almost perfect fella personality wise.  Another "grandpa" figure.  Jason is still kenneled at bed time. He still has to be watched as I don't think he is past the 'chew on it' stage but he is exceptionally good otherwise.  That glass pie pan really made in impression.  I just feel so sorry for Tiya all alone but don't know how to solve her 'other dog' issues.

11/17/09:  Shoulder is feeling better this morning.  Now if I just don't abuse it.  I discovered a bruise on my side near the arm that I didn't notice before.  Maybe I bumped into something or one of the dogs caught me with their head.  I just don't remember anything like that but that bruise is right in line with the part of my arm that hurts the worst.  Body armor?  The great weather is over.  Drizzle and cold.  Time to unhook all the hoses and carry water.  At least using the small ice chests makes the job so much easier then other 'water' containers. And in the winter, it does not freeze as quickly.  Chicken cooking today.  I do 6 pounds of boneless breasts at a time with rice and oatmeal.  Then freeze it in serving size zip locks.  They only get a table spoon per meal but it livens up the kibble, Embark and hides pills and supplements.  Not sure what happened to my Sandy adopter.  Waiting to learn if she wanted help getting her there so she would not have to make a 6 hour (one way) trip.   Oh well, if she vanishes, it won't be the first time.  A possible Pyr/Newf in Cabot.  Time is up.  Do I really want a black fur ball and another male to boot?  Those Newfs I met on vacation were so great, this is a tough call, especially since I can't see the dog before making a decision.  And AC possible brought in a Pyr yesterday.  A really funny thing happened while I was cooking the chicken.  Check out Jason's update for the story.
11/16/09: Over did the arm yesterday and added to it this morning.  I better tie it down to my body.  Just so hard to do anything without using it.  Tanner will be going to his new home in Nashville.  Got him officially saved this morning.  While I was there Cindy got a call to pick up a 'big white fluffy dog' out in Henderson so if it's a Pyr, I'll be taking it.  Apparently it's been hanging around for awhile.  There are a lot of abandoned Pyrs out in that area.  Jason is really adjusting to inside life.  After he pulled my favorite glass pie plate onto the floor a few days ago, he has been really good.  I think this huge crash and glass flying everywhere was a lesson quickly learned.  All the 'time out's' yesterday sure made a difference last night too.  Ashlee and Sandy both were very polite when the others wanted attention.  No butting in and no little under the breath growls.  I did put Ashlee in the living room to sleep but half through the night I opened the door and she went over by the bed and laid down like a lady.  Took Tiya to the shop with me again this morning for an hour.  She is so happy for the attention.  She is such a sweet girl if she would just not try to 'protect' me from the other dogs.  Hate that she is alone in the kennel, but just can't chance trying to integrate her again right now.  Maybe when the dynamics change. 
11/15/09:  If I don't over-do and am careful, I might get a little typed here.  My mood has improved.  I thought it was because the arm is feeling better.  My friend asked if the steroids were making me "happy".  Then I realized the arm wasn't that much better, I just didn't seem to notice!  I don't like taking weird stuff with a list of side effects worse then the cure.  Anyway, I'm 3 days in to it and only 2 more to go so will see it through.  It decreases from 6 to 5 to 4 etc per day so I've already taken half. 

Ashlee is getting too spoiled.  Sissy has not been coming in to sleep on the bed at night and I just thought it was because she was enjoying the nice cool nights.  Poor thing is so arthritic I worry if it gets too cold she will hurt more.  Called her in about 2 this morning and Ashlee attacked her.  Noticed she had been growling at Zelda and Sahara also, but they more or less ignore her.  Or so I thought.  Time to figure out a better way to keep Ashlee calm for the next 5 weeks then for her to be by my side all the time.  So much for plan A.  And it seemed to be working so well.  UGH!  

Tanner from Animal Control will most likely be going to Nashville next weekend and Sandy will be going to Oklahoma.  Trying to pin down a date on her.  Lady was coming all the way, but I'm sure I can get transport help to Fayetteville once I know the date for sure.  I'd really like to meet both adopters, but just too hard on everyone for such long one day trips.

Yesterday I bought some heavy fabric at the thrift store for $6.  Was able to get 4 crib mattress cover tops out of it for the dog beds.  Had plain color fabric for the sides that matched so they look great and was able to make 4 instead of 2 I had anticipated. Tiya spent the time with me there in the shop.  She really enjoyed the company and the one on one since she can't be predictable enough to be with the other dogs. Anyway,  I wash the covers every 2 or 3 days (they move the blankets off the top) and was having to get them washed and dried and back on all in the same day.  Now I can take my time and just do 4 at a time over a few days.  I need to look for 2 youth size mattresses.  Goofy and Parker either have to curl up or they hang off the edge.  They are just too big for them.  Parker just lets his head fall on the floor so when I see that, I scrunch up a blanket and put under his head.  He is just such a sweet boy.  So much a combination of Keeton and Matsu.  Just a fantastic old boy.  I've just about got his itching stopped.  The hair is growing back on his elbows but don't really see much on his belly.  The hair on the ear from the hematoma surgery has already grown out and you can't see any difference.  Hopefully the scratch places will catch up too.   

Ok, over doing the arm.  Just resting it on the mouse is a strain. Time to rest it.

11/13/09: typing with one hand does not work very efficiently (neither does left hand mousing) so either I won't be posting or answering un-urgent emails until the arm is better or I'll be dictating to Loren to type for me. 
11/12/09:  Going to the doctor about my arm.  Tried walking the dogs, but Sweetness jerked and thought my arm was being ripped off.  Enough of this pain.  
11/11/09:  Well, the morning was going fine until just now. I looked out and could not believe my eyes. Tiya had dug out of her kennel and went into the back section where I had put Sandy, Goofy, Zelda, Sahara, Jason and Parker.  Tiya was having a great time and they were running and playing.  Then just out of the blue, Sandy heads for the house and Tiya attacks her.  Neither would let up and I'm here alone.  No way to get a water hose out that far. No leash in my hand.  I'd get one loose and the other would attack.  Back and forth.  So much for the pain in my arm subsiding.  It's now worse then ever and I am still shaking.  Anyway, they finally let up enough I could get my hand on each of their collars.  It's a wonder I didn't strangle them both as all I could do was twist.  I finally got Sandy under control with the words "time out" (she knows what that means).  Quite frankly the rest is all a blur.  I somehow got a leash and got Tiya into the lower kennel.  Enough excitement for the rest of my life.  I'm going to go take a pain pill which will probably make me fall asleep.  If she gets in with them again she has to go through a hot wire and then dig under the yard fence so I think I'm safe to relax for awhile.  It just dawned on me...I did NOT get bit!!!  Can dogs be schizophrenic?
11/09/09:  Wonderful news.  The AC officer in the town where I lost contact with people who have one of my dogs went by last week and all is fine.  He said she was beautiful, healthy and an inside dog.  What a relief!!  I just don't know why they have not contacted me and let me know.  Guess I'll send off a snail mail letter and hopefully get their new email address and new phone number (they must have went cell as not listed).  I must have slept weird last night.  Of course actually getting 4 or 5 hours straight is weird in itself.  Anyway, my right arm is killing me.  I can't even lift it.  Elbow and lower arm is fine, just the upper and shoulder.  Loren had to carry the food bowls this morning.  Luckily I'm primarily left handed.  Ashlee has figured out if she wants petted she needs to go around to my left.   Tanner is still at AC.  I made up some heart shaped flyers to put up.  Thought I'd try to attract attention rather then the plain 'dog on white paper'.  Did some for Tiya also.  When my arm feels better, I'll get some done for the others.  Had to steam clean the rugs this morning.  Ashlee had accidents a few days ago from a steroid shot.  Luckily it was not a permanent thing.  Loren helped.  I probably made the arm worse, but just had to get things done.   When you have living things depending on you, you just keep going.
11/08/09:  This weather is unbelievable.  It is great.  Everybody got walks.  Some got two.  Just too nice to be inside.  Dog shuffle is getting complex.  Tiya has gotten too comfortable inside.  She is getting growly.  I first have to determine the cause.  Jealousy?  Protectiveness?  Space issue?  Alpha (I doubt)?  She could be just trying to establish her position, but I really don't want anybody taking another one down a notch.  That's my job.  She is not understanding 'time out'.  Others have always caught on fast. You growl, you go outside in a kennel alone.  Of course, she and Jason are kenneled at night, so it may be confusing.  I'll figure it out, I hope. Hopefully the weather will hold so I can re-introduce one at a time and see if it's specific to certain ones.  For a timid, hide in the dog house girl, she sure did a turn around.  Maybe I am just too close to overwhelmed in numbers again.  And so are the dogs.

Ashlee's swelling on her muzzle has went down.  A small lump where the puncture wound is but otherwise almost normal.  She is such a good patient.  She wants so badly to go for walks with the others.  I take her in the front yard on leash so she feels less left out. 

Will check on the status of Tanner tomorrow.  Sure hope he got adopted.

11/06/09:  Took the little dog "Tanner" in to be groomed yesterday.  He looks like a different dog.  Had forgot to grab the camera so Loren brought me all the way back to the house so I could get pix of him to post with his new 'do' before dropping him off  back at  AC.  Had a call from a local man within an hour of posting him on petfinder.  Hopefully he will go out and look at him today.  Sure would be money well spent if he gets adopted.  Wish all would be this easy. 

Ashlee's face is all puffed up so will get into the vet today.  I noticed a little speck of blood on her muzzle on Tuesday.  Looked for any bite or cut and could not find anything.  My arm was bleeding from Jason jumping on me so I thought she probably just brushed against me and it was mine.  Obviously not.  Just don't know if she was spider bit or if maybe one of the dogs nipped her.  Sure nothing apparent until it began to swell yesterday. I called in for antibiotics but she has only had 2 so far.  This morning it is huge. I doubt she will feel like eating.

Some how when we were gone taking Tanner back, one or more of the dogs got into the dog food.  I think only Charlie, Ashlee and Sissy were in. Possibly Sweetness also. With Ashlee having to stay calm, I lock most of them out when we are both gone.  I've been up most of the night watching for symptoms of bloat.  They all ate dinner just fine so don't know if they were all guilty or just one.  I had just opened the bag so it was still too heavy for me to lift to dump in the container that is out of their reach.  Wasn't to heavy when I discovered the bag all pushed down around the edges.  The door to the room is a pocket door and it has about 1/4 " gap.  Charlie is really good at getting it open, but I'm sure he didn't eat all that was missing.  So all in all, yesterday was emotionally stressful and I'm zonked today and it's only 5:45 am!  I might try for a nap after I am sure Ashlee is going to be ok with her swelling.

11/04/09:  Who sleeps?  Monday night I took an allergy pill because I kept sneezing.  It zonked me, especially since I had not gotten any thing more then cat naps for several nights.  Well, tonight, aka morning, as I write this at 2:06 a.m. it's back to normal.  That being full moon, almost bright as day and barking not only by my guys, but every dog in a 2 miles radius.  It had been so peaceful between 10 and midnight.  So much for a second night of peace.  Ashlee decided to go explore.  It was great of her to take the initiative to go outside to potty, but when she didn't come back immediately, I went looking.  She had wandered way up to the far end of the property.  It's 480' from the house.  About 1 1/2 football fields away.  Had to go all the way up and get her before she decided to trot back.  She is expanding her territory and that is not good until she is healthy.  Right now she is pacing.  2:32 am.  She needed out to potty.  I guess she is constipated and I brought her in too soon or she has diarrhea. Hard to see without a flashlight pointed at her butt.  Finally got all but Sissy back in the small yard by the house.  Ashlee will just have to be satisfied going in that area.  I'll check with the vet in the morning.  Her food has not changed and I would not think the antibiotic she is on would cause it.  She is always under my supervision so know she didn't get into anything earlier.  All has gotten quiet.  I'm sure Sissy will be letting me know any moment she wants back in.  OK, all was quiet for a split second.  May take an allergy pill just for the heck of it!
11/02/09:  Another nice autumn day ahead...weather wise.  I do hope for rain tonight, just after dark and quit before dawn.  This big Harvest Moon is wearing me out.  Bark bark bark bark bark.   They can just see too many critters at night.  I did not have the rooster call or the choir though.  Think their vocal cords were stressed from the constant warning to the critters.  Linda's been sick so I walked everybody myself yesterday.  Some got several walks.  Goofy thinks he needs to go with every other trip.  I can do as many as 4 at a time, but only a certain 4 which leaves me with one or 2 for the other trips so might as well just take 2 at a time as still equals the same.  I did spread them out over the whole day.  The cooler weather is nice for walking.  I messed up again.  Only who would have thought of it?  I normally run the dish washer during the day, but turned it on at bed time.  Didn't realize Parker had not heard it before.  What ever was making that noise, he was going to 'get it'.  It already had dumped the soap so couldn't stop it.  He finally decided after about 20 minutes it was not going to attack.   He did occasionally warn it throughout the hour it ran.

Guess that wasn't the only mess up.  Yesterday morning I thought I had all the pertinent dogs outside when I let Bear and Chipi in.  Somehow I over looked Sandy.  All of a sudden she was standing beside me wanting out.  Bear had went right past her without a single objection to her presence.  I think the fight day before with Jason made him think.  I really do think Bear has mellowed in his middle years.  He will never back down, but he is getting so much more willing to accept other dogs.  They just better not try to take his alpha position.  

Ashlee is feeling a little too chipper.  She was blocked off in the living room and I would get up and let her out to potty several times a night.  Last night she refused.  She wanted to be right beside me.  Every time I looked over at her she was sound asleep (guess the barking was music to her ears) so I didn't disturb her.  Puddle on the rug this morning.  Then after breakfast she wanted out in the back yard.  She usually just goes far enough to potty and right back in.  She always looks over her shoulder at me to be sure I'm following along.  As typical of a Pyr, they just don't like to poop on leash.  Well, she kept venturing farther and farther.  I knew she wanted her privacy.  She came back when she was finished, but walking faster then she should.  She is back in the house under my close supervision now.  I'll just need to pick up a longer lead.  The next few weeks are more crucial then right after, because now the heartworms are beginning to die and break off into the blood stream.  At least she is a laid back, normally slow moving girl. 

10/31/09:  Been an interesting day.  Jason (Loren couldn't remember Jayden so we changed it) found out what a bark collar is.  He had been good until I took Bear for a walk.  Bear was actually enthusiastic about meeting the new dogs!!  Jason is obviously enough of a puppy for Bear to be ok with him...well, WAS ok with him.  They were getting along fine until I went in the kennel to retrieve Bear and Jason decided he needed to protect me!  Wrong!!!   Luckily I got Bear on the leash before all hell broke loose.  I managed to get Bear out without getting bit but Jason and Tiya followed out the gate.  I finally managed to get Bear in the back yard.  Luckily the other 2 did not run off.  Loren finally get out to help so we got them back in the kennel.  So much for integration.  Anyway, Jason can see Bear so he started barking and went non-stop for about an hour.  I finally went down with the citronella collar. One bark and he was 'cured'.  I only left it on about 5 minutes and then took it off.  Not a peep out of him for the past 4 hours.  Tiya actually went into protect mode also against Bear.  I was really hoping that would be an option, but Bear holds grudges forever.  While fixing lunch, I could not find where I put the hamburger buns.  I just had them in my hand.  I spied a flash turning the corner.  Ashlee had stolen the bag full and they were dropping out on the floor as she ran.  I had mopped this morning, so I just brushed them off..  I know, gross, but the burgers were almost done and town is 30 minutes round trip plus store time.  Sticking them in the toaster oven on broil for a few minutes should have killed any floor germs.  Heck, I kiss the dogs so I'm probably have immunity.   Weather has been so great today.  I got most of the dogs walked by myself.  Goofy had 3 walks today.  He never tires and always ready.  I still need to walk Sissy and Sweetness.  Sissy is easy.  Sweetness, not.  Of course Charlie is too old to go and Sahara does not find leaving the property enjoyable.  Sure wish this weather would hold for awhile.  We've had enough rain all summer to cover every day of the fall and winter.
10/30/09:  Just realized I forgot my mom's birthday.  Too many things on my mind.  Hope my son remembered and had her over.  I have not even remembered my own birthday for the past few years.  Remembering dates has never been high in my brain function.  Probably all the memory crap we had to do in school and Sunday School 60 years ago filled up that part of my brain. 

Ashlee is doing well.  I feel I have found that 'place' of compromise while still protecting her.  Emotional stress is just as harmful as physical stress so things are pretty much normal.  One big difference is she stays right in my sight at all times.  Second, I take her into the front yard to potty.  She never was fond of going in the back.  Think it is the gravel area off the deck bothers her feet.  She has been really good if I am paying attention and react quickly to her cues.  We don't really have the communication down so a lot of accidents, but we'll get there.  My fear is that in 8 weeks when she can be on her own again, the back yard will just not be a place she will go.  Period.  I feel like I am re-living the Keeton days.  Walks in the rain at midnight or 3:00 a.m. as is the case this morning and yesterday morning.   Rain was a little heavy just now so only a pee.  I'm sure I'll be cleaning up poop in a few hours as I do intend to go back to bed until the 'rooster barks' at the instant of dawn.  

Email from Gail who transported Ashlee and is transporting the 2 new ones from Fayetteville today said I will just love the new boy.  I think she wishes she could keep him.  Such enthusiasm.  Says the girl is shy.  So glad I have help a few mornings a week because with Ashlee, my time with the others is so limited.  Sue that has Annie offered to foster.  If the girl gets along with Bear and Chipi, (I should say if Bear allows her in his space), I may take Sue up on it for awhile.  He would get the attention I won't be able to give right now.   Anyway, it's an option.  One more email and back to bed.

10/28/09:  I did not hear from the vet last night how Ashlee was holding up from the HW treatment.  I am extremely upset that they did not have the courtesy to call.  I didn't call because I kept thinking they would call after hours.  She undergoes the second shot this morning.  I could pick her up after 3 today or tomorrow morning but I am torn not knowing which is safest for her.  Carol N said that with Shadow (Spirit) that she took her home the afternoon after the first shot and then brought her back for the second the next day.  Of course, Shadow is the only dog there.  I have 9 more in the house.  Carol N also said 60 days after the treatment, she still tested positive!!!  Shadow was so mild that Rob said not to treat her and I told Carol N that but her vet said differently.  A lot of good it did aside from padding a pocket while emptying another.   OK, I'm getting cynical.  I do that when I am a basket case.  I'm so scared for Ashlee and I have no confidence in myself when it comes to anything that a mistake could prove fatal.  

Two days ago I called the sheriff in the town where I lost contact with one of my dog adopters.  I have been trying to get that local rescue to go over to their house, but in 4 months, it has not happened.  Sheriff said they had an AC officer and they would relay the request.  If I have not heard by Monday, I'll call again and ask to speak directly to him.  I've not heard from this adopter in a year.  She was so good to call every month.  We had a lot of frequent communication and then nothing.  I was not concerned for about 4 months but then my messages were not responded to and emails unanswered.  They do still live in the same house but no longer have the same jobs, if any.  I actually did detective work!  If it were not almost 5 hours away and I were not so snowed under with obligations, I would have driven there myself.  The dog is micro-chipped  and registered in my name, so if it became a stray, I surely would have been contacted.  OK, there is a chance I would have been contacted.  Do these AC really care?

