Why Good Rescues are reluctant to trust

Below is a warning email widely received among the trusted rescues.  I had this person in my address book as she had offered to help me out on a number of occasions.  Fortunately I never found the need.  I have changed the name because this is  one persons experience and opinion.  There are always 2 sides to every story, however I do believe this is fact based from some of my own experiences with others.  Carol

Dear Rescue Friends,

 I am writing you in regard to a situation I went through with another " rescue group". Recently , I pulled 3 lab puppies and a boxer mix puppy from Greenville, South Carolina . Jane Doe of xxxrescue in Leslie Arkansas, is on a rescue transport board and was going to Greenville to do a rescue and was willing to help anyone needing transport. I emailed her and asked her for 3 references and her local vet to make sure they all had good opinions and experiences with her. I was told " she is a great trustworthy person and takes good care of all her animals" . Her vet informed me " she was there at least once a week with all her dogs and she was very well known there and reliable" . With all these positive things said , I THOUGHT my babies were in good hands. I went ahead and let her pull my 3 lab puppies and boxer pup.

 On her trip to South Carolina I stayed in constant contact with her. There were numerous issues on the trip ... she got a flat, her dog at home fell off her deck and died from a punctured lung , her car overheated, she was lost and frantically calling me ... just any and every bad thing seemed to happen to her and I felt bad for her at this point and know accidents happen. I emailed the shelter to confirm she had them. Once she had them she was to call, but did not, she could not be reached and I became concerned. They informed me she had picked them up , and she pulled 16 kittens as well while she was there ( FLAG ONE) . I called her repeatedly until she answered finally and said she had my crew and I asked her what else she pulled and she mentioned the 16 kittens she pulled too. I told her I wouldn't put them all together due to all the disease at the shelters . She informed me she had all kittens in two large crates. Jane Doe was to meet my dear friend and volunteer foster, Kelly. Kelly drove to Arkansas the next day to get the rescues. Kelly confirmed with Jane Doe  she was on the way and Jane Doe  confirmed she was meeting Kelly to deliver the rescues. Kelly drove all the way there and Jane Doe  NO SHOWED (FLAG TWO). I contacted Jane Doe  and was given the excuse " Oh I'm sorry something happened to my father in law and he fell ". She did not call Kelly or I to let us know what had happened, absolutely nothing . Kelly finally reached Jane Doe  and was told  "they could be there in 3-4 hours", Kelly could not wait as she had prior commitments with her own rescues .

 Jane Doe  assured me my dogs could stay there and would be taken care of as if they were her own... I tried calling several times over the next few days and she was impossible to reach and I got a gut feeling something was wrong. I tried over next few days to set up a day to drive there myself with my husband. She continually offered excuses as to why she could not meet me( FLAG 3) . I then had my husband call her and tell her to drop my dogs off at her vet's boarding facility and she told me they were closed and " why didn't I trust her?" . 

I then  couldn't reach her  again for over one week and started searching for her home address. After an extensive search for her home address and phone number, I began calling non-stop and told her I was willing to meet her in Dallas. She stated she would need help with her Gas and I agreed. Jane Doe  stated she would get back to me with a date a time to pick up the rescues but never did. I had the President of my organization contact her at this point as I was completely out of patience. Our president reached her after 3 days of non-stop calls and emails. Only after advising her the dogs were OUR rescues and in OUR name and we would be contacting legal counsel immediately did she respond. Jane Doe told us the dogs were sick and coughing badly. I had asked Jane Doe that our dogs be taken to the vet immediately upon return to Arkansas. Jane Doe   claimed she had and they were great. I asked her to take them back to the vet and we would deal directly with the vet as to what med's and shots they needed, not her " home remedies" .

 I frantically located a pilot for Pilots for Paws about a week later. This sweet couple agreed to go fly to Arkansas on Friday July 22, 2011. Originally they said they could only fit 3 lab puppies but would see on the other possibly.  Once again , it took me days to get Jane Doe  to confirm she would be there !! It took until the night before the flight, at 7:30 pm, of calling her house phone for hours as her cell phone had been disconnected. She guaranteed me she would be there. I asked her to call me the min they took off so I know they are on the flight. NEVER CALLED AND NEVER CALLED SINCE THEN. Upon landing in Arkansas and seeing the condition our dogs and meeting Jane Doe ,  The pilot refused to leave any of the rescues behind and took ALL the dogs . They informed me she had them in a rusty cage and was very rough with them and she was not to be trusted and this is why they squeezed in all 4.

 I now have my dogs. I took them to vet at 8 am. They are skin an bones and still kennel cough after being in Jane Doe   care for over one month. The littlest lab puppy only weighs 14 pounds when others weigh 20. He is very ill. Our dogs still had the shelter's plastic tag on their necks, that were so tight it had rubbed them raw and had not even been bathed. They had ticks on them as well. Jane Doe wrote note on their papers saying " they are so skinny due to poor appetites" . When I feed them they eat like they haven't eaten in a month  with no problem whatsoever. I feed them 4 times a day . They are NOT in good condition. They were so scared when I got them as if they had been abused, they peed when I  tried to pick them up. They were so terrified, if I even moved my hand to pet them they flinched as though they thought I would hit them. I am writing to you because I DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO GO THROUGH THIS.  LOVED ME BUT LEFT RESCUE should not be contacted under any circumstances. Jane Doe  stated the other day , she has 50 dogs and keeps them outside in the heat. She also has like 20 cats in her house she claimed.  I now think mine were kept outside as well , even though we were promised they would be kept inside and would have playtime outside . I am SO RELIEVED to have my dogs here safe with me and out of harm . I am not sending this to bad mouth Jane Doe  or be vengeful , however I want to warn my friends and rescue friends to DO NOT TRUST HER. I also want NO Dogs to go through what my rescue pups have. I could list several other reasons that flagged me with this woman but I think this is enough ! I feel Jane Doe  has her heart in the right place , however her head is NOT . 

Thank you, 

Disheartened Rescuer

Ps.. One of Jane Doe 's Kittens fell over dead she told me and when i told her she needed to get ALL Kittens to vet to be seen by a vet she said she couldn't afford that . As far as i know to this day 3-4 have died so far.