Sophia, my spayed Pyr/Akbash rescue, born 10-14-06 was a combo (companion/pet-farm dog) owned by an older couple for 2 yrs in OK.    Due to family illness, Sophia was sent to Coffeyville, KS to their son on his goat farm.  Caught eating afterbirth, (never killed or harmed anything) the son gave her away along with a goat, to an old man in town, 5 miles away.  He had no fence.  Sophia and the goat disappeared overnight. Sheriff dept reported sightings all night of goat & dog walking down the shoulder of the highway.  Both showed up back at the son's farm the next morning.   It made the son SO MAD he was going to take her up on the river and shoot her. What a moron!  His mother called me (Carolyn J of Bear Creek Pyr Rescue) hysterical.  I called him and he agreed to surrender her. She is now safe.
Poor girl had intropion for which she had surgical repair on Mar 9th.  She is doing well and will soon be ready for a forever home.

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