10/26/09: Tomorrow morning Ashlee goes in for HW treatment. Comes home Thursday.  I'm a nervous wreck.  I've only taken the 'slow' approach to treatment, so this is scary for me.  Annie goes home tomorrow night or Wed depending on when Sue gets home.  She has been really good and easy.  No trouble at all.  Two Pyrs from Fayetteville AC are coming Friday.  I'll change Leslies name when I meet her.  Already changed "White" to Jayden of course that could change too if it doesn't fit him.  Just a little rain today so several got walks.  I just wish the rain would confine it's self to the night, starting at 8 pm when I want to watch TV for a few hours without the volume turned up (or rewind to hear what was drowned out by the barking) then stop at 6 am when I am ready to get up.  That would be my perfect weather.  The cooler weather just brings out the bark in them all. 
10/25/09:  It was a really pretty drive to Marshall yesterday to take the pup to meet the transporter from LR. The fall colors were great.  Guess we had too much summer rain or something, because our area is just not much into color change.  More from green to brown and nothing in between.  Spent the afternoon cleaning the kennel and raking what will prove only to be the first of many piles of leaves.  Was getting prepared for the dogs that were to come.  One has an applicant so he may not come. Another has some interest so he may get adopted also.  Two others I was contacted on got placed so things are looking up for the Pyrs in need.  A rescues biggest wish is to close for lack of need.  No dog overpopulation, none homeless and no dog abuse or neglect.  Just a bunch of happy, loved and well cared for fur kids.

I'm beginning to wonder if Ashlee is much younger then thought or her puppy side has been repressed and she is now trying to make up for the 'fun' she lacked.  This is the second time I caught her removing the dog mattress cover and chewing on the plastic (and duct tape I patched it with the first time).  It's the same mattress and it is a recently acquired one, but it was (operative word) like brand new. 
10/23/09:  An insiders view: Why I don't get much sleep, but also why I never have to worry about security. 

I dread taking the pup to boarding.  I feel so guilty but Loren is adamant.   I'm sure Ruh would do fine with the dog(s) that are coming-- until feeding time.  That is the problem.  I worry too much.... no, I care too much.  He will be so lonesome and scared.  Damn.  If he just wouldn't chew up Bears beds.  I had to lay down a big rubber backed area rug for Annie down in the shop.  She is afraid of the tile floor down there, yet fine on the tile in the house.  Feel bad she can't come up to the house yet.  Just not sure how Sandy will react.  Annie don't take nothing from anyone.  Both cantankerous old girls.  Ready to start the dreaded week even though it's barely Friday.  Just want the next 10 days over with.  Won't really relax until I know Ashlee is doing good and that will take the next 2 months.  She is in a way my Keeton replacement.  Her special needs tug at my heart.

10/22/09:  I am determined to lose weight.  Rain is not going to help since the dogs all think they will dissolve if I take them outside for a walk. Second choice, starvation.  I'll take exercise over not eating.  Looks like I'll be taking 2 male Pyrs from Fayetteville shelter.  Waiting on photos.  One is an owner turn in.  Guy already contacted me but when I said I would need vet records, he never emailed back.  I suspect the dog was not neutered or UTD.  I just hope both are as great as Matsu was and Parker is, but they are young so not expecting miracles.  
10/21/09:  Cleaning day.  Actually everyday is cleaning day, but this is one of those more intensive days.  All the dogs bed covers and blankets are stacked up to be washed.  About 10 loads if I expect them to have room to agitate.  I'm happy to say Parkers 'designer' E-collar withstood machine washing very well.  That means I can start making a bunch and try to sell them.  I have all the stuff to make 20 or maybe even 30.  They are so much better then the hard plastic that freaks the dogs and even better then the soft ones Petco sells.  I need to have a yard sale soon.  If not soon, everyone's Christmas shopping will be done.  Need to sell a few rugs.  So many Pyrs due to die and I just have to say 'no' right now unless it is already vetted and healthy.  Can't take another one with medical needs until I get Parker and Ashlee well.  Annie comes today for a week.  That is why I put off Ashlee's HW treatment until Tuesday.  That way Ashlee will be at the vets until Thursday and Annie will have went home.  One less stressor.  One pup leaves Saturday.  If nothing happens for the other, it will go into boarding Friday. Just not sure how I will deal with Annie since I know her and Sandy's personalities will clash big time.  I'll get through it.....but PLEASE, no thunder storms!!!!
10/19/09:  The smaller pup will be going to LR for Shelley to foster.  NASRN is still looking for a place for the larger one.  Hope it happens simultaneous so only one transport trip.  Puppies do wear me out.  I'm really leaning towards the senior canine generation.  I can handle cleaning up poop and pee on the floor and middle of the night walks and even some attention barking.  Old ones rarely exert the energy to get up.  They just lay on the floor and make soft 'woof (pause) woof' sounds to ward off any intruder they might be imagining.  I still really miss Keeton.  In a way I look forward to mine reaching senior status.  Charlie is about 13 but Cockapoos have a longer life expectancy then the big guys.  He's deaf, almost blind, on heart meds and pees and poops right outside the doggie door for all (including me) to step in.  Sissy is next (of the keepers).  She is about 8 1/2.  Aside from terrible arthritis she is in control of her bodily functions.  Life expectancy for an ASD, 10 - 12 years.   All the rest of the keepers are around 5 to 7 years old with life expectancies of 5 to 6 more years.  It's somewhat comforting to know I should outlive them simply because the thought of their lives being disrupted in their old age would be so traumatic and confusing for them.  I see it in the faces and actions of the old ones I take who have lost their life long human friends.  If there were just a way to explain it to them.  But maybe they understand better then we give them credit for.
10/18/09:  Hate when the first email I read in the morning is a Pyr in an AC 4 hours away and is going to be put down if no one steps forward.  I passed it on to all the Pyr rescues I have in my address book.  Can't do much else, especially with Annie coming Wednesday.  Pups will go into boarding.  32 degrees last night.  No where to put them inside as they are typical pups; chew up everything. I did get a good deal on price for NASRN from my groomer who boards. Both puppies for the price of one.  I'm in my comfort zone with adult Pyrs.  Ten on my side of the house and all getting along.  Just wish it could be 11, but Bear only likes half of them so his time is just several hours a day (when there are 5 in with me).   Although it was so cold last night, I was about to roast and the heat was not on.  Sissy and Sweetness had me sandwiched between them.  I got so hot I woke up with a sore throat.  Don't know how long they had me pinned down under the covers, but every bone in my body hurts. 
10/17/09:  Linda and I got everybody walked this morning.  The weather is great and since they barked most of the night, they were not fully energized so the few that pull were not up to their usual arm stretching standard.  Linda and I get to talking (as do Nancy and I on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and we forget to be a 'tree' when they pull.  Chipi was actually letting Linda pet her.  She is so skittish with other people, but she must be getting more comfortable with Linda.  After all, Linda was their social highlight of the day during the weeks I was gone on vacation.  Bear spent part of the day with the puppies.  He really does have a positive effect on them but it's not fair to him to leave him with them too much.  As a reward for being with them a few hours, he got to be with us the rest of the day until feeding time.  Hopefully he won't bark tonight.  Sometimes I'm sure his all night serenade is revenge for not getting to spend enough time with me.  I had to wash Parkers E-collar today.  He is a drooler.  The collar was gross.  He is like a puppy let out of confinement.  He has played and romped all afternoon while it was off of him getting dried.  
10/15/09:  Nancy came down and everybody got a walk except Sahara and Sweetness.  Sweetness wanted to go but not up to a fourth trip.  Sahara never wants to go.  After Bears walk, I put him in with the puppies.  The bigger one needs discipline. Always beating up on the smaller one.  The one day I let them in Bears room, they ate his bed so they are banned to the kennel.  Parker slept in the house last night.   I had to blockade the sofa as he does get up on it when we are not watching.  He never moved off the dog mattress.  Not a peep out of any of them for the past week.  Sahara still does her morning rooster impersonation, but it is getting later as first light is much later.  I have so enjoyed the sleep.  Parkers elbows are so raw.  Yesterday we started treating them with human anti-itch cream and it is working!  He would scratch so bad they would almost bleed.  He is such a sweet boy.  I hope he gets a home as wonderful as Matsu got.  They are so much alike in personality.  
10/14/09:  Sahara, Zelda and Sweetness got baths yesterday and Sis got her nails trimmed.  Sissy absolutely hates it.  Poured rain all day and no one wanted to go outside for any reason, including to potty.  Not sure who was guilty but a pretty good idea which 3 left me huge piles!!!  Also had several puddles.  This is not a normal Pyr trait, but hard to imagine the non-Pyrs doing it either.  Lots of mopping finished out the day.  Good thing I don't have carpet and the area rugs are rolled up for the winter.

I rotated dogs this morning and Parker must have been confused.  When we got home from Wal-Mart, he was in the driveway waiting for us.  Climbed in the car when we got out.  I took him for a long slow ride after putting groceries away.  He took up the whole passenger side and then some but he was so happy and so good.  He is just such a sweet old boy.  He is so much like Matsu.  The perfect Pyr (despite the drool).  Got a "studio" photograph of Brooks from Michelle and a card.  It has been one year since his OCD surgery.  No limp, no problems, doing great and very much loved in his forever home. 

10/12/09:  Parker is being such a good sport with the collar.  He got the bandages off today.  10 more days for the stitches. Got some comfortis so if it's fleas he is digging at, that will help too.  Don't want him busting the stitches or creating another hematoma.   Can't decide if it wants to rain some more.  Dogs are all in.  they convinced me it might and they are not fond of getting wet.  Parker and Sandy have some slight eye drainage.  Was treating Sandys'.  Vet didn't say anything about Parkers.  It was on my 'please check' list.  Anyway, one of my eye has been matting and is painful.  I sure hope I didn't catch something from one of them.  Probably just a coincidence.  If I washed my hands every time I petted one of them, I might do well buying stock in Handiwipes.   Bunch of baths tomorrow.  Sahara will be thrilled :-(  Sis needs her nails done really bad.  She just refuses.  Linda tried to help last week and she got one.  Holding down a 120 pound dog who does not want to cooperate is futile.  It is embarrassing as they look like daggers.  My eyes are not focusing so if this does not make sense, sorry.  Unable to read back what I've written.   Maybe later.
10/11/09:  They were so quiet last night and it wasn't even raining.  Of course Sahara, Goofy and Sandy are making up for it this morning.  Goofy is trying to boss Parker around.  Sandy just wants to hog all the attention and Sahara just likes to hear herself bark.  It is really turning cold.  Loren walked Goofy this morning, but I just made a stroll around both yards looking for Nyla bones.  They all followed so I call it "going for a walk" even if they don't.  Down to 4 Nyla bones.  I wanted to get some months ago and put them up.  I am sure the price has jumped considerably now that I really need them.  Parker is doing good leaving the bandaged ear alone, but scratching at the other one.  Guess I'll have to do the flea thing on him again.  It just seems like they are so resistant to everything.  Hate to put the Comfortis pill into their system, but no choice since Frontline is obviously not working.  I was not able to talk to the vet when I picked him up so will do that Monday.  want to know the blood work results and also if he had a yeast infection in the ear.  I'm still treating the unbandaged ear.  Can't hurt.  I'm going to try to find an old sewing machine on the cheap so I can make Ashlee a vest that says "therapy dog in training".  My machines are commercial so don't zig zag.  Cheaper to buy an old machine then order the vest.  After her heartworms are gone, I'll start taking her places.  I think I know enough of the basics to get her prepared for certification so I don't have to make 2 trips a week to Springfield. 
10/09/09:  It is so great to see how the rescues all pull together to save a dog.  At the start of the week I got notice our local AC had a pregnant hound that they planned to euthanize.  A volunteer convinced them to give her a week.  It was a lot of emailing and email forwarding but it paid off for this girl and her babies-to-be.  Looks like people from 3 parts of the country stepped forward.  Fortunately one of those coming forward is fairly close!  It is so wonderful to see it all come together and with only 2 days to spare!

Ashlee had a long vet visit yesterday.  Everything looks favorable for the HW treatment.  It will happen in 2 weeks when she finishes the meds she is on.  Other then the HW, she is very healthy.  Did x-rays of her legs and back.  Hips are good.  Knee bones need to be watched and supplements given to insure they stay healthy.  Rob said he had never seen legs like hers.  He said she was probably part of a very large litter and she just didn't have room for the legs to form correctly.  He said most times a pup born that bad is euthanized immediately.  Keeton was a miracle boy and hopefully Ashlee will prove to be even more of a miracle then she already has been.

Now to poor Parker.  He went in for his neuter.  I made a 'please look at' list.  Luckily they discovered something I had missed.  A hematoma right at the base of the ear.  If left untreated, it could close off the ear canal.  The teeth are hopeless so will just be left alone since he does not seem to be in discomfort.  About half the back teeth are either gone or barely nubs.  Both canines are broke.  I knew one was.  Good thing I have a past adopter who sends me human grade dog food I mix up that does not require chewing.   The scab on the tail appears to be an old injury.  He is very tender but they did not suggest any treatment. His skin condition could be sarcoptic mange.  Great!  They did 3 scrapings but they appeared negative.  We will treat with ivermectin and keep him separated from the others for 2 weeks.  A little late now if that is what it is.  And he is full of fleas again even though he got a flea bath Wed. and Frontline a week ago.  I've battled coccidia and giardia  but they were nothing compared to this flea problem Sandy and Lacy brought in.  "No good deed goes unpunished" seems such an appropriate saying right now.  Reminds me when Sherry rescued  (this is a correction:) 20 puppies and 8 came down with Parvo and (she) saved all but 2.  (She) gave the others meds to try and prevent it and it worked.  (She) couldn’t bring in any unvaccinated pups for 18 months.  Parvo can stay on a blade of grass for 8 months without a host.  She was out thousands of dollars.  Guess I should count my blessings. 

10/07/09:  Picked up the puppies yesterday to temp. foster for NASRN.  What a long day.  Gone 8 hours and I was becoming a basket case worrying about Ashlee.  All was fine and my worry was for nothing.  Spent several hours before noon today trying to get pix of pups.  Had forgot how hard that is!!!   Got about 45 or so useable ones out of several hundred.  God bless digital technology.  Pups played with the big guys on this side but Bear was really wanting them so put them with him.  He is absolutely in his glory.  He has not been this happy since Brooks, Kiona and Kamali left a year ago.  BUT I DO NOT WANT TO DO PUPPIES!   Ashlee and Parker got a bath today.  My place is still flea infested.  Groomer said a guy was in and used Borax and salt to kill the fleas in the ground so going to use that here pretty quick.  I know I'm just rotating them around but at a loss of how else to handle it.  Never had fleas before.  Treating the dogs will not get rid of new infestations.   Anyway, Parker and Ashlee are temporarily flea free.   Frontline on both of them did no good.  Will be getting another female Pyr from Beebe on Sat.  Her time is up.  I sure hope dog food goes on sale next week.  I'll be buying just a weeks supply at a time until it does.  Vet should be able to take a months vacation by the time he's done with this new bunch of mine.  Ashlee goes in tomorrow.  Will get x-rays of her legs, etc. and probably start HW treatment.  Ugh.  I will really worry about her.  She is still a tad uncomfortable around the other dogs.  Heart beats fast for nerves as well as exercise so will have to figure something out.  She is just too frail to let the HW linger while we do the slow treatment.  Need to make a list to go with Parker for his neuter Friday.  Needs the skin condition checked.  Also discovered a sore spot on the top of his tail.  He winced when I touched it.  Poor guy.  He is so sweet.  Been trying to see his teeth, but from what I can tell, most are broken.  His incisors are broke off at the gum line too.
10/05/09:  Picked up Parker  yesterday.  He is a really sweet boy. Took him for a walk this morning while Loren was walking Zelda and Goofy.  I caught up with them and introductions went exceptionally well.  I am sure once he is bathed, neutered and vet checked, he will be staying at the house.  I put Sandy down in the kennel with him this morning. He wants to be her friend but she won't stay put long enough. She keeps escaping and leaving him behind, going to the shop to find Loren.  She is just too smart and determined.  I knew Sandy would take issue with Ashlee, so that was another reason for moving her for a little while.  I wanted all the others to meet Ashlee.  She is doing fine.  Getting over most of her insecurity.  She still sticks close to me and I have to escort her outside to potty.  She did explore the back yard and went way to the far corner to do her business.  She did keep looking back to make sure she could always see me.  When she was attempting to trot up the hill, it just broke my heart.  She just looks so pathetic with those crooked legs and feet splaying out like duck feet.  Each step looks so calculated rather then natural. 

It will continue to be a busy week.  Picking up the 2 pups tomorrow.  Will be an all day thing.  Groomer for Parker and Ashlee on Wednesday.  May add Sahara as she is really in need.  Bags of hair and still a huge fluff of undercoat.  Sweetness needs it too but it will have to wait.  Thursday Ashlee goes to the vet.  Got an appointment with Rob as want the best.  Then Parker gets neutered on Friday.  By Saturday afternoon I will be ready to crash. 

10/04/09:  Been a busy few days.  Picked up Ashlee aka "Rainbow Butterfly Peace" on Friday.  Wanted to cry when I saw her.  What a pathetic but precious girl she is.  Not only are the legs splayed, she's HW+.  Special thanks to Julie and her canine companion Montana for insuring that Ashlee will get HW treatment ASAP.  Right now Ashlee is asleep here in the computer room with me, having just finished breakfast.  She is still a bit leery of strange dogs, but did much better meeting Sissy and Sweetness then she did yesterday morning meeting Lacy.  Once she settles in and feels secure, she will fit right in.  I'll call the vet Monday and get an appointment with Rob.  I want him to give me a full opinion on the effect her legs have on her health and how best to care for her.  She is uncomfortable walking on rough surfaces so need to know if some leg pads might be beneficial since she walks on the lower part of her legs and not as much on her feet.  Sort of like a human walking on their arms only Ashlees' is in the rear legs.  I know it has a name, but can't think of it.  Janices' Irish Wolfhound has/had it.

Lacy went to her new home yesterday.  I hope she is not missing Sandy as much as Sandy is missing her.  All the dogs react when one leaves, but Lacy and Sandy had been together all their lives.  I just hope Sandy gets someone special real soon.  It will help her overcome her sadness.  Shannon called yesterday and Matsu is doing great.  It's going perfectly.  I was sure it would.  Matsu is such a perfect dog.  Samson is doing really well also.  I think it's a good match and I'm sure Terry is feeling it also. 

This afternoon we will pick up a boy coming from Horseshoe Bend AC. At a loss what to name him.  They are calling him Pete.  A Pyr named Pete just does not work for me. This morning we will be busy spraying kennels.  Still have a flea problem.  Don't want any of these guys being miserable.  Sprayed the garage one yesterday so will have one ready for this new boy.  Will spray the other 2 in a bit so they will be ready for the pups I pick up Tuesday.  I count myself lucky to have never had fleas before.  Sandy and Lacy brought them and it's been a battle to get rid of them.  Just one night in a kennel and wham!  Thought diatomaceous earth would get rid of them, but didn't. 

Not suppose to rain today, but it just started looking threatening.  That will make spraying pointless.  It will end up diluted and useless.

