a story about a little girl & her first puppy

author unknown


She had been after her folks for weeks because she wanted a dog, and Mom agreed and they decided to get a dog from a shelter or somewhere a dog really NEEDED a home.

But weekend after weekend, she dragged Mom thru shelter after shelter looking at all the 'puppies' but none was the one she wanted. Her comment was always the same "Puppy size".

Mom was getting a bit tired of this, and decided to put a stop to it -- "You have to decide THIS weekend" The little girl was nonplussed "I'll know by the puppy size". But no amount of questioning narrowed down the "perfect" size.

Mom was on her last 'nerve' at the shelter and a very nice shelter worker was trying to be helpful -- the little girl had touched and hugged just about every dog there of every size and shape and color. Finally she screamed "THIS IS HIM!!! I KNEW IT!!!"

The shelter worker was totally intrigued, and asked the little girl what it was about THIS dog that was so perfect.

The little girl looked at her (as only a little girl can who understands she has to  explain this ALL to this poor woman who doesn't 'get it').

"Well, my Mom told me a long long LONG time ago, that when you hug someone REALLY tight and they sigh that they're REALLY saying that they LOVE you!!! AND HE SIGHED. I KNEW I'd know by the puppy sighs -- I hugged him and he SIGHED REAL BIG!!!! So he loves ME already!! I just had to FIND him!"

Mom and the shelter worker hid THEIR tears really well. Puppy sighs.

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