I get many emails and calls from individuals asking me to take their Pyrenees (or other dogs).  Yes, I usually do have room. I will love the dog you can no longer keep or want.  I will find it a wonderful home that will keep it forever (or should circumstances change, I will take it back).  I will feed it, keep it on preventatives, have it vet checked, train it, let it live inside the house with the rest of the dogs, treat it like family and love it forever.  And yes, for that I will ask an adoption donation when the right home comes along.

However for me to consider taking your dog, you must DO YOUR PART.   I cannot afford to do all the things some of you neglected to do, like spay her, get her shots and test her for heartworm (and possibly treat her for heartworms because someone neglected to give her the monthly preventative).  I don't feel I am being unreasonable to ask you to do your part, so please don't think I'm "in it for the money".  A good rescue never 'makes money' on a dog.  Only breeders and puppy mills do that.  
Please watch this video BEFORE you call me! 

A rescue facilitates a happy new beginning for each dog it takes in, no matter the cost, but the more we spend on your dog, the fewer other dogs we can afford to rescue.