9/30/09:  I feel lost without some chaos in my life.  Ten dogs seems like so few!!  Charlie doesn't go for walks, so I can get by with only 3 trips a day.  Weather has been so nice that it's great to be outside.  NASRN is committed on the 2 pups so I will pick them up when they are ready and keep them for a few weeks until other arrangements can be made.  Annie comes for a week end of October so if Sandy has not found a home by then, Sandy will have to be separated and I'll need the space.  It's a given that Annie and Sandy will not get along.  They are so much alike.  Not heard on the German Shepherd at the local AC.  I said I wanted to be the last resort so hopefully she has someone else to take her.  If not, I'm sure she will fit in fine kenneled with the pups.  She is so playful and silly.  With (almost certain) 3 adoptions recently, I hope I'm not getting over comfortable in feeling ones I take will actually get a home before they become permanent fixtures. 
9/29/09: Just got back from Branson.  Went and looked at 2 dogs for NASRN.  They are not ASD's.  Don't know what they will decide.  Was also going to meet a Pyr, but he already went to rescue.  Yeah!!   Still in a 'holding pattern' on 3 others.  If it's meant to be, it will happen.  If I'm suppose to take a break, someone will answer the call for help.  Anyway, it's been a long day, walked all the dogs with Nancy's help.  Then up to Branson.  Tried to find NCASPCA on the way home.  It's where we got Makinzie, aka Goofy. They have what they are calling an Old English Sheep Dog.  I'm wondering if it is Winston, a Komondor I placed near there several years ago.  Feel an obligation to go look.  I will definitely know if it is him.  If I touch his butt, he will bite!  Some how we just could not find the place so that was a wasted hour.  Feeding time and then relax and catch a few TV programs before I crash.
9/27/09:  Got an email on Samson (We made it (home) in good shape.  Only a couple of attempts to help drive. He slept a good bit.  He seems to be happy.   He has come to terms with the stairs from the deck to the backyard. Slept in the house last night, and went out and down the stairs on his own this morning.  He really craves attention.  I will let you know how we progress.)  Surprised how much I already miss him.  Tried not to get attached, but he is just such a loving dog.  Has there ever been one I have not missed?  Can't think of any, not even the little black mutts.  Each time I get down in numbers, an email comes along of desperate situations.  My brain and heart are at such odds.  My brain says "keep it simple.  Don't overload. You can't save them all.  Some may not find homes and then you wouldn't have room for saving more."  While my heart says "look at the ones you saved. To know you not only gave the dog a chance, but gave a family such love and joy is so worth it."  Then my brain says "but if you get sick, then what will happen to the dogs?  You have to slow down and catch your breath.  You know how emotional you get.  You know how warn out you are."  And my heart says " But the next one could be another Misha.  She was due to die.  She literally saved the lady who adopted her.  Her life was falling apart until Misha became a part of it over 3 years ago.  Or it could be another Matsu, Monkey, Brooks, Katey, Jerry Lee, or so many others whom you cherished. All got great homes and give and receive so much love.  Or it could be another Keeton  who was simply here to stay. He provided so much wisdom to you and Loren.  He made you look at thousands of stars as you both walked at midnight; hundreds of species of wild flowers as you walked in the spring and summer sun.   He made you appreciate a nap on the lounge chair as he rolled and then slept on the grass.  He gave you faith for the beyond."  So how do I turn off my heart?  Why would I ever want to?   
9/26/09: 6am: Everybody was quiet last night except for Bear.  Only one 2 minute choir accompaniment.  Not sure what time.  Didn't really want to know.  If Bear didn't bark, I'd be out there looking for him.  He'll be 5 on New Years day and I don't think he's missed more then a few hours per night of 'doing his job'.  I'm sure if he didn't, Sahara would be the 'one'.  Bear goes outside and his bark is medium loud.  Sahara barks right by my bed at a decibel level that would put a hard rock band to shame.
Samson went to his new home.  It was bitter sweet.  Don't know how else to say it. 
Got a call from Michelle and Brooks is her shadow and constant companion.  He weighs 110 pounds and his shoulder is in good shape.  Michelle has a great sense of humor.  That's really lucky for Brooks.  He is eating everything, literally.  A batch of chocolate chip cookies (diarrhea for 3 days), his new "non-destructible $150 bed" (they gave her a refund instead of replacing the bed.  Saying if he ate one, he'd eat the next) and then when nothing else seemed available, he went to eating the walls.  Maddie (aka Noel) is most likely the instigator since she view herself as top dog before he came.   
9/25/09:  Matsu got to his new home safely.  He was fine with the cats, but the cats were not so happy to have a big white furry creature invade their domain.  I look forward to hearing how his first night went.  I sure miss him.  Samson goes in for a grooming this morning and hopefully the gentleman will come meet him tomorrow.  I hope it's a 'match'.  He is such a sweet fella and just wants to be loved.   I'm just not able to give him enough time in the house and my guys are just not playful.  The big goof likes to play and act silly.  Lacy is healing nicely.  She has been so good not to lick or mess with the staples.  She is an exceptionally well behaved dog.  She would be so perfect for an older person.  Never demanding, always passive. Tries to get along with everybody.  Likes human company when she eats.  There are just no 'real' Collies on Petfinder, so I find it so strange that no one has shown an interest in her.  It's only 5:00 am.  Guess I'll see if Sahara will let me go back to sleep for an hour or 2.  At least until it's light outside.  Evening:  Samson spent most of the day in the house after coming home from grooming.  He was in his glory.  Now he's in the back yard playing.   Series of pix.  Weather has been so great they need to be outside instead of laying around the house sleeping.  Maybe they will do more sleeping then barking tonight.  Yah, right.  Anyway, crossing my fingers Samson and Terry will be a 'match' when they meet tomorrow. 
9/24/09:  Matsu will be leaving this morning.  Shannon and her daughter are wonderful.  Matsu took right to them.  He was happier then I had ever seen him; bouncing around and shaking hands and acting like a silly puppy.  Mattie, the little girl wanted to take him back to the hotel.  I know he will be happy with them.  It will take time for me to get over missing him.  I know I am going to break down and cry.  I'm already fighting back tears.  It's best for Matsu, but I really love this guy. I spent most of the night on the floor laying next to him and petting him.  Some are just so special.  Just like Monkey.  I hated to part with him, but he has a great life.  I still miss him too and it's been about 2 years since he went to his forever home.  I hope Shannon is as diligent at keeping me updated as Caroline has been about Monkey.  It helps, especially now since I can't reach Cory about Katey.  Been trying for months and no response.  Makes letting go so hard when I am just not the greatest judge of people.  Sahara says it's time to eat.  I should contact one of these 'TV trainers" to see just how smart they really are.  Bet none of them would have a solution for Sahara's rooster impersonations, fog horn bark and internal alarm clock & timer.  Sun's not even up, but dawn is just creeping into sight and Sahara has been demanding the sun rise (and me) for an hour...non-stop.
9/22/09:  Had today's date on yesterdays post.  Certainly not in a hurry to get through the week, although it might appear so.  Last night Lacy got 8 or 9 staples in her leg.  Some of the others had picked on her and I checked her over but didn't see anything for all the hair.  Later she was limping so looked again.  Still didn't see anything.  It started to swell and I finally found the gash.  Of course, by now it's exactly 5:00 pm and they had already switched the phones over at the vets.  We were on our way when they called back.  Suspect that will be an 'emergency after hours' charge.  Just can't seem to get through a month without an unexpected and costly incident. Today Charlie got a bath.  Matsu got micro-chipped.  Most got walked and Nancy and I almost got run over.  I'm sure it was the same jerk I reported last week only in a different vehicle.  He sped up when he saw us and must have been doing 60 in a 35. I called again and reported him.  Couldn't get the license number this time as he was going so fast.  I may start carrying a bag of ice cubes and my camera to slow him down.  Last time I was terrorized, the guy ended up in prison for attempted murder on someone else.  I know crazy dangerous when I see it and this guy is it also.  

Going to try to start a campaign to have all AC, shelters and vets check for micro-chips.  They are not doing it if it's an owner turn in.  Well, the "owner" may not be the real owner.  So many dogs are stolen.  Also, most rescues require the dog be returned if the person no longer wants it.  When it is relinquished without authorization, the rescue needs to be notified.  I keep the registration in my name with the adopter as secondary, yet, I still have situations where dogs are relinquished and I am not notified.  So anyone reading this, please pass it on to your vet, AC, shelter and local rescue's.  Micro-chipping does no good if  everyone is not diligent.    

9/21/09:  Beautiful weather yesterday and got a lot accomplished thanks to Linda's help.  Almost everybody got a long walk.  Matsu, Goofy and Samson's ears got treated.  Most of them got brushed.  Charlie gets a bath tomorrow.  He is not doing well.  Been deaf for some time and the cataracts have almost totally destroyed his vision.  His heart is so bad, he wouldn't be able to handle the surgery to have them removed.  He coughs all the time.  Literally non stop.  Feel so bad for him, but he still enjoys life.  As long as he seems happy and can follow his nose to us and the food, we will not make that final decision.  Countdown for Matsu to go to his new home.  Reading over Shannon's application again.  I know they are going to be a great family for him.  He needs to be special and not have Sahara and Goofy bullying him.  When he goes outside to potty, they won't let him back in and I have to go escort him.  Breaks my heart because he is so perfect and loving.  I will miss him so much, but know he will be happier being with a family of his own and having a little girl to love him.  Sun is almost up and time to walk Samson and get everybody fed.  The shorter days and later sunrises are throwing my day off, but that might be a good thing.  I had my breakfast first for a change.  Guess now it's time to indulge the 'kids'.
9/19/09:  Rain.  Just been too much of it this summer.  Not even going to attempt to mop the floors.  Just a dust mop to gather the dog hair.  All they've done all day is sleep.  I did appreciate the rain last night because they rarely bark when it rains.  Sure if it clears up, they will make up for it tonight.  Brought Samson up to the garage kennel and spent about an hour brushing on him.  He sure liked the attention but the tail was off limits.  No growl, just kept turning around so I couldn't reach it.  I need to do the ears but he does not like me touching them either.  Just don't feel comfortable pushing him too much.  Took Matsu and Goofy in for their ears to be checked.  Yeast infection for both but on the way to clearing up.  Started treating them the other day.  Just wanted to be sure Matsu was ok with everything before he goes off to his new home.  Wendy removed all the hair from inside Goofy's ears.  He has so much it is really hard to keep them clean and healthy.  I didn't know they could do that.  So now we will have it done every few months.  AC has a German Shepherd.  Guess I will go take a look at her Monday.  If no takers, I will.  Really don't want to, but if she looks adoptable, I'm sure I can find her a home.  Hopefully in the mean time, she will be a kennel mate to Samson so he won't be so lonely. They are not keeping the dogs the way they did when Carolyn was there.  Also, no pet fairs and just not word going out to rescues on them.  Guess I will have to start watching the site. 
9/16/09:  It's taken time to get back in the groove.  Lacy has decided she needs someone to sit with her while she eats.  Don't know what is going on with her, but she is such a sweetheart, I can't refuse.  As long as Loren's here to help, it's no big deal.  Matsu has attached himself to me like glue.  Rather he missed me that much or has ESP knowing he may be leaving for his new home next week, I don't know, but he is making this as hard for me as anything could be.  There is that special bond as with Sahara and me.  I'll feel better once I meet the family and know I made the right decision.  And if I'm not confident, then it just won't happen.  This evening was not without excitement.  I must not have closed the gate tight when I was filling their water because all of a sudden there were 8 dogs running down the road.  Four came right back and never left the yard, but the other 4 had to go check out the neighbors boxers.  Goofy beat me back to the house while I walked Zelda back.  Sandy and Sissy rode back in the car with Loren.  They all wanted to ride, but its just a small car.  Sandy took up the whole back seat and Sissy rode shotgun.  Rain has not helped.  Hope it's over for awhile so they can all get their walk and not feel the need to go on their own.
9/12/09:  Got home late Wednesday night.  No, it was not fun.  No, it was not something I wanted to do.  It was costly, frustrating and both emotionally and physically exhausting.  Five of the 8 great grandchildren on my son's side were totally out of control.  The 3 good ones are actually step children. I did enjoy time with my son, but had little time with my grandchildren without screaming kid interference. I did enjoy my daughter and her one grandbaby.  Emma was a total delight.  Quiet, loving, happy, well mannered and smart.  As for seeing my mom.  Total disaster.  I try so darn hard, but she can push my buttons so quickly.  She is the most inconsiderate, self centered person on the face of the earth.  Anyway, enough of that.  I'm just glad to be home and nothing is going to entice me to go back to Twin Falls.   I will fly to my daughters again some day in the distant future.  No way will I ever drive in Oregon again.    More "vacation" photos

So glad to be home.  However the 'rules' got broken while I was gone.  Dogs no longer are following the rules.  They didn't have to.  It may take a lot longer to get them under control then it did for them to become out of control.  Linda, my friend that came to dog walk did do a great job.  She held the line.  Loren just gave in to them. 

Another day of cleaning.  Spent the past 2 washing and steam cleaning.  Still more steam cleaning to do and scrub floors.  Not just mopping, but scrubbing.  Also cleaned walls.  Being gone is not conducive to a relationship of any sort.

8/29/09:  Arrived in Washington state yesterday.  Staying at my daughters a week, then heading home with stop over back at my son's in Idaho.  I have got my daily puppy fix as everyone along the way has had a dog or several.  Highlight was spending a day with the Newfy's.  Three great dogs that managed to endear me to the breed.  Also have a miniature Doxie traveling with us.  She took over my pillow at the motel.  Aside from exhaustion, and an unfriendly Oregon state trooper who needed his quota, the trip has been pretty decent.  OK. maybe not.  Lets just say, I wish I could sprout wings and get home by Labor Day.  
8/17/09:  So what do I do the day before I'm ready to leave on a 3 week trip?  Cut poop out of a Collie's coat.  Lacy is really a sweet girl. She knew I was helping her and even gave me a few kisses while I combed and cut at the nasty mess.  It was obvious she has not been able to really go potty for a long time.  Everything was stuck.  A few years ago I couldn't have stomached this.  Heck, 40 some years ago I could barely change my own kids diapers without gagging.  Now I sit on the floor with my hands holding dried poop and urine soaked fur.  Amazing what we are able to do when our heart is with it.   Sandy only had a few mats.  She is a good old girl.  Sad eyes.  Hate that I will be gone, but Loren loves Saints and it was his idea to take her, so she will have brightened up by the time I get home.  Hardest part is leaving Matsu.  Loren, I can talk to.  Loren knows where I will be and what I am doing.  Matsu will feel abandoned.  Sahara will feel like she lost her job.  I won't be here for her to protect and 'talk to'. She talks to me.  She tells me when it is time to get up AND she also tells me when it is time to go to bed.  She sleeps in the doorway to be guardian over me.  She is going to really have a hard time with me gone.  Bear will have a hard time too, but not as much so.  The rest aren't really going to notice except that breakfast will be served 2 hours later each day.
8/16/09:  Got the Saint and Collie today.  Boy, what a mess.  Saint isn't too bad but she'd fairly short coated.  The Collie makes up for it.  Nancy (SOS) tried combing her out this morning and got 2 buckets full, but didn't even make a dent in the mess.  She is so matted it's totally tight to the skin.  Her ears may have to be shaved.  I thought she was a 'blimp' the way she looks.  Then I felt for her tummy and it's all just matted hair.  She's not fat at all.  Saint has some balding spots.  Probably from fleas.  Hope I can get them both in for grooming Tuesday, but at least the collie.  They settled into the kennel just fine.  They are in the one by the house.  Mine didn't terrorize them too much.  Just a little growl and sniffing.  Until they are clean and checked out, they won't get to intermingle with the others.  I think they will get along fine, but probably something Loren will want me to do when I get back.

I'm not even packed.  Still got 2 full days to get it done.  If Nancy (my neighbor) was not going with, I'd probably cancel.  I am dreading being away.  I'm hoping I won't come home to a disaster.  Loren's good, but not fanatical about 'clean' like I am.  I'll probably spend all day Tuesday cleaning in hopes some of it will avoid dog dust... ya, right!

8/14/09: Another Samson candidate bites the dust!  I'm not being too picky.  I'm being cautious and reasonable.  He's been through enough hatefulness and disregard and I'm going to be as certain as I can it will never happen to him again.  He just wants so much to just be loved.  Loren and I take turns walking him several times a day.  He's also back in the yard for a good part of the day, but the other dogs won't play with him.  He's at the groomers right now.  That ear that had the buckshot is bothering him.  He needed a bath anyway, so better to have them check the ear and if there is a problem, then to the vet rather then the other way around.  I'm leaving in 5 days.  Worn out just thinking about it.  Three weeks away from my fur kids is too long.  I can talk to Loren on the phone, but snuggling with the dogs just can't be done long distance.
8/12/09:  Samson is up at the house trying to get someone to play with him.  Sweetness did for a little bit.  Chipi is unsure and Sahara growled and Samson looked rejected and walked away.  I just couldn't leave him down there alone.  I'm not really sure how to juggle 3 groups of dogs in 2 spaces.  Bear is king in one, Mac is king in the other and neither is likely to want a prince in their domain.  Matsu is just an inhabitant so that works.  Bear, Sissy and Zelda are in the house with me.  Zelda is hiding in a corner.  She wanted in but didn't understand when I told her Bear was in here.  She had to see for herself.  Matsu and Mac have the whole back yard to themselves although they would much rather be in the house.  Ten dogs is a cinch, though, after trying to deal with 17 for several months.  Ten is like three with issues.  The others just blend into any circumstance.  And I can make one trip with full feeding dishes!! 
8/11/09:  Seems so strange with just 10 dogs.  May be one or 2 more soon.  If no one steps forward to take a 6 yr old Saint with hip dysplasia, we will take her.  I would have rather taken the two 4 month old female Pyrs.  They are at that gangly age but still adoptable.  The Saint is just another forever dog who would live out her life here.  Not sure I'm ready for a Keeton replacement.  Tom stopped by with Maggie yesterday.  She was happy to see the other dogs but was ready to go when he was ready.  I am just so happy she got such a great home.  I never thought it would happen.  Wish I had a few more adopters waiting in line like them.  Eight days and I'll be on the road to Idaho and Washington.  Loren is loading the software I want onto the laptop.  I want to be able to down load pix so I don't have to switch out memory cards.  I'm taking the old camera as it's identical to my daughters and I can use her battery charger while I'm there.  Loren's also loading my website software so I can update as I travel.  Will be gone 3 weeks.  My neighbor is going with.  She has family in Denver and Seattle so it's perfect for both of us.  Her little 6 pound miniature Dachshund is going along so although I'll miss my guys, I'll still have a pup to get kisses from. 
8/06/09:  Got Keetons ashes back a few days ago.  They came in a zip lock bag!  You'd think for the $130 cremation fee (nothing to do with the vet or euthanization cost) they would at least put them in a Dollar Stop cookie tin.  Anyway, they are on the mantle until I get to making the memorial garden.  That will be after I get back from visiting my family in Idaho and Washington mid September.  I've been having some decent nights sleep except for the bark and howl chorus in the wee hours of the morning.  Loren got out the tape recorder last night and I had it ready next to the bed.  I jinxed the serenade.   First time in ages it didn't happen.  I was NOT disappointed.  I'll continue to be ready and if it ceases to happen, I won't complain.  I just wanted to download it so all of you could hear what I get to hear.  It is funny, but not quite as much so at 2 or 3 or 4 am.   A real breakthrough today for Bear.  He was in the house with Chipi (normal), Sweetness (usually ok), Sissy (tolerable) and Sahara!!!  That was a first.  Sahara is welcome on his side, but he pretty much likes us to himself when he is on this side of the house.  Now all I need is to integrate Zelda.  Of course, solve one problem and a new one arises.  Mac is getting a bit testy with Matsu.  I do give Matsu a lot of attention because he is so intimidated by all the other dogs.  He stays outside until I go out and walk with him in. Then if I turn my back or go in another room, someone growls or gives him the evil look and off he goes and hides in the garage.  I go back and retrieve him.  Feel so sorry for him.  He did stand up for himself a little yesterday and today.  In a way it's good, but in another, it could become a problem.  I need to make every body else just back off and accept him.   Samson didn't get walked today.  I need to do that before I feed them all dinner.   Sure wish the right match would come along for him.
8/02/09: Keeton taught me many things.  There is one final thing that I find amazing; grieving is based on regret.  With Keeton, I have very few regrets.  Ones so small and insignificant that they went unnoticed.   I have had an unusual peace with his passing because of this.  With other dogs and with relatives, I looked back with so many "if only"s.  Pain in my heart for mistakes, things I should have said and things I wish I could take back.  But with Keeton, I did the very best I knew how.  Such an unusual feeling to miss him, but not mourn him.  I did right by him and I know he knew it.  I hope I can say that again and again as life and death cross my path.
8/01/09: Accomplished nothing yesterday.  By 7am I was in such pain, I had to call Loren to come in from fishing.  Not sure, but probably bursitis or arthritis.  My shoulder and back muscles were literally in knots like a charlie horse.  At least when it's in your leg, you can rub it out.  I had managed to feed, but Loren had to do water and take care of me.  I spent the best part of the day in bed with a heating pad.  I hate not being productive but once the muscle relaxer and pain pill took over, I didn't care about much of anything but sleep.  Good thing too, because Sahara kept me awake most of the night.  She was my protector and she was not going to let any of the others in the bedroom.  She is the keeper of the doorway, but normally who's in can stay in.  Last night she didn't want anyone in there with me. 

