Retiring from rescue to re-home. 
I will be closing and moving near family when the 5 old guys cross the Rainbow Bridge.
3 special needs Dogs still need adopted  4 Dogs are still socially a 'tough to place' bunch.

Ozark Dogs Rescue Organization    
escue of Great Pyrenees & Komondors
and a few others that touch my heart
Located in Mountain Home, Arkansas

***No longer accepting new dogs***

Ozark Dogs Rescue Organization is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

updated 4/02/17

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A tribute to my wonderful husband. 

2/12/1944   to   3/27/2013
I know he is up in Heaven enjoying all the wonderful dogs we have known who proceeded him on his arrival.

Rest in Peace my precious Fez  with me from  6 /25/11 to 6/ 9/15

Ozark Dogs Rescue DESPERATELY needs Volunteers that can socialize farm dogs.   This is my most urgent need right now.  There is not enough hours in the day to give each frightened dog the attention they need.


Special Thanks

To all my adopters who take  time to send photos & updates.  I never tire of knowing the dogs & their families are doing well. To other rescues that gather information, assist with transport, do home visits & help in emergencies. To the People who so
generously donate.  Donations are tax deductible.
To Betty, Nancy, Rachael, Althea & Rick, Kathleen & Bob and David   dedicated volunteers who help in many ways
Dave Kessler
and Sandra Campbell

for transport assistance.
  iVet Dog Food
& products
All Creatures
Veterinarian Hospitals'

wonderful staff.