There are plenty of “lists” out there addressing dog people.  Well, after cleaning house this morning, I decided there were a few issues missing.


You know your dogs control your life when:


(1)  You vacuum around them so as not to disturb them.

(2)  You wait to vacuum when the ones who are scared of the noise are outside.

(3)  You feel guilty not letting them sleep on the bed with you.

(4)  You sleep better with a tail in your face or paws in your back.

(5)  You feel guilty disturbing them when you have to move them over so you can get up to go potty in the middle of the night.

(6)  You let a perfectly beautiful Saturday go to waste because they might miss you.

(7)  You rarely drive the 2 seater sports car because the dogs won’t all fit.

(8)  You cook for 6 when there are only 2 humans eating.

(9)  When you buy donuts, you buy a couple dozen donut holes so they won’t feel left out.

(10)  You wait till a good movie is out on DVD so they can watch it with you.

(11)  You stretch to reach the computer keyboard because there is one of them under your desk.

(12)  You sit in a chair to watch TV because they are stretched out on the sofa.

(13)  You rush them to the vet for a scuffed paw, but refuse to see a doctor for your own broken finger (which they caused while running for the door to greet you).

(14)  You spend a fortune on the most expensive flea and tick preventative, but shop the store brand for your own insect bit remedy.

(15)  You apologize to them when you have to move them to open the refrigerator to put away their steak snacks.

(16)  You spend more time scrubbing their food and water bowls then you do the baked on discolorations on your cake pans.

(17) You will get up and fill their water bowl the minute it’s low, but you will sit thirsty for an hour without getting a drink for yourself.

(18)  You take them for a walk even if you have blisters on your heels.

(19)  You set the AC below your comfort level because they have so much hair and need it cooler.

(20)  And  you even let them lick you on the face when you know they have eaten the most gross of things.


By Carol

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