Still not gotten Keetons ashes back.  We'd had Frank taken to Judy's crematory and afterwards we'd hear bad things about it so only other choice is the HS.  I do know for fact if they screw up, they give out ashes from other dogs.  I know for fact because I volunteered in the office when Loren was treasurer.  It's been 4 days so I strongly suspect they screwed it up and we'll just be paying for a bunch of other dogs ashes. 

Maggie got adopted today.  Really nice local couple.  I'm so happy for Maggie.  I'm already missing her.  She was just one of those that fit in and never caused any problems.  And they were the kind of people I would have even adopted Matsu to, but they didn't have a fence.  He would have tried to come back here, I'm sure simply because they are not far from me.  Have had several inquires on Samson.  The last on looks like a really good match.  I'll have to go down the road and test him with horses.  Hopefully he will accept them.  It's hard to believe we only have 10 dogs here!  I'll be able to leave to visit my family middle of this month. 

7/30/09:  Sometimes a mistake turns out well.  A stressful experience had a happy ending. This is the case with yesterdays concern.  Experience is the best teacher, so because of the incident, one adopter has a new perspective on what is needed to make everything right for the dog.  I feel very comfortable with my decision now.  It could have turned out differently, but there is a Doggie God and he does listen to our prayers.

Grace is at the groomers.  Good thing I made the appointment rather then just planning to brush her out.  She had a wonderful time in the mud this morning.  Her and Shadow 'bonded' yesterday and have went almost non-stop playing.  Almost a shame their homes are in different parts of the state. Grace leaves around 2 today with her new momma.  Matsu is going to be really lost when Shadow leaves Saturday to go back home.  They are his 2 favorite girls.  Too bad one or the other adopter doesn't want Matsu also.  He is so great and both these adopters are stay at home people. 

Need to cross my fingers for Samson.  He is such a sweet boy with humans.  Just picky about who his dog friends are.  Pretty much same as Bear.  Actually he is more comfortable then Bear and more trustworthy.  But I love my Bear with all his faults.

7/29/09:  I counted dogs a dozen times before going to bed.  I'm one short.  My brain is just not working the numbers right.  Watched a movie until 11 pm and then cried myself to sleep.  I knew if I didn't occupy my mind with mundane things, I'd never get to sleep.  Once I did fall asleep, it was 5 hours straight.  That is the longest uninterrupted sleep I have had in years.  Then I laid in bed for half an hour, hanging over the edge petting whom ever came over for attention.  Matsu had spent the night in my bathroom.  It's cool and he feels unthreatened in there.  Sahara resumed her position in the bedroom doorway, a place she had relinquished to Keeton a week or so ago.  She didn't even do her rooster thing at 4 am.  She waited until 5:15.  Sweetness was on the bench.  Zelda on the floor at the foot of the bed.  Shadow (aka Spirit, our visitor) and Mac were in the kitchen.  Mac on his bed and Shadow on the area rug.  They would have come into the bedroom, but stepping over Sahara is ill advised.  Sissy stayed in the livingroom and Charlie also, only in a corner over an AC vent.  Maggie was probably under the bed.

Grace goes to her forever home tomorrow.  It will be a busy day.  Today I'm just numb.  I'm letting a Pyr in AC in Seneca, MO. die because I'm just not up to a 10 hour round trip. Her time is up tomorrow morning.  Maybe someone will take her.  I only got the email last night.  I did pass it on, but working this quickly is almost impossible for any of us.  Anyway, I need to start giving my own more attention.  They have not had nearly as much of my time as they should have.  We were just so caught up in making Keetons 'last days' happy.  Never knowing those last days would last just shy of 2 years.  I have a neighbor who started walking dog with me yesterday.  She will come down 2 mornings a week.  We walked 4 yesterday and much farther then usual.  Having someone to talk to makes the distance seem shorter and not near as tiring. 

It's 8am and I can't believe I've not fed yet!  No one is complaining.  I guess I just needed a little 'me' time this morning.

Evening:  It was a long day.  Ever know in your gut you made a mistake but have no reason to think it.  Then you learn your gut was right and you can't undo it?  I won't sleep again tonight until I know things are going to be ok.  I'm just not one who can move past my own mistakes.  How I ever fell into taking responsibility for others lives is beyond my understanding.  I'm just not emotionally cut out for it.

7/28/09:  We said good bye to Keeton today.  Wendy came to the house.  Keeton was on the grass where he loved to spend the day.  It was a peaceful good bye.  I plan to start a memorial garden for the dogs we have had to say good bye to.  I just got the fountain up out front a month ago so that area will be the place.  I have marble tiles which I will see if we can get engraved plates to mount on them.
7/26/09:  Sunday...day of rest?  It's 10:52 am and I've been at it since 6.  Loren, Luke and Lacy got off at 8 to the dogs new home.  By that time I had walked Keeton, left him on the grass for his morning roll, cleaned up pee and poop (not sure who was guilty but had to be Sweetness or Sissy) and mopped the living room.  Everybody got fed and run outside.  Loaded Luke and Lacy, cleaned their kennel and knocked down the few weeds that were starting up and cleaned the ice chests and filled them with water and ice.  Then retrieved Keeton and brought him in to eat.  Ran the dogs into the back yard and closed off the acreage.  Let Samson and Grace out to play.  I played with them.  When they were finished, I took them down to the kennel.  Ran everybody back out onto the acreage.  A few were skeptical as had been bullied by Samson and Grace.  They were not sure if they were going into dangerous territory.  Once they realized it was safe, everyone had a great time checking out the now unused kennels and all the property. I cleaned and filled the rest of the ice chests. I went back in to let Keeton out and there was poop from one end of the livingroom to the other.  Took almost a whole new roll of Bounty.  Took him outside and hosed off his butt.  He is getting pretty good with the routine.  Poor guy stands up as best he can while I squirt his butt and tail with a low pressure spray.  They I dry him off and he comes back inside. He takes a nap while I mop the entire livingroom AGAIN!   Most of you have seen the pix of the inside of my house.  To give a perspective, it is an open floor plan. The livingroom/dining room is one big room.  Eight hundred sixteen square feet of marble tile.  Mopping is not easy task.  First the dog hair has to be dust mopped or vacuumed up.  I only had to do that the first time this morning.  But mopping, even a second time within 2 hours is still several changes of water.  Anyway, I get that done, wiped down the kitchen counters (kitchen floors were mopped at 3:00 a.m.) and started the 5th load of laundry.  I used up all the junk towels cleaning up pee and mopping so they were on their third go through.  Sissy beat me to the bed last night, so I had to strip it and shake the hair off outside.  That will be load number 6.  I hear blood curling dog screams from the kennel.  Grace found the hot wire.  I thought for sure she was hung up in it, but she was fine when I managed to get through 2 gates and down the stairs.  I'm not sure where she hit it, but I still had it along the ground where Lacy was digging.  Grace does not dig, so when Loren gets home, we will take that section off.  I feel so bad.  I'm sure she was just smelling smells when it bit her.  I probably don't need it turned on at all.  I'll watch today and probably just disconnect it all together tomorrow.  Neither is likely to jump over a 5' fence. Shower time.  I look out to check on them and they have knocked over both ice chests.  I really wanted to relax after a shower, but I already had my clothes off.  I re-filled and re-iced the ice chests after my shower and managed to get my clean clothes slimed by Samson.  It's ok.  He is a sweet boy and just wanted attention.  Now that they are somewhat isolated, I'll need to walk them everyday.  Not that they will need the exercise as the kennel is 40x40, but for social time with me.  I'm concerned how this move will affect both of them.  I know it is affecting the rest of the dogs.  They are delighted!  
7/25/09:  Yesterday was both my grandson Chris' and my son-in-law Steven's birthday.  Twenty eight and 48.  Doesn't seem possible.  I had to do the math.  Anyway,  even though I'm 1600 and 2000 miles away from their homes, they are farther then that.  Chris is in Alaska working in the mines and Steven is in Iraq working for a private contractor.  Both had to go off to find work to support their families.  Steven had a 10 day leave but $2000 to fly home.  Disappointment. 

It's 5:30 am and Keetons butt is bathed and the entire livingroom is double mopped.  When the sun comes up, I'll feed, run everybody outside and mop the kitchen.  Not sure who peed a puddle the size of Lake Erie in the livingroom.  I found it the hard way.  Know it wasn't Keeton. Keeton's is the Snake River.  He always walks when he goes and it's a wiggly trail.  Charlie was still sound asleep and he couldn't hold that much.  Suspect it was Sweetness.  She's been caught at it a number of times.  They all pick on her, so she could have been afraid to go out in the dark, not sure it was safe or that they would let her back in.  I wish I could figure out what is going on and fix it.  Feel so sorry for her.  Makes no sense unless I have a bunch of racist dogs. ( Sweeteness is the black lab among a dozen white ones.)  Shadow (aka Spirit) visited yesterday.  She will come back today and spend a week.  She seemed to remember the place.  I just hope no surprise visit from Annie.  Sue usually gives me a weeks notice unless it's an emergency.   Things should be fine with Shadow.  They were all fine with her the short time she was here before being adopted. 

7/21/09:  Hanging in there.  Both of us.  It rained last night so the dogs were quiet, except for Keeton.  No thunder, but he kept waking me up with his panting next to my head.  Got up and took him out to pee 4 times between 10 and 5.  Its 8am and I'm ready for a nap.  Luke and Lacy will be leaving Sunday for their new home.  Why is it once a dog finds a home, even when I don't mark it 'pending' I start getting interest?  Had one phone call and 3 emails yesterday for Lacy.  Had one for Grace, but would not be in her best interest.  I'm starting to really feel overwhelmed.  Not so much by the volume of the dogs, but the lack of really good adoptive situations.  I emphasize 'situations'.  There are a lot of great people, but so many families are busy just surviving.  Secondly, some reasons for wanting a dog are not the best.  "My dog is lonely since I am gone all the time and it needs a playmate" just don't cut it.  And I stress over the people who have adopted from me in the past and vanished.  I've sent emails requesting updates and left phone messages and I get no response.  It makes me assume the worst.  When I assume the worst, I feel such a burden for having made a 'mistake'.  Every single dog I take in becomes my responsibility for the rest of it's life because I am making the decision for that dogs future.  80% is not good enough.  99% is not good enough.  Only 100% is good enough because anything less is one dog I failed.  

Rain has let up but no one wants to go outside.  I need to go find Matsu.  Sometimes he goes out and Mac won't let him back in.  Mac has become the 'doorman' and if he don't want them in, he just blocks the doggie door with his body.  No aggression.  Just his self appointed duty.

7/18/09: Yesterday Keeton spent most of the day in the front yard.  Weather has cooled.  We just let him lay there as long as he wanted (about 3 hours) and we checked on him ever few minutes while we got things done outside.  Each day gets worse.  Talked to the vet yesterday and set up for when the 'time comes'.  He set a heavier dose of pain meds in hope Keeton will be able to be more comfortable in his hind legs.  Keeton just falls down when he goes to poop and just 'splat' right in it. Loren has been fishing each morning so only gets the story, not the experience, of what I deal with first thing.  Today he was home and saw first hand.  I think he was surprised that it was really as bad as I said.  Keeton had slept in the doorway between the kitchen and our bedroom.  The other dogs could not get out, but luckily they were all able to 'hold it' all night.  Not sure how long he'd slept in the mess but it was mostly dried on him and the floor.  We got the floor cleaned and him outside and hosed off after a good scrubbing of warm water and dog shampoo.  Going to have to scrub grout lines later today.  Worn out right now.  This is an every day occurrence.  Sometimes twice a day. Only when it's in the middle of the day, we smell it immediately.  He didn't eat at all this morning so none of the pills got in him.  His tummy just grumbles.  He loves the new food, but even with scrambled eggs, chicken, rice and oatmeal on top of the kibble, he still didn't do more then a sniff.  Tried hand feeding him and he was just not interested.  I'm afraid Tuesday may be the day. 

Loren just finished mowing the front, so guess I'll see if Keeton wants to go out there again.  Anything to make him comfortable and content.  That's where we are at right now.

7/16/09 morning 9 a.m.:  Thunder storms completed my sleepless night.  Poor Keeton is terrified of the thunder and some of the booms were really house shaking.  He was practically trying to get in bed with me.  If his hind legs would hold his weight, I'm sure the front paws would have been up there pulling.  Instead, he just had his head stretching as far as it could.  I moved to the edge and petted him until around 4:30 when it finally was just rain.  Of course I got up to trails of pee through the house as he was too frightened to go outside and go.  A tree fell through Samson's kennel but he was in the garage kennel with Grace.  I had opened the gate for them to go over there as soon as I heard the rain start about 1:30 a.m.  Grace takes the giant dog house and Samson is too big for the large so I knew I had to give him shelter.  Glad it is a straight shot only 6' or 8' apart so they darted right over and in.  Fortunately no trees fell through Luke and Lacy's kennel.  That was my big concern as would have no where to put them in the rain in the middle of the night.  Rain has stopped, but all the rest of the dogs are in the computer room with us.  Wall to wall dogs.  Ten dogs in a 15 x 12 room with 2 big desks and a printer cabinet.  Time to abandon the room and go help Loren cut up the tree and move it and fix the fence.  Then time for a nap.
7/16/09 barely:  Just finished cleaning up poop from one end of the house to the other.  Poor Keeton.  Poor me!  I'll mop and sanitize in the morning.  For now it's just cleaned up and floor washed off.  Switching his food and he loves the new.  I just mixed a little in with the usual, but he picked through and just ate the new stuff.  Don't know how they do that.  I'm exhausted and now my stomach is upset.  It's going to be a long night.  Bet I'll take a nap in about 8 hours after the morning feeding.  Have had a number of people interested in Maggie but don't think they are really reading the whole bio that she is HW+.  I mention it in my response and then they vanish.  Looks like the one I just got did read it.  We'll see.  She is such a great little girl.  She deserves a great home.
7/14/09:  Matsu has taken to sleeping in my bathroom.  Actually half in as he lays through the door way.  Just before going to sleep, I ventured in there.  I was stepping over a dog laying lengthwise.  Left foot between legs.  Pause for balance.  Right leg stretching to get past butt and tail.  Tail swishes just as I'm coming down with right foot.  I'm off balance and the foot has to come down.  It did, right on his tail.  Worst of all, because of trying to not put it down, I got a major charlie horse.  That thing popped out the size of my fist.  I went crashing to the floor, almost falling in the tub to avoid landing on Matsu, who was pinned to the floor by my foot on his tail.  Not a whimper from him.  As I set on the floor crying and rubbing my calf like crazy, Matsu got himself loose, turned around and put his head in my lap.  What an amazing dog!!!  Loren got a muscle relaxer pill from when I had my hip 'go out'. I knew the name had 'flex' in it.  He brought it, I took it.  Then he read "nausea".  He told me he had given me something for nausea by mistake. He went back and found another prescription with "flex" in the name and I took it.  As we were talking, he said 'nausea' had been written on the cap. I make notations on caps; not for what they are for, but the side effects!  Both prescriptions were for muscle relaxers.  I slept until 8:00!!!  Boy was I relaxed!  Of course this morning my mouth tastes like I ate something gross.  It's now 6 hours since I got the double dose and I still have trouble putting weight on the right leg.  Loren got a taste of the morning feeding  ciaos I go through when he is off fishing.  Think he will now better tolerate my morning frustrations.
 7/12/09:  It's really bad when you wake up waiting for the 'rooster' to bark and then she doesn't.  Guess because they were all barking at the flashes lighting up the sky off in the distance.  We got lucky the storm missed us because they all would have tried to get on the bed or under it.  not sure what time they settled down but must have been early morning as they all slept right through the 4:00 wake up call.  I was so happy for Matsu.  He actually came inside on his own last night.  Usually he will be in, go out and then not come back, curling up to sleep in the garage.  I felt his nose breathing on my face as his head rested on he bed.  I petted him and told him 'time to go to sleep' and he curled up right there and that was it.  Grace is trying to be alpha.  Things go well when they are all in the yard, but get in the house and there is trouble.  Feel bad, but she's out. Her and Sahara just have a stand off.  Sahara won't back down, but she won't fight either.  When Luke and Lacy are gone (soon, I hope), I'll move Samson and Grace down there.  Just feel so sorry for all of them.   Especially feel bad for Bear.  Took him and Chipi to the shop while I worked on the covers for the dog beds.  They are really looking good.  Got 2 done and 2 to go.  Will have a yard sale beginning of August and have a bunch of 'dog stuff' to sell as well as other stuff.  No junk.  Keeton has done ok the past 2 days.  Having to help him up about 5 times out of 6.  He just pants so much and it is cool inside. 

I have help here.  Makinzie wants attention.  He is so funny.  He thinks his name is Goofy, which it probably is since it's used more then "Mac".  He is getting playful.  Maggie is insisting on it since Sheba is gone and she doesn't have her to play with.  Mac just stepped on Loren's foot while he was walking.  Loren almost went down.  Mac's a big guy; well, tall, anyway and is a obstacle to be considered when walking, sitting, eating, computing.

3:30 a.m. 7/10/09:  July 8th was 23 months.  Twenty two months longer then Keeton was expected to live.  We were gone for several hours that day and I worried the whole time.  Should we just stop leaving for the rest of his days?  I don't want him to be alone.  I always think of the disasters Frank suffered in his last year.  One stands out as most horrific.  He managed to get into my bathroom, knock the door closed behind him and in total darkness knocked the hot water handle wide open into the tub.  It must have been 120 degrees in there when we got home.  Something no one would ever dream of happening.  So now my bathroom door always stays securely closed, home or not.  So I think of what unforeseen things could befall  Keeton.  He can barely get up anymore.  His back legs are just too weak.  They are too weak to support him when he has to poop.  He can't 'get into position' without flopping down.  Yet he still enjoys his short walks.  His favorite time is laying on the grass in the front yard with the cat and sleeping.  Sometimes we sit out there with him.  Other times we watch from the house.  But I worry about those times.  I forget sometimes that he is out there. He does get up when he is rested and you never know which way her will head. 

