6/17/07: All I can do is hope.  He was such a great boy.  I took him into the vet and said good bye.  The vet thought she might have a home for him.  Later, I could not bring myself to ask.  I never have.  Where ever Token is, be it with a family or over the rainbow bridge, I'm sure he is loved.

6/11/07: The lady who took me from death row calls me Token.  She says I can only stay until Monday June 18, because before my time ran out, she had promised to take several other dogs.  Now she is out of space.  I know she has been hugging me a lot and cries a lot too.  I hope I'm not making her sad.  I try real hard to be a good boy.  I walk nice on the leash and I'm even beginning to understand what 'sit' means.  That's the word she uses when she is going to pet me so my bottom has to hit the floor before her hand pets my head.

I caused some trouble at the shelter, that is why they said my time was up.  I kind of tore up the chain link kennel.  All I wanted was for someone to hug me.  Like I said, I get lots of hugs now so I try to be patient and wait my turn to go in the house.  Once I thought the lady forgot me, so I climbed the fence and went round to the front door.  She didn't like it very much when I scratched to get her attention.  Anyway, now there is a top on my kennel.  Darn!  I've been good though and patient and not tried to eat through the chain link again. 

I'm not sure when June 18 is, but that's the day the lady says I will have to go back to the shelter.  When she hugs me she cries.  I sure wish someone would come take me home with them so she would be happy. 


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