11/16/08:  Hi Luanne and family

Just a note to say hi - winter has arrived here, we went from a wonderful Fall to sudden winter (seems to do that every year here!) so now we are facing 10 degree mornings and snow - looks like mid winter outside .... kids are enjoying sledding and playing in the snow, I had to shovel the driveway yesterday morning - bit of a shock!!!

Jake is loving the snow - he looks like a polar bear - he is a white dog in summer and a yellow tint in winter against the white backdrop - good thing as otherwise I would never be able to see him! He loves playing in the snow with the girls - he needs to grow his fur back faster on his shaved shoulder and back - seems to take a while to fill in!

He was an angel for the dog parade this Halloween (poor dogs in park City are dressed up in costumes and parade down main st) of course the girls insisted he join in the festivities - he had the option of and angel or polar bear ... so he went with the wings but ditched the halo before it even began - clearly the tinsel above his head was not his thing. He survived the parade and got to check out all the other dogs in their outfits - fun times.

He has started doggy training classes (first one last nite) nice trainer - she watched him for a while and then pointed out that the husky is likely to make him more stubborn in the training dept ... that was a great start. There are only 2 other young dogs in the class so it is a great size for learning .... hopefully!!!

He sends greetings to his friends back at the farm ....hope Jack, lady and Rupert are all doing well

Take care, Rebecca, Nic, Jake and girls