Then there is the human health factor.  I'm not getting enough rest and my stress level is definitely playing hell with my health.  I'm no good to anyone from a hospital bed or dead.  I hear Keeton breathing heavy when he gets up in the night.  Just like a new mother hearing her baby fuss, I'm instantly awake.  By the time I get my slipper on and grab a leash, I'm wide awake.  It doesn't matter if I've taken him outside to potty, cleaned up poop or he has laid back down, I'm still awake.  Just like now.  It's not yet 4:00 am but chances of getting back to sleep are pretty slim.  "Rooster" Sahara has already sounded the morning wake up call. 

So it becomes a matter of not what to do about Keeton, but when.  I don't want to make that decision.   Georgia dying in my arms was terribly hard, but I didn't make the choice.  It was out of my hands.  With Frank, it may have been the right time, but I will never know and that bothers me terribly.  When is the quality of life so gone that it is cruel to hang on?  It's not selfishness on my part.  That I know.  It's just having to make choices that I don't feel qualified to make, but sometimes have to be made.  

Keeton has passed milestones I've set.  He passed the 30 days.  He made it to 6 months, then a year, then 13 months and 18 months...  Will he make it to 24 months.  We now set milestones in weeks.  Soon it will be days. 

I've made the decision for today.  It won't be his last day.  He will have more days as long as he can still walk once helped up.  As long as the pain pills work.  As long as he can enjoy laying in the grass and still be able to walk back to the house at the end of his rest.

The massive amount of poop is cleaned up.  His bottom will get a thorough cleaning after they have all been fed breakfast and doggie chores done.  I'm heading back to bed before Sahara has a nervous breakdown.  I'm still her 'goat' and I'm not where she wants me to be.  I will let her 'herd me' back to bed so she can go back to sleep until the official 5:56 a.m. 're-wake-up call.

7/05/09: The rooster barketh!  Sahara, Sahara, Sahara!  Just one morning if she would take a break.  She goes back to sleep and I can't.  Fortunately last night was uneventful.  The fireworks were far enough off that no one seemed to notice.  Every since last weekend when the neighbors did their fireworks, my escapee has continued her nightly adventures.  Every night for 6 nights I was out there with flashlight trying to shore up the escape route.  She is quite an excavator moving 20 pound rocks, 3 landscape timbers chained to the fence,  a full 5 gallon bucket of joint compound, and anything and everything else I could think of.  Finally a solution.  One that was so simple!  We have a hotwire at the top of the fence.  We tied into it and ran it 10" off the ground as far as needed.  She must have got 'bit' more then a dozen times before she gave up.  I almost (emphasis on almost) felt sorry for her.  She looked so totally defeated.  She is such a sweet girl but neighbors do get tired of calling me at all hours because she is at their house.  I got tired of getting out of bed at all hours and trying to fill holes while holding a flashlight in my mouth.  This reminded me of Rusty, a golden Retriever I had back in the early 1980's.  He had a huge run, but he wanted to be with us all the time.  This was back before I turned into a dog nut, while I was still a neat freak.  Rusty kept digging out.  I filled the hole with water.  It was a deep hole.  Phone rang.  This was before cells and portables so I was tethered to a cord.  Anyway, I carried the phone outside to talk because I needed to turn off the water.  I was nicely dressed as was meeting my friend for lunch.  Next thing I know, this once golden dog, now black dripping in mud comes running to greet me. He had burrowed through the water filled hole under the gate.  I should have known, after all he was a retriever.  I look back and laugh.  Interestingly, I had a sense of humor back then too.  I did get frustrated, but just looking at my reflection in the sliding glass door, I burst out laughing.  My friend had not a clue until I picked up the muddy receiver and told her I'd be a little late for lunch.  That sweet dog died of cancer about 5 years later.  He'd been a stray.  He loved us so much.
7/03/09:  Big day for Sheba tomorrow.  We will meet her new mommy part way at 10:00 am.  We really aren't looking forward to the drive, but I just felt it important they have that extra 'get acquainted' time out of the vehicle since it will be such a long drive for Erin and Sheba as it is.  This will put her closer to home sooner.  Maggie will get some rest!  But I know they are going to miss each other.  Wish we could take the car so Sheba would not have to be crated.  The car is on it's last miles, 200,000 of them.  Not going to be taking it far from home much any more.    Talked to a really nice couple today.  They had not noticed Sheba was marked 'adoption pending'.  Anyway, they are considering Matsu.  He is just such a love and lacks the independent characteristics of a Pyr.  He's more of a cuddly, 'I'll do what ever you want' personality.   The 'time out's' for Grace have been working.  She is catching on fast that she does not get to be boss and we do not allow growling here.  She is really sweet.  Just searching for her place in the family dynamic.  She has the saddest expression in her eyes.  I hope someone will make her special real soon.  She is a pretty girl.

Keeton is on some new pain meds and poop meds.  It has really been bad.  He goes in his sleep, struggles to get up and it just smears everywhere.  He let me hose off his bottom this morning, thank goodness.  Third day in a row I've had to mop the entire house first thing in the morning.  At least it's been cool enough that I could open the windows.  I really need to buy stock in Fabreeze.  Some days he's lucid and others he's lost.  Some days we walk and other times he just stands on the front porch, or we circle the family room and come back in the house through the side door.  I just don't want to make that final decision.  I hope when he moves on, it will be in his sleep.

 It's nap time for the gang.  2:30 and they are all zonked.  Sahara will wake up at 4:00 (p.m.) wanting fed, just like she does at 4:00 a.m.  I wouldn't mind taking a nap too, but know I'd barely get to sleep and somebody would bark.

7/01/09:  Shadow aka Spirit is "adjusting".  Carol N. called this morning with an update.  It has been an adventure with both scary and funny moments but the bonding is obviously getting strong.  On a stressful note, been trying to salvage one of the NGPR foster placements.  Good people and good dog.  They just need some help dealing with typical Pyr stuff.  Had a call around midnight.  Lacy had went off visiting down the road.  No moon so as I was trying to fill the hole she dug, I dropped the flash light.  She picked it up and ran around the kennel with it.  On the positive, I avoided any poop piles and I could see where she was running.  The light gave her away.  What a nut.  A little tiff over power this morning.   Grace is getting too comfortable and challenged Sahara.  Sahara is all vocal, not physical.  My guys are inside.  The others out in the yard.  Will need to do some shuffling soon.  Matsu needs to be in.  He is such a love.  A young man may be interested in Samson.  Lack of a fence.  He'll have to solve that if he wants him.  He's out on acreage but Samson was out on acreage before and wanders. 
6/27/09:  Ever try to reach the keyboard with an 85 pound dog between your chair and the desk?  Matsu is a sweety but he gets picked on by several of the others so he sticks close to me when I coax him in.  OK, more then coax.  I have to put him on leash and clear the path.  Boy, my guys can be snobs!  Sheba will be going to her forever home next weekend.  Right now She is chewing on Makinzie and he's chewing on her.  Mutual admiration.  Normally she is letting Maggie put her down and drag her across the floor.  Sheba is so good natured.  She is so playful, I'm thinking she is much younger then was thought.  HA-HA, Makinzie just had enough.  Sheba got a bit to nibbly on places a guy just don't want nibbled.  What a hussy!  I'm beat.  This heat and cleaning up after Charlie and Keeton (and Sweetness) is just getting to be too much. 

Slept on the dog bed last night for a few hours.  Sahara gets so jealous of Bear.  When he gets to come in to the bedroom only Chipi can come in too.  Bear would annihilate any of the others.  Sahara will not stop barking so I went into the dogs room with Bear while I let the rest of the dogs have my bedroom.  (Loren retreated to the spare bedroom long ago).  Bear was happy.  Sahara was confused but was reasonably quiet.  I fell asleep with Bear curled up on the floor beside me.  Is this love or insanity?

6/25/09:  Spirit went to her new home today.  I'll kind of miss her even though she was here less then a week.  She was so sweet.  Matsu is finally staying in the house.  Didn't take Grace long to enjoy the comfort of AC and cool floors.  Matsu kept returning to the hot garage.  I kept bringing him back into the house.  Finally this afternoon he settled in and is staying in the computer room with Loren.  It's just miserably hot and I feel so sorry for Samson, but he does have a lot of shade trees and grass and 2 ice chests of ice water and a wading pool I refill twice a day even if he doesn't use it.  Hopefully Sheba will be on her way to her new home soon.  Luke will be going somewhere.  Not sure about Lacy. Got to get the numbers back down. I'm exhausted.  My biggest concern is Samson and Maggie.  Maggie would be easy if it weren't for people being afraid of a HW+ dog, but she is doing so good.  She'll be fine with just normal diligence.  She is so good. 
6/23/09: Spirit will have a wonderful home thanks to a referral from Carolyn at animal control.  With the help of a previous adopter doing a home visit, Sheba should be headed to her new home soon also.  And possibly Samson will have a new home also this weekend.  Luke has a number of people interested, but that is up to NASRN.  If it were not so darn hot, I'd take Maggie for a walk at Cooper Park around noon when the Seniors are leaving from having lunch.  Last night Maggie kept getting under the bed.  I worry so won't let them stay under there.  After coaxing her out the fourth time she 'bounced' up on the bed, curled up her head next to mine and went sound to sleep.  I didn't have the heart to make her get off.  Sweetness was not overjoyed.  For awhile she shared space with Maggie and then she got back on her bench.  It was a bedroom full last night.  Everyone wanted in.  Usually some stay in the kitchen, but only Spirit was in there.  The rest roasting me out.
6/21/09: Today went much smoother then yesterday despite having to steam clean one small area rug.  Spirit is still fearful of going through doorways and I just didn't get her out in time.  I suspect I'll be cleaning up again in the morning.  She will have the hang of things when the rest are less intimidating to her.  They have all accepted her except Sahara.  Sahara gives her 'the evil eye' but nothing more.  Sheba has sure been wired today.  She is making everybody play rather they want to or not.  Maggie and her get along great.  Mac referees.  It is so fun to watch half a dozen dogs racing around the livingroom.  Amazingly not one has attempted to get on the furniture. Spirit just kind of moves out of the way and sticks close to me. 

Maybe I mis-read Samson the other day.  Maybe he was not being dog aggressive.  Sheba plays really weird and growled a mean sounding growl at Samson and I thought he went after her aggressively.  I tossed the water and it broke up immediately.  Today he got past me out of the kennel and Sheba made the same growl.  He went after her, but didn't hurt her.  They chased (I panicked) and then he just went on his way far out in the yard, Sheba following.  He went poop and turned around and headed straight for the kennel and went in!!!   I'm not sure what I saw or what to think.  I've seen dogs play rough, but Samson is just so huge and so new here.  I just don't want to take chances but not sure how to figure it out without the potential for disaster.  I certainly don't want Samson kenneled and alone if he was just playing.  I know how Duke would growl a greeting and at first I was uneasy until I realized it was his way of saying "hello."  It could have been mis-interpreted and that would have been terrible for such a sweet guy.  I don't want the wrong determination made on Samson.  He is such a sweet boy with me.  I'm not the least bit afraid of him.

6/20/09:  Where has the week gone?  Where has half the year gone!!  Tuesday was Samson.  Wednesday was Matsu and Grace.  Thursday was Spirit.  That makes 17!!!  Ugh.   All were dire situations and no time to look for other resources.  Matsu and Grace are doing great.  They are no problem what so ever.  I especially like Matsu.  He just does his own thing.  Likes going in the garage and laying in front of the fan.  I'd like to get an AC unit, but just can't afford the $150 - $200 for a cheap one, especially when I am going through 170 pounds of dog food a week.  Guess I just worry too much about their comfort.  Spirit is finally at my feet sound asleep.  She is frightened of the other dogs.  They do intimidate her because they know they can.  It takes a lot of coaxing and some dragging to get her past the other dogs, but once in the house, she sticks right with me.  She is truly beautiful.  She is a smaller version of Sahara.  Once she is groomed next week, she will really be spectacular.  Grace is another spectacular looking girl.  She really cleaned up to look like a different dog.  And as for Samson, he drools like a Saint.  Does not look like he had a bath 3 days ago.  At least not looking at his legs and chin and forehead.  When he shakes like Beethoven in the movie, it goes just like that.  Heck, he could be part Saint, but he does have double dew claws so there is Pyr in there.  What ever, he is really beautiful too.  He just needs to understand he must share his people with other critters. 

I've been practically living in the shower.  The humidity is horrid.  Showering after I feed everybody and clean the one kennel that Lacy and Luke are in.  Run everyone outside, a chore in itself as they really don't want to go, and clean the house and do laundry.  By then it's time to freshen up the dogs water again and add ice.  Another shower just to cool off.   Make a late lunch (breakfast consisted of a glass of milk) and work on pictures and the website and answer email I hadn't gotten to earlier.  Run what ever errands need done and then it's time to feed and change the dogs water and add new ice.  Wash the dog dishes. Another shower and  I'm done for the day.  Last night Samson cried all night because I moved him because of the fighting.  Well, I moved him back up to the yard, but he is kenneled alone.  I just can't trust to let him out with the others.  I just can't drag a hose over 3 acres chasing him down to leave another dogs alone.

6/16/09:  Is it really only Tuesday?  What a week already.  Miraculously "Samson" returned to the nice man's home.  We went out and got him and took him straight to the vet.  The shotgun wounds were not life threatening, but he had pellets in his neck, inside his ear and on his ear.  He was such a good boy to load up, go into the vet and load up to come home.  I switched Sheba's grooming for Samson so he will go in tomorrow.  Boy does he stink.  I had to change clothes just from him touching up against me.
6/15/09:  Got a call from a nice man in Yellville.  A starving Pyr had been hanging around.  I was going to go over.  He contacted the owner and the owner picked it up and shot it!  He never would have contacted the owner had he known he was going to kill him. We are both devastated. 
e decided to keep Makinzie.  I called the one applicant who I knew would give him a wonderful home and let her know.  She was gracious.  Sometimes what we plan and how it works out are just not as expected.  Re-homing Shaggy was so hard. We still miss him although we know he has a great life.  We just couldn't let go of Mac.

Earlier:  Helped with AC yard sale yesterday.  Lots of stuff.  Did fairly well considering it was a Sunday and rain was headed in.  Maggie is under my desk.  She has been with Bear the past few days, but she wants to be close to him and he likes his space.  Put her back at the shop last night, but felt so guilty, brought her up after she had breakfast.  She is no trouble.  Do wish I could find her a home or at least a foster home.  She needs to be special.  Keeton is doing fine, finally.  He was ambitious for his walk last night and this morning.  Makinzie is really grabbing our hearts.  I am really struggling giving him up.  So is Loren. We still miss Shaggy, and "Mac" is another one we will always regret not keeping.  He just loves everybody, people, dogs, the cat.  Taking Zelda in for a blood panel today.  She has just not been feeling good for several months.  Just finished up the Doxy so thought that would do it.  I'm really concerned. 

