Norman, OK
Rescued!!!  Hurray!!!

Norman OK: 
Here is a photo of the dog who steals food and goodies to take back to the gravesite of his soulmate, who died tied to a tree. Saddest story I have ever heard. 
Steve is a man working on a well site northeast of Norman and has had a dog coming up and stealing items for a while now. This week the dog stole his workbook and Steve had to have it so he followed the dog to the saddest place he has ever seen. There tied to a tree was the remains of what was once the dogs soul-mate, no more than fur and bones now. Steve said he could see where this boy was also tied at one time but had got free but he was still trying to help his friend. Steve's site has moved a mile from the tree now and the dog visits him daily for food and love but always returns to the body of his friend.

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