Guardian Angel

A True Story from Lena Paszek

My dearest friend, Jordan, was up in Bancroft visiting an aunt. He was traveling down one of the main highways when he lost control of his mini van and rolled it 8 times. He was ejected from the van and was thrown into a ravine just off the highway. A motorist saw the demolished van and immediately started to look for Jordan. In the silence broke a quiet moaning and he followed the sound down to the ravine. Before he reached the spot where Jordan lay, a beautiful husky appeared out of no-where. The dog was standing directly beside him, almost as though he was protecting him. When the ambulance attendants were treating him, the dog was watching their every move. As they were putting Jordan in the back of the ambulance, he had taken his last breath and was then on his journey back home. They looked for the dog but it was like he had vanished before their eyes.
Two weeks later, Josh, Jordan's cousin had gone up their to put a cross on that stretch of the highway. When he walked towards the ravine, there standing tall was that same magnificent husky on the exact place where Jordan laid. Josh immediately called Jordan's parents and they asked if he would please bring the dog back home to them. When they got into Jordan's house, the dog immediately ran in, up the stairs, straight for Jordan's bed. It was quite the emotional time. They named him Bear because he stood tall watching over their oldest son until the very end.

I love you deeply Jordi and miss you more with every breath I take!!!!

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