6/14/09:  Thunderstorms.  Keeton has become increasingly frightened of them.  This mornings didn't start until around 4:00 a.m. so did get a considerable amount of much needed sleep.  I have been sitting on the floor with him for awhile.  He stands over me and tries to hide his head in my body, pressing into me so hard I can barely stay upright.  The blue haze of cataracts has begun to cloud those beautiful human eyes. 
6/13/09:  It should be Friday, not Saturday.  It should be 10:00 am instead of 3:26 am.  But things could have been worse.  Keeton is still among the living even though the house smells like something very dead. Especially my bedroom.  Not going back there for some time.  Fabreeze is WAY over-rated.  So is Oxy deodorizer.  So is Cheer.  I became aware of pending disaster about 1:30.  I didn't actually look at the clock  It could have been earlier, but not much later.  The rug from beside my bed is outside. Two pair of slippers are in the washer along with several towels of various purpose.  Not sure when it began but my discovery of it will be memorable for a very long time.  As I've mentioned before, when Keeton sleeps, his poop has a tendency to fall out.  Normally it is firm and can be easily picked up with paper towels.  Then a quick spray and several more paper towels will clean up the germs.  This was not the case this morning.  First lesson: Don't assume you are playing it safe by putting your slippers on in the semi dark. Squish!  Squish! "Uwee!" as I feel the goo seeping under my foot.  Second lesson: Don't withdraw foot when you do not have your balance.  Third lesson: when you pick up the rug, don't try to carry it out until all obstacles in your path have been cleared, ie; other dogs.   Fourth Lesson:  Don't tilt the rug.  Fifth lesson (equally if not most important): Don't try to rinse off your feet in the bathtub when, under the circumstances, the toilet would be more appropriate .  Final Lesson (for this occasion): Stabilize the dog and put your knee under the dogs tummy so he can't sit down before you finish cleaning his butt and tail and legs and side. Not doing so will increase your mop area.  These lessons will also remain imbedded in my brain for years to come.  So here I sit reflecting on the past few hours when most normal people are asleep.  The floors are clean.  The rug is out soaking on the deck. The bathtub is clean.  I've had a very thorough shower. Keeton has moved to the livingroom.  The house still smells like Fabreeze and something dead.  There is a loveseat recliner in the family room.  I think I will make use of it for the next 2 hours until time to start my day.
6/11/09:  I was a day off.  Had yesterday as the 11th.  Sahara survived the bath.  I did too, but I was nervous she would be really mad at me.  She was just glad to be 'rescued'.  She does look great.  Sheba is in the house and all are getting along fine.  She was a tad testy, but her tail was tucked between her legs and she was scared.  Now she is comfortable and everyone has done a thorough sniffing and all's well.  I missed the "Kodak" moment earlier.  Took Keeton down to lay on the grass and came back up to the house to work on photos.  I could see him from the window.  When he got up I headed down.  I should have grabbed the camera.  Cat had a hold of the leash hanging on for dear life and Keeton was trying to walk.  She was holding him back!  It was just so funny.  It's times like this I forgive the cat for being so obnoxious but I still wish she would stop tripping him.
6/10/09:  Geography trivia: Mountain Home, AR. to Stillwater, OK takes exactly 6 hours, to the minute.  I left at noon Tuesday, spent the night and got back today around 2 pm with Sheba.  What a doll!!  If she had not been so matted, she would look exactly like Zelda.  And sweet!  She gave me kisses every time we stopped for a stretch and water break.  She is smart.  She learned the ramp third stop.  Once home, she learned the doggie door third try.  I put her in the garage kennel and set out there cutting out mats for 4 hours.  What a good girl she was.  I got one from behind her ear the size of a ping pong ball.  The other one will wait until tomorrow.  She did let me do all the ones on her back and sides and legs and tail.  Not a single complaint and I know she was getting sore.  Most were right up tight to the skin and I had to be so careful not to cut skin.  She stinks.  Can't get her a bath for a week because she was spayed Tuesday and they are dissolvable stitches so was told not to.  She had poop encrusted in her tail and bottom.  Doubt she could lift it out of the way because the mats were so tight.  I know she feels a whole lot better now.  Just a tad more to do tomorrow, plus behind the other ear.  That one I really dread.  One I did took well over and hour.  I've never had a dog lay and be so patient and agreeable like her.  Even when I brush my guys, they are 'done' in 15 to 20 minutes, finished or not. I'll brush her out and get pix up tomorrow.  Got introductions to do tomorrow also.  She is afraid of mine.  I've not let them get together yet, but she stays in the garage rather then coming out to the fence.  She's happy.  I have the fan on and it's really comfortable inside.  Pouring rain and thunderstorm right now (10 pm).  My guys are either asleep or waiting for me to come to bed.  Sahara will get a bath tomorrow.  I am a basket case about it but she needs it so bad.  She is so frightened of any time away from me or the house.  She's going to hate me!!  I just know this will create a setback for her.  
6/06/09:  Happy Anniversary to us.  It is our 10th.  I forgot.  Loren remembered.  I'll never forgive myself.  Dates have never been big on my list to remember every since I had to memorize the darn things in elementary school.  Who cares when Columbus discovered America.  Leaf Erikson (I don't spell either) had already found it long before.  And the war of 1812 was not really 1812 (Learned that from Paul Harvey). Guess our Anniversary is one of those things I should try to remember.  Important, but maybe not like turning off the stove when I'm done using it or rolling up the car windows before the rainstorm hits. Anyway, had friends over; good company and good food. 
6/05/09:  After really watching Makinzie and doing some searches, we have determined he is most likely an Irish Wolfhound / Pyr mix instead of  Komondor / Pyr.  The muzzle is longer, ears farther back and the shape, skull shape, but especially the way he runs and his hip and leg confirmation.  Also his personality is emerging differently.  Bonded instantly; walks as if he is guarding me (I practically have to push him out of my way); and a quick confidence.  He is also amazingly intelligent.  Just weighed him and got his rabies shot. 100 pounds.  He could use another 10 to 15.   Wish I could do a doggie DNA as would really like to know when screening potential adopters.  Brought Maggie up today.  I will be switching to the ivermectin for the heartworms so she can have some activity.  She will get a bath next Thursday.  That will be 4 weeks since the 'treatment' and she really stinks.  Sure hope she finds a home fast.  Great little girl, key word being 'little'.  One 'trip over dog' is enough. 
6/04/09: Loren got 'initiated' by Luke.  He was helping me put the eye drops in.  I warned him never to stand in front of Luke when he sits and is excited.  Got both pants legs and both shoes.  I had a good laugh until Loren threatened to 'initiate' me.  Went and got Makinzie today.  It's like having Shaggy around again.  What a love.  He's made himself right at home and is asleep only a few feet from me.  Not sure I am ready to let him sleep in the house all night.  As for yesterday, the Drasco dog situation became a nightmare.  Someone is not being honest but uncertain who it is.  Sometimes forwarding an email to save a dog can get you in trouble, but I managed to smooth things over.  After all, don't shoot the messenger.  Went out with Linda T to a rescue she has been working with.  That is where I found Makinzie.  I know I can get him an appropriate forever home, so he was transferred to me.  Loren is already attached, just like he was with Shaggy. 
6/02/09: Sadie is about half way to her new home.  Everything is going smoothly.  Took Luke into the vet.  Determined it's allergies.  Did a pressure test, dilation, checked for scratches or damage.  A few oddities, but nothing significant.  Hopefully the drops will clear it up. He's in with the girls.  Afraid Lacy would jump on his head as usual and get dirt in his eyes.  Luke likes the girls and they checked him over thoroughly.  He's accepted.  I'll be able to put Maggie on ivermectin instead of the second heartworm treatment.  So thankful.  It will take about 6 months to be clear.  Since the treatment was to kill the adult worms, the ivermectin kills the baby worms, so will go faster then just the ivermectin, but much safer then the second treatment.  Getting some groomed tomorrow.  Also going out to a rescue that Linda T has been working with.  They have a komondor/pyr.  I'm sure if I list him, he will get a home quickly.  I'm, also hoping they will take a dog in dire need in Drasco.  Looks English Mastiff, but who knows.  Could be a boxer.  What ever, it is in really bad shape.  Of all the rescues contacted, I'm the only one who responded.  I just don't get why rescues at least can't email back and say 'sorry I can't help'.  Atleast acknowledge they got the email. 
5/31/09:  10:15 and already done a days work.  Didn't sleep very good.  Walked Keeton at 4:00 am and gave up trying to sleep so gave him a trim.  His coat is so thick it has got to be 40 degrees warmer then the weather.  I had to use scissors unless I were to make him bald.  Thought I had it down to about an inch.  Brushed him out and it was like 3" long so went at it again.  He slept through most of it, but he finally wanted up so I gave up.  Will try again this evening to even him out.  Actually I didn't do too bad a job, but no pictures until I'm finished.  Chased down Maggie, twice.  First time I let her out because she is good to come when called.  I needed to poop scoop so figured she could explore a bit.   She went back fine.  About half an hour later she was out exploring on her own.  Dug under the gate.  I stuck a bunch of big rocks in the hole, so hopefully that has done the trick.  I have not been back down.  If she got out, she would have come to the house, I think.  Then started on the yard.  Loren brought 5 bucket loads of gravel up with the tractor.  Area off the deck needed about 4 of them.  Can't get too close because of the second dog fence, so I shoveled it up to 30'.  I will pay the price in achy muscles tomorrow.  Loren is bush hogging the yard.  Just did it about 2 weeks ago.  All this rain and then sun, it grew so fast.  Was losing sight of the dogs and always worry about snakes.  I showered, took him out a soft drink, and ready to crash.  Sadie starts her travel tomorrow.  I will miss her.  She is such a good dog.  Only bad habit was barking at herself in every mirror and window reflection.  That has just about ceased, thank goodness.  She is still very alert to changes and lets me know Luke and Lacy are down below.  Guess if she could have met them, she would not care, but no reason to go to the trouble since they just came and she is leaving.  Better figure out what I'll fix for lunch while my feet still work.  Got a feeling my body will stiffen up just any moment.
5/30/09: Yesterday started off good.  Got Lacy into the vet with hardly any problem.  Sweet girl for an ASD/sheep guardian.  Then helped Hank's person work with him on leash training.  Had a great visit as well.  Lovely couple.  I look forward to spending more time with them and their dogs.  The afternoon went down hill fast.  Saw something that made me furious.  Reported it to the police, ( I got the license number) but sure they won't do a thing.  After all, it's 2 days before the animal cruelty law goes into effect.  This black lab was in the back of a pickup with the tail gate down.  What really made me mad was the poor things feet were burning.  There was a black bed liner and on top of that was a bed size slick black piece of metal.  Poor dog would lift one foot and then the other.  Just up, down, up, down.  If I had been alone, I would have flagged them down and told them off.  I'd of liked to make them stand barefoot on that hot plate!  Such idiots. The grand finally came when I'd had enough with the NGPR person.  I'm just so tired of being told I "HAVE" to do something.  I am (now past tense) a volunteer for them.  She just don't get it.  I don't HAVE to do anything I don't want to.  I tried for 3 weeks to work with them on bringing one dog here to foster.  Well, anyway, I wish the dog well, but I'm done with the 'queen'.  Luke will be happy to see Lacy.  He's been lonesome down there alone.  He has this 'problem'.  He gets excited and 'it' squirts everywhere.  To pet him, you need to stand way back and to the rear.  Anything in front or on the side is going to get 'wet'.   It's not intentional.  He is so sweet, sure hope it can be corrected.  He needs his eyes checked too.  Something is just not right.   
5/27/09:  Long day.  Also very interesting.  I got to sleep in. Actually because I was up several hours during the night, had to take an allergy pill and then it zonked me.  Sahara has abandoned the rooster routine the past few days so that really helps.  Got the dogs at the house fed and then took food down to the ASD's.  Luke is more manageable then Lucy (or is it Lacy?  Need to check Carleen's email).  Anyway, they have really made progress where behavior is concerned.  They love people and will jump all over you.  First day I stood outside the kennel for about 5 minutes before they caught on that they would not get fed if they were jumping on the gate.  Second day took about 3 minutes, but as soon as I entered, we worked on not jumping on me.  I had to walk out the gate about 6 times before they caught on.  Finally by this morning, it only took about half a minute to stay off the gate and I only had to leave one time.  They are really good once they decide which bowl they each want.  It was not that way the first few days.  Anyway, Luke is always finished first so I pet him to keep him from stealing Lucy's food.  He was so excited this morning that when he sat at my feet to be petted, a 'stream' came shooting out!!!  All over my foot, shoe and pant leg.  Not intentional.  It just shot out.  Clothes that were fresh clean had to go back in the washer.  Sprayed my shoe with disinfectant. Stood in the tub to wash my feet and legs.  What a way to kill the first hour of a morning.  Yesterday was not much better.  Not sure which one on my guys peed all over the rug in front of the door but it was sopping. Drug it outside onto the deck and steam cleaned it for over an hour.  Saturated it with odor killer and then Fabreeze.  Well, it didn't work.  The house stunk to high heaven this morning.  Drug it back outside, steam cleaned it again and left it hanging over the railing in hopes it would air out as it dried.  The 30% chance of rain became 100 % while we were up town.  I may just have to give up on the rug and make another.  I really don't want to throw it out, but geeze, it's as potent as a skunk.  Rain did not help it.

Guess I'm going to get the Pyr from OK after all. It really sucks that it can't wait just one day.  I'll be driving either Sat. or Sunday for 2 hours one way and then on Monday drive to the exact same location to send Sadie off.  One fricken day!!!  I have had it with NGPR.  This is ridiculous.  This will be the last one through them.  I'll pick my own dogs and do my own thing.  I can say NASRN is great. They are also very appreciative.  Wish NGPR would take lessons.

Barely5/23/09:  Keeton came scratching on the door.  Bear is on the bed so only Chipi can be in the bedroom.  Took Keeton for a tour of the front yard.  Everyone has to let my presence be known.  Will be a long weekend.  Will be helping with the pet fair for AC today and driving 100 miles to pick up 2 ASD's for NASRN on Sunday.  An NGPR dog will be coming this week too.  Not a clue how this is going to work or where.  Cross that bridge when I come to it.  I'm already worn out just thinking about all the miles and all the dogs.  I'll be at 13 and none puppies.   Not had this many adults before.  Puppies get along and are put together.  Adult LGD's need their space.  UGH.  Back to bed.  Still a chance at 4 1/2  more hours sleep. AFTERNOON:  Was a good day helping AC, but no dogs got adopted.  I did meet a wonderful couple with a male Pyr that is just gorgeous.  He and Zelda made friends.  We were both hoping our dogs would place first and second in the prettiest dog contest.  They were the only big dogs entered.  Almost all the rest were little 'ankle biters'.  We did not win!!!  what a rip!  Obviously the 3 judges were prejudice and liked little foo foo costumes.  Yes, we were spoil sports!  Anyway, I think we will develop a great friendship.  We do have friends in common.  Barrie brought Hank.  What a really sweet dog he is.  I sure hope I can help her find him a great home.  He is a total love and much more handsome then photos show.  Not looking forward to tomorrows trip.  will be an all day affair just driving.
5/21/09:  Aside from Rooster aka Sahara, I got a good nights sleep.  Only woke up once to walk Keeton.  Picked up Maggie yesterday.  Just been reading up on the heartworm treatment aftercare.  This is not easy.  I set up the crate with the back side to the doggie door and the small kennel.  The crate door is towards the inside of the room.  I can slide up the slat to let her out to potty and then slide it back when she comes in.  Only problem is she works herself into a frenzy when I put the slat back in and she can't go outside.  So which is worse, leaving her to dig at the slat for 20 minutes or just leaving it out and letting her go in and out.  There really isn't much for her to do and she does seem calmer outside. 
Barely 5/20/09:  Bark bark bark bark!  Been a year since I had the collars out but Bear just will not shut up.  I even let him stay on the bed with me, but he got too warm and lays on the deck 15' away from my bed and it's non stop.  Of course he is just helping out the others, but they are way up on the hill and I can barely hear them.  Another allergy pill will knock me back out till morning.  Eye are so swollen and itchy.   I keep thinking I must have been out of my mind to take on a heartworm positive dog.   There is a reason.  Just hope it's the right one for her sake.  I have no self confidence when it comes to 'nurse' things.  More when we get home tonight.  (Sounds weird saying 'tonight' when it's not even 1:00 a.m. this night.
5/19/09: Staying busy & being useful.  Isn't that what keeps us going, especially when we get old?  Some days I really want to just hide under the covers, though, and pretend I've gone on vacation.  I do wish just one morning Sahara would quit playing rooster at 5:00 a.m. (and 6 and 7 if I have still not crawled out of bed).  So anyway, how can 8 or 9 possibly be enough?  "Maggie" will be here tomorrow.  We will drive to Cabot and pick her up from the vet where she has had her first heartworm treatment!  Thirty days and we will be heading back for her second treatment.  Leave her a few days and then back to pick her up!  $338 vs. $1000 locally!! Figure that one out!   She is a GSD/husky mix.  Not even seen a good pix of her, but enough to know she is adoptable enough to take the chance on saving.  I've been missing Frank and just kind of felt this dog really needed me.  It will be a long 2 months with her in the shop confined to the office and only out for potty breaks.  At least summer's coming on.  I could not do it if it were winter.  Keeton's rainy day and rainy night walks are enough wet and freezing walks. Anyway, Joy assures me Maggie is a real sweetheart.  The name has got to go though.  When we get her, we will be able to pick something more fitting.  

Heber Springs shelter thought they had found Sadie May's sister.  Was all set to pick her up on the way to Cabot.  Turns out she is a he.  Boy was it hard to turn him down.  NGPR has no where to put him and neither do I.  Also just got emails to help find a home for a stray hound/heeler and for a working Pyr.  Pyr lost his herd and now become the people guardian only with a real 'guarding' propensity.  Guy is worried about liability issues as the dog needs livestock.  I may stop down the road where the pyr watches the cattle and see if it is a female.  If it is, might be a possibility for this boy to share duties.  Of course, I'll need to be sure this boy is neutered incase that dog is not spayed, should it be a female.   As for the hound/heeler, sounds like a great dog and the people who took it in are fantastic.  I've got everything in motion to find "Hank" a forever home.

Where ever will I find a place for the Pit Bull/ Boxer my friend got dumped on him, I have not a clue.  He hates to give her up but didn't know there was a city ban against them.  Could result in a $500 fine and dog being euthanized.  Sweet dog too.  

