Sadie's Mom

The shelter had their annual Woofstock Walkathon today and I had a team made up of people I work with - we raised $800!!!

Anyway Sadie has done this with me every year (we didn't go last year cause she'd just had her surgery). This year I just knew she wouldn't be able to handle the walk so I - I - I...cheated on her,  I, uh, took ANOTHER dog.

I hang my head in shame...I committed dogultery 

But I had fun in spite of feeling guilty (I really did feel guilty - I snuck out of the house - yet again). And to make matters worse I used Sadie's leash on the other dog. I'm gonna burn for this.

I took my nephew's boxer, Lily, she never gets to do anything fun. She's a year old.  She had a wonderful time. The shelter's volunteer director is in involved in boxer rescue so there was a "boxer brigade" and Lily got to meet lots of boxer dogs - and she got to meet a ferret. Lily was really polite with the ferret.

I still feel guilty though - having fun makes the guilt even worse.

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