Macy aka May

11/16/08:     Hey Luanne,
Hope things are good in OK! Things are good here. I think Macy is loving the cooler weather! We just went and got her groomed at Petsmart the other day. She came out so pretty pretty white! Ill send you pictures if I have some recent ones that I have downloaded on my computer. Anyway, so we are probably the last to do this, but we finally got Macy spayed last Thursday and she did ok, but I guess she is either just allergic to whatever they gave her to knock her out or she may have been anemic before, but they had to run IV fluids on her but I went and hung out with her for a couple hours at the vet, but she is doing great now. She is hangin out with us and being wonderful. She's such a smart puppy. She weighs somewhere around 80ish pounds- the vet said she weighed 89lbs, but she really doesn't look it-all toned. Anyway, I'm just emailing you the sheet that the vet gave us to prove she was spayed. She is doing great!
If you need the hard copy just let me know and send me your address and I can surely do that.
Thanks,  Amanda