5/16/09:  Took a 3 hour lunch with friends away from dogs... but we talked about dogs the whole time and it was GREAT!   Need to do it more often.   Stormed again last night.  Bear left the bedroom about the time the thunder rumbles were starting.  Good thing because poor Keeton is so afraid of it.  I just could not get on the floor with him so hung over the edge of the bed with my arms around him.  Not a good plan.  My arms and shoulders ache so bad this morning from the crazy position.  Next time I'll just roll onto the floor with him.  Atleast nothing to clean up this morning.  Sure grateful as yesterday is enough for the rest of the month.  And it stopped raining long enough for me to take Keeton for a successful walk.   It's just now passing 9:30 am and I've finished cooking 5 pounds of boneless chicken breasts and 5 cups of rice and oatmeal.  Once it cools, will bag it in daily serving sizes and freeze it.  Makes about 18 to 20 daily servings as just use it as a treat to get them to eat the supplements in their kibble.  Feel like I've already done a days work as still recuperating from yesterday mornings cleaning adventure.  Going to rain all day so no walks but plenty of mud.
5/15/09: Got up at 1:00 am.  Keeton woke me up.  Discovered Chipi was 'trapped' by Sahara so she peed on the area rugs in 3 places.  Felt bad for her because she does not do it on purpose.  Sahara just intimidates her (ESP like, not growling).  So anyway, ran everybody out of the bedroom and steam cleaned.   Then started laundry.  I always cover the rugs with old sheets but the pee soaks through.  Then decided I might as well mop the bedroom too.  Then decided to mop the livingroom.   By then the laundry was ready for the dryer, so figured I'd throw in a second load.   While I was gathering up bath towels, I decided my bathroom was long overdue for a cleaning.  So scrubbed it all good.   By then sweat was pouring off me, so took a shower.  Decided to clean the shower while I was in it.  The second load of laundry was done.  Decided I didn't want to crawl back in sheets with dog hair on them, so changed the sheets and threw that load in.  Just finished putting the previous loads away and decided to check my email.  It's now 4:38 but I sure got alot accomplished!!!  Time for another shower as it is humid as can be in here.  Might get an hours sleep before Sahara does her rooster imitation.   Been sorting through thousands of photos this week.  Trying to put all the adopted dogs photos in separate folders so I can get all their pages caught up. I get so brain dead and keep losing some.  I see them and then can't remember where they were.  Accidently dumped a whole folder, 35 gigs of pix, in the trash and took about 2 hours to bring them back.  Luckily my recycle bin is not set to automatically empty.  Hop to get them all sorted by the end of the month and then start getting them up.  I feel bad when you adopters send updates and I don't get them up right away.  Seems if I don't do it instantly, they go in a saved folder and it just grows to unmanageable.  Sorry.
5/13/09:  Going high tech.  Since all new monitors are widescreen and most everyone has gone to higher resolution, I'm trying to format the web pages so they continue to be user friendly.  I hate scrolling across; lose my place when reading something.  Don't mind scrolling down.  So anyway, would appreciate comment about the home page and also on the pages that are still only 750 pix wide.  Would an extra 50 pix (1") wide be beneficial?  To the dogs:  Charlie has been coughing so much.  They did blood work, x-rays and ultrasound.  His white blood count is through the roof.  He's had congenital heart failure for several years, but his lungs have been filling up with fluid.  Will be on some new meds.  He's went deaf and has cataracts so bad he can hardly see, but he is happy.  He's about 13 years old, but he has been with Loren since a puppy.  As long as he's happy and not in pain, we'll do what it takes for another 3 or 4 years.  Have a good applicant for Sadie May.  Just waiting on NGPR to make the home visit.  She would be going to Colorado and be only 40 minutes away from Buddy.  It would be great for the 2 families to meet.  Sadie is such a great girl.  Aside from having to cover all the mirrors with paper, she is perfect.  She just does not get it that the 'other dog' is her.  She sure has a ferocious bark!
5/11/09:  Been 'at it' since 6:00.  I wish Sahara did not think she needed to wake me up as soon as it starts to get light, especially when one dog or another has kept me awake most of the night.  Charlie was 'scooting' leaving a mess, so we had clean the butt morning.  He can't help it, but it does get tiring.  We did manage to get Keeton out the door before any accidents and I was on top of Sweetnesses every move.  Yesterday she deliberately went on the rug between the bathrooms.  It was still a virgin rug.  No more.  I caught it instantly and decided it was good enough not to warrant getting the steam cleaner out.  Most of it had not soaked through the coverings I lay out on the rugs at night.  Life would be so uneventful if I just had Sissy, Zelda, Chipi and Sahara.  Bear would be ok too, but still 'other dog' issues to deal with.  I'm just tired of spending the first 3 hours of 4, 5  or 6 mornings a week cleaning floors.  It's 10 am and first chance I have set down since getting out of bed.  Worked in the yard yesterday.  Weeds were taking over the flower beds.  This rain then sun has made everything grow wild.  I must have 50 to 80 blooms on almost every rose bush.  It looks like a jungle.  I've never been able to deliberately grow anything so they are blossoming in spite of me.  I'm glad.  They look pretty even if a jungle. 
5/09/09 barely:  Storms are raging and most of the dogs are sticking close.  Heard a strange noise and found Keeton 'lost' in the shower stall.  Luckily it is big and doors slide so he didn't have to turn around to get out.  Closed the door after him.  Poor guy.  It's humid in here too, so just turned on the AC to cool everybody down.  Guess I should close the windows.  Thought having them open would suffice.  Guess I'll go sit on the floor and hold him.  He's scared.  Also had his heartguard yesterday... day before... forgot it's Saturday now.  Anyway, it sometimes goes fine and other times really knocks him off balance.  This time is the latter. 
5/4/09:  Sadie May is really a great dog.  NGPR should have her listed by now.  She is going to be a fantastic companion.  She should definitely get therapy dog certification.  I almost wish she had come along earlier as she would have been a better fit for a certain family.  But things happen for a reason.  I do wish her sister could be found.  Anyway, she is one of those 'keepers' that won't matter how long it takes to find the perfect home.  Except for Charlie and Keeton, the others, including Bear, are all in the same yard.  Have been off and on for several days. Zelda and Bear are still not sharing close quarters, but they are no longer hiding from each other.  Keeton has his good days and his not so good days.  The rain has limited his 'grass rolling'.  He did get to lay in the grass yesterday for a little while.  Real foggy today so pretty wet.  Maybe it will clear up.  I hope so.  Back yard desperately needs bushhogged.  Some places grass is so tall, can't see the dogs.  Can't do it when it's wet.  Fog is depressing.  Rain at least has a cleansing effect and knocks out the pollen.
4/30/09: Still trying to get a PB rescue to answer me.  I had no idea they are second in number behind labs listed on petfinder.  They are also way ahead of the next high numbered breeds.  No wonder Komondors are so popular as there are only 3 listed and they are questionable.   Sadie is in with Bear and Sahara today. Sahara was curious and she has a 'thing' for Bear.  Think she wanted over there to keep an eye on him around the competition.  When they are laying down, I can't tell who is who.  Sahara has twice the tail of any Pyr I've ever seen, but otherwise pretty typical.  She does have the goofy Pyr smile that I have yet to see on Sadie.  Rained all day so everyone is scattered all over the house.  So much for clean floors.  They sleep so good in the day.  Think maybe the solution to my not getting any sleep would be to adjust to their schedule.  Obviously they will never adjust to mine.  May 23 AC is having a pet fair with bar-b-q, live radio remote, most beautiful dog contest, etc.  I made an appointment to have either Zelda or Sahara groomed day before.  It will probably be Zelda entered as Sahara is still pretty frightened out of familiar territory.  Zelda loves everybody and has been to nursing homes quite a few times so she will eat up all the attention.
4/27/09:  As days go, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the pits, today is a 2.  That ranking only because Sadie actually ate a significant amount of food this afternoon.  The rest of the day has sucked.  Keeton had to have his 4:00 a.m. walk that is fast becoming habit. Actually it is "lets just stand in the front yard and stare for 20 minutes while mommy gets totally awake".  Tried to get back to sleep, but Bear and Sissy were communicating loudly to every other dog ion the neighborhood.  Chipi felt cornered in the bedroom because Sahara was in the doorway, so she peed on the area rug.  Alot! Steam cleaned, mopped, rained, mopped, closed them out of the livingroom.  Lunch was a bummer.  Had to break bad news to a sweet 78 year old friend that he will have to give up his "Boxer" aka Pit Bull.  He was conned and didn't know the difference.  Ban against them where he lives.   Several other dog issues I was not expecting to be dealing with.  I'm beat, but need to get busy finding a PB rescue to take my friends dog.
4/26/09:  Finally Sadie ate a bite.  It was just about 10 little pieces of kibble, but it was more then she has had since Wednesday and possibly for a week.   Don't feel we are out of danger yet, but it's a start.  I was sitting down with her, loving on her.  She would smell the kibble, but not taste it.  I took a few pieces in my hand and offered it.  She turned her head away.  I brushed hair off my mouth while still holding the kibble.  I honestly think she thought I ate it, because within seconds, she took a few bites from the bowl.  I find that so amazing.  I feel like the official taster for the queen.  If it takes sharing my lunch with her, that's what I will do.  She has moved into the dog house.  Glad she is beginning to feel a little comfortable.
4/25/09:  Will be leaving shortly to take Duke to the rescue that first got him.  I had 4 people interested in him, but they just vanished.  I'm brokenhearted.  I just want to keep him here until he finds a forever home, but I'm not spending enough time with my own.  I can see an escalation in fence fighting.   Duke does not cause it.  He's not even involved.  He's never shown any sign other then just loving everyone.  They are all his friends, even if they give him a bad time.  Annie goes home today.  I won't miss her, and she will be back several more times during the year.  She wears me out.  She just wants to 'fit in' with the girls and when they fence fight, she follows.  Only problem, they back off, but she does not.  She'd keep it going for 10 minutes if I let her.  The others fence fight because the fence is there.  Take it away, put them together, and all is fine.  But Annie would literally attack. Bear almost bit me in his frenzy with her yesterday.  I was trapped in the corner beside him.  To her it's not a game.  To the others it is.  Sadie, the new girl is really pathetic.  She has not eaten more then a handful if anything. Nothing looks touched.  I even gave her a lot of chicken and rice.  I had to dump it each time.  She just lays looking so sad.  I know she is grieving her sister and the herd they watched over.  She has got to be so confused.  She does wag her tail when I go down to the kennel and pet her.  She does like someone near.  She was afraid of Keeton, which is totally unusual.  I think she was just so scared in general.  I should be able to give her a lot of time starting this afternoon.  She needs so much work.
4/22/09:  Long day.  Drove 5 hours round trip to pick up 2 dogs and came home with only one.  They both had escaped but only one was caught.  Not sure if I got Sophie or Susie, but I liked the name Sophie better so since I only had one, she got the name.  She's in bad shape.  She's scared.  But she is beautiful and I can tell she has a sweet heart.  A lot of attention coming her way tomorrow.  Got to get her ok with the leash.  Carrying here everywhere just don't get it. 
4/21/09: Barely Tuesday.  It's been months since I walked into tomorrow under the star filled sky.  No time for a flashlight but we really didn't need one.  No moon, but light from the sparkly diamonds above let us find our path.  Fearing a car might appear and not see us, I would not let Keeton go too far.  Besides he had already 'done his duty', but waking from a deep sleep and in my rush to get him out the door, I had not taken time to do mine.  Another reason not to walk too far. 
     Spring has come at last.  Only Sweetness and Charlie are staying inside.  Fred, the little Maltese across the road keeps the night from being silent.  Sissy always has to have the last word so the conversation continues.  Annie, Duke, Zelda and Sahara put their two cents worth in and have settled on the deck.  Bear is quiet.  He had his evening with us on the bed with lots of belly and ear rubs.  I've not seen him since the TV went off and I put Chipi out, but I know he is out there in his yard.  Chipi looks longingly through the sliding glass door but letting her over at night has proven to be noisy.  Not because of her, but because of the dynamics.  Six o'clock will be here soon enough and after breakfast she can join the group for the day. 
     So good night Tuesday morning.  I've glimpsed your presence; your peaceful beginning.  A few hours sleep and I will begin to experience your day.
4/17/09:  Duke is still here.  He can stay a little longer until things settle down.  I hate to see him go, anyway.  Just don't want him forever.  Annie comes tomorrow for a week long visit.  I hope she will get along with him.  I was going to take 2 Pyr girls from an old farmer who got foreclosed on, but we have no one to go get them and no one to help get them this way tomorrow.  They will be shot Sunday.  There is just nothing I can do about it.  They are 3 1/2 hours from me out in the sticks.  Can't leave Keeton that long for a round trip.  Speaking of Keeton, had him into the vet yesterday.  He is having bad days again.  His hindquarters keep giving out.  He walks and then just drops on his butt.  Takes several minutes for him to get the strength to get back up.  Got him on some heavy pain meds.  If we are going to lose him, I want him to be as pain free as possible.  Not concerned with side effects like liver damage, etc. with his age.   He has fooled us before and bounced back.  I sure hope he does it again.
4/14/09: Restrung the hot wire as just felt too bad with Duke being penned up.  Only took one 'bite' on the nose.  Now he has the whole 3 acres and I don't have to worry about him taking off.  He leaves Friday.  Annie comes Saturday for a week.  I can then start completely mixing Bear back in again.  Weather turned out great.  Worked on trying to get my second fountain together. It's been sitting either in a corner or half done for 5 years.  Hope it will be functional tomorrow.  Hope winter is over.
4/13/09:  Duke is making a very good impression around the neighborhood this morning.  He escaped the big yard and went to Sue & Marks.  Their Australian Shepherd likes to visit, so guess since she wasn't here this morning, he'd go find her.  Put him in the big kennel as fence is 6'.  Not more then a half hour later and not 2 minutes after I looked out the window to check on him, I got a phone call.  He'd went to visit Chelsey & Don's dog in the opposite direction.  Don was real tempted to adopt Duke as he made such a great impression, but they only have a 4' fence.  What a shame.  Anyway, poor guy is in the kennel next to he garage.  It's got less 'running start' room to get over then the big kennel.  I feel so darn bad for him.  He just wants loved.  He sure enjoyed the car rides back to the house (it is raining).  Didn't want to get out when we got home.  I'm really going to miss him.
4/11/09:  Between barking and coughing, another sleepless night.  Duke is in the back yard with the girls.  He is such a good boy.  Do wish he didn't have a Saint mouth, though.  I am constantly changing the dogs water. He drools!  I'll probably leave him up here since he will be leaving Friday.  I do hope he will find a place that will love and understand him.  He can't help he is so big and intimidating looking.  I just wish I had the time and energy to keep him here until he finds a forever home, but that could take years and my dogs are being neglected.  Off to my writers meeting.  My twice a month break to converse with humans.  This meeting, my story is about Keeton
4/10/09:  Don't know if its allergies, flu, a cold or what, but I feel lousy.  Started before we burned the brush piles, but think the smoke made what ever worse.  Cough until my ribs hurt and my throat is sore.  Tildi went to her forever home today.  Great people.  Duke will be going to his original rescuer on Friday.  I hope all works out for him.  I will miss him, but he just needs more then I can provide.  Took him for a walk with Keeton this evening.  He wanted to play.  Got all silly.  Even Keeton got a little silly wanting to play too, but it would be too hard on Keeton if Duke jumped on him.  tomorrow Duke can stay up at the house all day.  It has been raining for 2 days so he has been stuck in the kennel.  Suppose to be nice tomorrow so he can be part of the gang for the rest of the week.  Annie comes next Saturday for a week.  Hope all goes as well as it did last time she was here.
4/8/09: Keeton had been here 20 months today!  Always amazes me how this old guy just keeps going and so well.  Loren and I put in a hard days labor.  Got most of the left over branches burned from the ice storm back 2 1/2 months ago.  We have enough firewood to last 4 winters, but it won't stay useful that long.  We will definitely be bar-b-quing a lot. Oak makes a great wood for that.  Finally found someone to hire that actually knows how to work.  He just retired and has a lot of energy.  Amazed what he accomplished compared to the jackasses we hired before.  A real pleasurable experience.  Between the three of us, the property is almost back to normal.  It's only 6:20 but off to bed to relax and watch TV.
4/06/09:  Where did last week go?  I know where the last 2 nights didn't go.... to la-la land.  Tried Bear in the shop, but it was worse then at the house.  Non-stop barking.  A neighbors dog barks and he answers and no one will let the other have the last word.  I don't even think it's quite a full moon.  The swelling on Chipi's eye is finally going down a bit.  It was huge.  Took her in Friday and vet said it was doing ok.  Then Sweetness started limping.  I saw a small puddle of blood on the bench and knew it was hers.  She is the only one who lays on the bench.  Looks like she lost a toenail.  Then Saturday afternoon she starts holding the leg up and will not walk on it at all.  Really hard to tell if it was swollen.  Didn't look broke or out of place.  Gave her some doggie pain meds.  Was going to take her in to the vet today, but she seems fine this morning.  Maybe she just pulled a muscle.  I got a sore throat yesterday.  I better fight it off as Loren has not been feeling very good lately either.  I'm afraid the dogs can't take care of us.  I've not gotten around to teaching them to cook or fetch 'take out'.  Noon:  Tildi went missing.  No clue how she got out.  Drove for a half hour looking and decided she would come back when she was ready.  Shortly after she came home with a 'present'.  Luckily it was just a hide of something that had been dead for a long time.  She brought it back as a gift for Duke.  I really think they have a "thing" going on.
4/01/09:  Well, March ended with a bang.... or more accurately an all out war between the black and the white.  Five Nyla bones on the floor but Sweetness wanted more then one.  Chipi went to pick one up 5 feet away from where Sweetness was chewing in hers and Sweetness attacked.  Do not know what ticked Sweetness off.  Totally out of character for her.  Anyway, a 10:00 pm emergency trip to the vet to get Chipi sewed up.  Luckily the bite just missed the eye, but only by a 1/4th of an inch.  We left her over night and picked her up this morning when we took Sahara in to have a dental.  Chipi is now near us and Zelda, Sweetness and Sissy are over with Bear.  I'm not sure how I will work it all out tonight.  Chipi will need an e-collar when we sleep so she won't paw at the stitches.  However, it won't fit through the doggie door.  It's going to be a long 14 days.  Just hope I come up with a workable solution where I can get some sleep.  Sahara was terrified on her ride to the vet.  I sat in the back seat and held her (hung on for dear life).  I just need to take the time to broaden her world.  That trip a week or so ago to the new Petco really was horrific for her.  When I cook up chicken and rice for the dogs, I should set aside some treat size pieces for her to take in the car.  Food is a good incentive for her.  Tildi may have a home.  They will do the home visit this weekend.  Then she will probably go on the next transport.  I'm happy for her.  She is a good girl. Duke is really a good boy.  We have 'bonded'.  My concern is that he go to someone who will understand him.  He is praise responsive.  Forcing your will on him is not going to be an option and totally foolish.  I think that is why the groomer got a growl from him.  My groomers are great, but all dogs are treated with "I'm the alpha" demeanor.  ASD's don't respond well to demands.  Also his happy "hello" each morning sounds like a growl.  It is a noise he makes to talk to me.  It can be real unsettling until you understand it is his way of showing he is happy to see you.  He will be a great companion in the right hands.
3/29/09: Off the subject of dogs.  My daughter called last night.  Her husband took a construction job in Iraq.  He had an interview, got flown to Texas last week, took the test (only 70 passed out of 3000 applicants) and was flown out this morning.  My daughter didn't even get to tell him good bye.  She is holding up much better then myself and his parents.  I guess because my daughter is deaf and she really does not understand world events.  I guess that is good.  No reason for her to worry as the rest of us and their adult children will do enough worrying.  I personally wish Bush could be tried for war crimes for all the soldiers and innocent people who have died and for all of us who have lost our retirement and the millions who have lost their jobs and homes.  Why should a president be exempt from accountability.  Our priorities should be with family and home, then neighbors, community, state and country.  Then if all that is in good order, then the 'left over' can help those outside.  No American would let their child go hungry while sending their food to someone half way around the world.  No American should have to leave their family, put themselves in harms way in a country that doesn't even like Americans, just to keep food on the table and a roof over their head.  I'm angry.  I'm tired. I'm hopeless.
3/27/09:  Duke is an Anatolian Shepherd with a little Pyr mixed in.  He is HUGE! and only 11 months old.  Not as tall as Bear, but close.  Very muscular and big boned.  Very intimidating, but I have finally overcome my uneasiness.  He has bonded with me and I feel almost 100% confident with him.  He's just a big happy puppy.  Tildi is still great.  She did get on the sofa a few minutes ago, but knows now that is a big "no no".  She has had several applications through NGPR.  She is a great dog and deserves just as great a family.
3/23/09:  Will be meeting a gal in Harrison to pick up Duke, a Pyr I will foster.  Interestingly, she is bringing 2 Pyrs, both named Duke from 2 different shelters.  I don't know which I will be bringing home, but it will be Duke!  I don't like the name so may take the one that the shelter named as the other was an owner turn in and knows his name.  Guess I will just let both of them sniff me and see which one I feel best about.  She CC'd me on a description of one of the dogs she has for adoption.  It's shared here. I spent almost 2 hours this morning (in a slight rain) cleaning the big kennel.  Had not really raked it good since the ice storm and there was still a lot of broken branches and decaying leaves that needed cleaned up.  I ran out of steam but did get 90% done.  Tildi is getting a bit too comfortable so had to back her down last night.  Felt terrible making her sleep in the garage area after letting her sleep in the house the last 2 nights.  There is this "I'm guarding the bedroom door" problem.  Keeton is usually spread out in the doorway and no one can get in or out without stepping almost on him.  But he sleeps right through it.  If Sahara gets there first, she will guard passage.  What dogs are in the bedroom are stuck there and those out must stay out.  I am working on correcting it, but when I'm asleep, she does get away with being boss.  Anyway, Tildi challenged Sahara in a rather bossy way yesterday evening.  No fight, just too growly.  Tildi was sad but she is back to her sweet self this morning and being a sweetheart as usual.  She's a smart girl and got the message "a 'look' is fine, but no toothy growl". 
3/19/09:  Tildi is delightful!  I was having such nervous jitters about getting her.  Kept thinking "what if she is hard to adopt?  What if she has 'issues'?  I could not have gotten luckier.  She is fabulous.  Her and Bear took right to each other last night.  This morning I introduced her to the easy girls, Sis and Sweetness, and then to Sahara and Zelda, the 'analyzers'.  No one growled!  She has obviously spent her life inside a house and not been mistreated.  Not starved either as she eats very slowly.  Makes one wonder how she ended up in the 'pound'.  I am so thankful I saved her.  I may start fostering for NGPR.  They need short term places for dogs in transit so will be perfect for me.  Just food expense, no vet costs, etc.
3/16/09:  Guess I'm going to go rescue a Pyr Wednesday.  She is just to pretty to let die. 
3/12/09:  Met Rusty's new family yesterday.  I am so happy for him.  It gets harder and harder for me to have confidence in my decisions, but when I go with my 'gut feeling' I usually do good.  I did good for Rusty.  Plus they are not too far away so I can always visit.  I really got attached to him.  Such a difference then with a Pyr.  Rusty would bring the ball and delight in fetch.  A Pyr will look at you like "you threw it, you go get it".  Being old, a Pyr is the right speed for me. Keeton is really the right speed: slow and stop.  Keeping up with a Golden pup would wear me out and not be fair to it.  I'll be doing a Pyr transport Saturday and Monday.  I'm looking forward to meeting a lady who will be the foster home in Springfield.  We have had long phone conversations and she sounds absolutely delightful.  We'll meet at Lamberts and have lunch.  I'm glad to be at 8 again.  I can start putting everybody together.  I think Sahara has a crush on Bear but she tries to hide it.  They are great together until I am in the mix and they both are my 'protector'.  Got to solve that.  Bear and Zelda still hide from each other, but it's not as quickly as it was.  They are 'testing the waters' and if Bear will behave, they could be friends too.
3/04/09:  Rusty is doing great.  He will be going into a Golden Retriever Rescue soon where I am sure he will find a fantastic place to call home.  He is so happy to be loved right now.  He is also beginning to relax and enjoy all the new experiences.  Obviously he had either never or not for a long time been; in a car, inside a house, or brushed.  He is enjoying it all.  Learned the doggie door, not marked inside, learned 'sit'.  We are working on not stealing things off the counter.  Almost made off with a loaf of raisin bread as we were putting away groceries.  Good thing I was quicker then him as he would not have liked being made to throw it up (raisins are deadly).  His leash walking needs a lot of work (he zig zags in front of me), but otherwise he is really good about everything. Rusty loves Charlie and follows him around, licking his face, escorting him outside to potty, just watching over him.  Charlie tolerates it.   Keeton is a bit annoyed with Rusty because he has puppy energy.  He wants Keeton to play so Keeton growls at him and he backs off.  Rusty is smart enough to know he is no match for a dog over twice his size.  The others all play together with him while letting him know he must play by their rules. 
3/01/09:  "Rusty" showed up today.  I thought he belonged to my neighbor, but wrong dog.  Anyway, he has been wandering around for a month before he ended up here this morning.  Obviously not getting much food.  Sweet boy.  Anyway, he was outside the fence and everybody had to go check him out.  I opened the separation gate and Bear took off up there too.  It was a plan!  It worked!  I have been trying to get Bear and Zelda together for a long time, but just needed the right motivator and distraction for them.  Rusty was it.  I watched for about 10 minutes to be sure Zelda and Bear would not get in a fight. To run and hide from each other as has been the reaction to date.   They were fully absorbed with the intruder, but they all seemed to like him.  Even Bear was not barking or growling.  They were sniffing through the fence and there was no aggressive behavior.  Bear has now returned to his side of the yard, the others are spread out throughout the house and Rusty is in the pen behind the house.  Hopefully Bear and Zelda can be put in the same yard tomorrow without Rusty as a distraction.  Hopefully Rusty will get a home soon.  I just can't keep him too long and can't afford much vetting.
2/26/09:  Time has sped by leaving exhaustion in it's wake.  The storm clean up was costly in more ways then one.  The first guys did such an incomplete job that Loren tried to clean up some of the mess they left.  He ended up with pneumonia from his efforts.  That was several weeks ago. Subsequently, he has been in the hospital since Monday.  The doctors can't seem to make up their mind what to do next.  The dogs seem to sense things are not normal and they need to be good.  Just wish Sahara wouldn't insist the I need to be awakened at 6:00 a.m.  She has now become a talking dog with a variety of barks, growls, gurgles, groans and squeaks.  She is definitely trying to form words.  It is funny, but would be more so if it were at a later hour since I sleep even less with Loren not here.  Afternoon:  Loren got to come home.  No surgery.  He just has to take it easy. 
2/03/09:  Severe Ice Storm hit us and power was off since Tuesday, 1/27.  Finally back on Sunday morning.  I am working on documenting the 'experience' and will have it linked to this page in a few days. In the mean time, here are photos.  Lots of laundry to catch up on and massive amounts of trees and branches to remove so plenty to do to get back to normalcy.
1/27/09:  Tried Bear in with everyone this morning.  He is so scared and then strikes out at Zelda and Sahara.  Sahara just stood nose to nose with him, like "what's your problem?"  She didn't back away.  Just basically looked puzzled at him.  In the process of calming him, my arm got in his mouth.  Didn't break skin, but will bruise.  He just gets in a frenzy and blinded by fear.  I know it's a "mommy" thing and a 'confinement' issue.  No where to run.   I am sure if we were not home or they were left in the yard together, all would work it's self out.  Can't do it in an ice storm, though.  My goal is to have 7 dogs who all get along.  Charlie is happy in our room with his bone.  Being deaf and almost blind and a fourth the size of Bear, it's not worth any risk to him.  
     Annie went home yesterday.  Luckily, because we have an ice storm today and tomorrow.  Loren said getting groceries yesterday was as bad as shopping on Thanksgiving eve.  A total madhouse. So far we still have power.  However we are losing a lot of tree branches from the weight of the ice. By 1:00 pm, we have heard about 8 to 10 'crack' loudly.  A few we see.  The rest I am sure we will find later. It is beautiful though.  Ice cycles growing at about an inch every hour from the branches outside my window.  Sure glad we got the 'leaning toward the house' trees down this summer.  
    I have spent the better part of the last 3 days working on this site.  A lot of the pages were formatted and created long before I was smart at it.  Hopefully within a few days, all the pages are uniform and not "floating".  Aside from my personal dog pages (which I will be working on later) if you see any page that still need 'fixed', please let me know.  There are a lot of rooms on this site so not hard to miss one here and there.  
1/23/09:  OK, I thought I could let it go, but I'm still upset after 5 days.  When I got Tommy back, he was obviously in pain.  It was Sunday so I had to wait until Monday to get him in to the vet.  They were booked so the only way he would be seen before leaving was for me to drop him off.  Poor boy.  He had been shuffled around so much, it broke my heart he was going to spend the better part of the only day we had in a small kennel at the vets.  His anal glands were excessively impacted.  The size of large grapes.  He had scooted so much his bottom was raw.  It had to have taken weeks if not months for this to have happened and obviously did not just start bothering him the day he came back.  When I got him home from the vet, along with antibiotics and pain meds and a $128 lighter checking account, I checked his dew claws. (I could not touch past his neck on Sunday or he would wince in pain). The fact that I had stressed to these adopters the necessity of keeping them trimmed, in 5 months, they obviously had not done it even once.  One claw was embedded in his pad. Within a week, the other would have penetrated the other pad.  I managed to cut it.   Then I had the task of getting it out of his pad.  Poor guy was so good.  Luckily he was still somewhat lethargic from the sedative at the vets.   The pad was open and raw when I got the nail dislodged.  It has become so hard to trust people.  I'm not perfect and I forget things, but when one of my dogs, personal or rescue, shows signs of discomfort, I don't ignore it.  Anyway, I do want to thank Nancy for picking him from the previous home, Judy for transporting him to me and Matt for taking him to meet his new forever family.  Matt and Megan have taken such good care of Holly, I'm confident her parents will take equally good care of Tommy.  He deserves it.
1/22/09:  Beautiful day.  Was going to walk the dogs after lunch but a door attacked my big toe.  Cut right through my shoe.  Hurt like heck, but tried to ignore it until the blood started seeping out onto the floor.  Shoes are now history.  Toe feels like it is swelling in my house slippers and shooting pains all the way up my leg.  Four house and I can hardly walk.  The dogs are out of luck.  I was really looking forward to it, too, as it's the first really nice weather we've had in several weeks.   Sissy is totally not going to understand not sleeping on the bed tonight.  No way am I going to chance her laying on my toe.  I'm trying to figure out how to get in the tub and keep the foot out of the water.  I just know it is going to really hurt if the open wound gets wet.  Pain can really take the energy out of you.  Loren suggested we go buy me some steel toe combat boots.  Yes, I am a klutz.
1/21/09:  Tommy has arrived in St. Louis on the first leg of his trip to his forever home in Louisiana.  I know, going north to get south is a bit strange, but there is a logical reason.  Anyway, Tommy has settled in to his temporary surroundings and I have photos.  Guess Annie will be here until into next week.  I was getting concerned so called Sue's work.  She's not expected back for another week.  Atleast all is going well and she is not problem.  Just wish I had waited on her grooming.  Oh well.  Now that Keeton is feeling good again, I have left the gate to the upper yard open at night.  Much quieter.  Bear barks, but when he 'alerts', they run all the way out before they bark.  Most of the time, anyway.  We are going to have to record "It's Me or The Dog" in the family room and watch it during the day.  Mine all go crazy looking for those dogs.  They run in circles, inside and outside and back in.  The TV is high up and the speakers are separate so they have not noticed them visually.  Sissy seems to be ok with the barking from the TV now.  About 4 years ago when we were beginning to watch an animal planet movie that had kennel barking, she went ballistic and tried to get under the bed via the headboard and the mattress.  It was months before she would even come in the bedroom if we turned the TV on.  She looks for the barking, but does not seem to excited about it as she had matured into an old lady.  Last night she shared my pillow.  I like her back against mine.  It is comfortable, but if I roll over, I get lungs full of hair.  For a short haired dog, she is my biggest shedder, 24/7, 365 days a year no matter how much brushing she gets. At 120 pounds, she has a lot of hair. She likes the brushing, but freaks if I touch her feet.  Going to have to make an appointment just for the nails.  They are daggers and she will mouth me as a warning.      
1/18/09: Well last night was exciting!  I baked Loren some diabetic oatmeal raisin cookies.  Sweetness got into them while they were cooling way far away on the counter.  I was so careful to be sure they were out of her reach.  Was only out of the room 2 minutes.  Know it was her.  Not sure how many she got. Know it was atleast 2 and possibly 4.  It was the last tray and a partial one so not sure how many were there to begin with.  Figuring 6 raisins per cookie plus the artificial sweetener, I panicked.  Called Janice and she didn't answer so was in the process of leaving her a message when she picked up.  She was in a similar crises.  Cornbread had gotten the end chewed off a Nylabone and swallowed it.  We were both administering peroxide to make them throw up at the same time!  Sweetness got a second dose with still no result.  After almost half an hour she got salt and warm water.  That worked.  It was dark and she threw up several times so I didn't see how many raisins.  I just shoveled it up and got it out of the yard.  Janice was cleaning up around the same time.  Not only did she get the end of the Nylabone, some floor tile and a hoof bone were part of the expulsion.  They had been there awhile.  Goes to show just how secretive these dogs can be when it comes to ingesting things they should not.  There was a positive side for both of us.  The other things in Cornbread had been there awhile, so it was very lucky they are out now.  As for Sweetness, the room was less odorous then usual.  She can really 'let em' so not having to 'fan the covers' in the middle of the night was good.  Tommy got here.  He remembered me.  Everybody sniffed and remembered each other and off they ran to play...all but Annie.  Don't think she met him before and it was not going to be today either.  She just wanted to attack.  She got moved.  Thought for sure she would go home tonight.  Oh well. Will deal with it all in the morning.  Don't want anyone 'displaced'.  Annie has been good up until Tommy came. 
1/17/09: Keeton is rebounding.  Not feeling like I need to check on him every few minutes, just every hour.  Nancy from SOS picked up Tommy.  She agrees he's an awesome dog.  Him and her 3 year old had a great time.  Judy from SOS will be bringing him over when she brings Janice's pup tomorrow.  Hopefully Annie will be going home tomorrow night.  Not that she has been any trouble.  She has been great this time.  Just an added dog.  I do so strive to get down to 8.  Just seems an unobtainable number.  The really cold weather is over for a while.  Predictions still below freezing at night, but hitting the 40's in the day.  Changing the dogs outside water every few hours gets old.  I did get the coolest piece of ice from the chest way out that I had not changed in 24 hours.  It was 5" thick!   Had to run hot water over it to get it unstuck.  Made a perfect circle hole.  When it came loose it looked like one of those 'Do Not Disturb" door hangers only 5" thick and crystal clear.   Been spending 3 hours every afternoon in the family room exclusively with Bear.   Watching 2 "lifetime" movies.  If you record and then fast forward, a 2 hour program is actually about 50 minutes long.  Anyway, he thoroughly enjoys his special time.  Will be so glad when I can get to the magic "8" and integrate him with the others.  I feel so sorry for him, but it is of his own doing. 
1/15/09:  Keeton is hanging in there.  I closed them all in last night because he kept going outside to sleep.  He finally settled in the bedroom so I was able to get some sleep.  The Trimadol seems to make him sleepy which is good.  Still having to be helped up a good part of the time, but walking a bit better today.  The others are all concerned for him, except Sweetness.  She seems oblivious, but then she's a lab.  Charlie, Sahara and especially Zelda are very concerned and let him know it.  It's freezing here.  about 3 degrees this morning.  No breeze right now.  Hard to keep Annie inside. Zelda and Sahara are tolerant of her, but if they get inside first, they do a low growl so I have to 'protect' her.  It's just a growl but it makes her uncomfortable.  Wish I knew for sure when Sue is picking her up.  I'd like to get her a bath before she goes home.
1/14/09:  Keeton did not do well last night.  He kept wanting to go way up on the hill.  I keep the gate closed at night as afraid he would fall and we would not find him.  He just seemed like he wanted to go off to die and he is going to die in my arms whether he likes it or not.  Got some Trimadol from the vet and he slept for several hours.  Had to help both ends up but he went for a short walk in the front yard and peed.  Seemed to have a little spark compared to the rest of the last 24 hours. When he was outside gazing into space, it was as if the dogs were telling him good bye.  First Sissy went up and licked his face and nuzzled into his chin.  Then Zelda licked his face and cleaned his ears.  Then Annie nuzzled his neck and kissed his face.  Sahara then nuzzled him under the neck and was nose to nose.  It was ritualistic like nothing I had ever seen before.  It was touching. He finally came in when they did. I fixed him mashed up chicken and rice for dinner.  No kibble.  He has so few teeth.  Hopefully I can keep him inside tonight.  About froze last night coaxing him in.  Can't close the doggie door because Charlie has to make as many trips to go potty a night as Loren and I do.  Keeton's been on the brink before and bounced back. I knew when he outlasted the very first month, this was going to be as hard as losing Frank.  As of tomorrow Keeton has been with us 17 months 1 week.   I know he has gotten more love and more walks and more attention then he had in his entire life.  I just want to keep giving him more.  
1/13/09: Tommy is coming back.  This time for real.  Darn!  He is such a great dog.  The guys cancer has spread to his brain and sadly, it is altering his personality in a negative way.  I feel real sorry for him, but especially for his wife.  Caring for someone you love who is sick is hard enough without having them become verbally difficult.  It is very sad for all, including Tommy. Not sure of the return situation.  I may try to reach someone with SOS and see if they will meet me part way.  Otherwise it will be Saturday and I really don't want to wait that long.
1/12/09:  Took Sahara for a short ride.  She was so scared.  I had to get in the back seat with her within a hundred yards of the house or she would have been in my lap in the front seat. We just went up to the gas station, got gas and then back home.  About 10 miles round trip.  She rarely gets out and only car rides have been to the vet, so she needs to start having the car being something to look forward to.  I feel bad I have not been doing this all along, but the others love to go for rides and they get very bent out of shape of one goes and they are left out. Anyway, will never have to worry about Sahara ever running off from here. She jumped out as soon as we got home and ran straight to the front door.  She is now cuddling on the floor next to Loren's feet. And Zelda and Sissy are having a fit wanting their turn.
1/11/09:  Miracles do happen.  Bear has not barked much past 10:30 p.m. for the past 3 nights.  Even with a full moon, things have been relatively quiet.  My mind and body don't know how to react to the quiet.  I'm still waking up after 4 hours of sleep and struggling to go back to sleep.   As sure as I get it figured out, the calm will end.  They have all been so good.  I have tried to put Bear and Zelda together as in all but Annie together.  If I put them all on Bears side, Bear hides in his crate from Zelda .  If I put them all on the front side, Zelda hides in the garage from Bear.  Obviously the fence is a source of security as well as a safe haven for aggression.   If it was not freezing, I would try walking them together again.  Bear has really settled and the aggression has mellowed so much with maturity I know I can make it work.  Just everyone is still a bit intimidated by him from past experience.  He's not a bully, just fearful and defensive because of it.  Bear has had something treed the past few days.  He sits and just stares up.  I'm concerned the tree is hollow and will fall soon.  Just hope it does not fall on him.  It is a huge oak and no way for us to take it down.  It won't hit any structures as will fall away.  It is in the ravine so won't have much 'crash' momentum either. Annie has been so happy this visit.  Sahara is a tad bossy to her, but other then that, they have all run and chased and explored together.  Sometimes Annie limps really bad and others it's barely noticeable.  Sometimes I think they are smart enough to fake pain for attention.  Seems she will be running fine until she sees me watching her and then the limp starts.  Wonder if they really are that manipulative? 
1/08/09: They won't shut up.  It has got to be a full moon. I don't need to look.  Every dog within miles is communicating like as if they were at Woodstock.  I had to practically drag Bear to the shop.  Hate that, but it's 12:30 a.m. and I am exhausted.  I can't catch Sissy.  She is normally on the bed with us, but she had to join in.  When she gets on a roll, there is no stopping her and no catching her.  I could offer her Prime Rib and she'd prefer to bark.  They have so much fur, the bark collars are useless.  They figured out the threat has no 'oomph' behind it.  Loren is going to really be in a nasty mood in the morning.   I got to go figure something out.  Just have no clue what. 
1/07/09:  Zelda, Charlie and Cameo got a bath.  When Zelda got home, no one recognized her.  Goofballs.  Guess they go more by smell then sight.   Have had to keep the upper yard closed off because Annie has been having too much fun.  Between too much exercise and arthritis, she is limping really bad.  Don't want her making it any worse.  She has only been here 2 weeks.  Two to go, but maybe they will be back early.  She has not been a bit of trouble this time, but she is starting to feel too much at home and being very growly at Chipi.  Would not let her in the house last night.  Of course, Sahara won't let Annie in.  It's kind of who comes in first rules.  Zelda won't let Sweetness or Sahara in, Sahara won't let Annie in and Annie won't let Chipi in, yet any other combination is acceptable.  No one bothers Sissy, Keeton or Charlie.  Charlie's deaf and almost blind so he wouldn't hear the warning even if there was one.  Poor little guy.  Poor Bear has not been in all day since we have been gone taking one dog in at a time.  He looks so sad.  Need to run some of them out so he can come in for awhile.
1/04/09:  Sahara is being so weird.  She comes in and puts her paw on my leg and indicates she wants me to follow her.  It took several guesses before I got it right.  She wanted me to brush her.  As long as I don't brush her tail, she lays down and lets me brush her everywhere else.  If I get up and quit, she comes back and gets me.  This has happened 3 times this evening.  She is also letting me know it is time for us to go to bed.  She likes to guard us when the sun goes down.  Anyway, I guess it was her way for attention.  Everyone else got a walk, but she turns from the leash.  Too cold to insist so she wanted brushed instead.  I do wish she'd let me brush her tail.  It is such a beautiful plume but starting to cluster.  She is back again.  It's not even 6:00 p.m.  Yes, the dogs do run our life.  I'm sure she is wanting us to go to bed.  She wins.  We have a lot of HBO movies recorded.  Bound to find one we like.
1/03/09:  Several updates on Shaggy.  He is doing great.  He looks so happy.  Here he was content, but now with Nita, he looks much more then that, he looks happy.  Tommy is staying with his family.  He was adopted to them to be a care giver and moral booster to a terminally ill man.  As I suspected, things have gone down hill with his health.  I am sure Tommy understands and just needed to be allowed to give the love he has for his friend.  Sometimes we all just need to know we have options where our dogs are concerned so we can take a deep breath, relax and let them love us in their sometimes quirky little ways.
1/01/09:  I knew someone would bring in the New Year with a bang.  I was sleeping pretty good, too.  Sahara is keeping me company.  She is my Velcro dog.   We are sure going to miss Shaggy.  He will be leaving on a home visit in about 11 hours.  It gets harder and harder to let go.  I just want the very best for everyone of them, but some are extra special.  Shaggy is one of those.  I don't worry as much about the puppies as they are adaptive, but the adult dogs have already seen heartache.  Shaggy has had too many.  I pray there will be no more and that everything from here on out will bring him happiness and contentment.  And if he comes back again, he will just stay here til death do us part.  I just wish Bush hadn't of screwed up the world.  The news just has failed to address what it has done to our dog population.  I placed or helped place near 100 dogs in both 2006 and 2007.  I think the count is about 30 (counting the Oklahoma pups) for 2008 and Shaggy and Tommy both came back.   Tommy might even come back again. Coming back through no fault of their own.  Shaggy just came in to say "Hi" and check on me.  The dogs just want to know where we are at night.  Makes them a little uneasy when Loren and I are not together because they pace from one room to another and back checking on us.  Frank was the most diligent at that.  He's been 'gone' right at 2 years.  Some dogs you just never get over and his death will hurt forever, right up there with my Grandmas'.  So Happy New Year to all and especially the dogs of the world.  May you all find loving homes that can afford to feed and keep you.