The Capture July 2009

She called this a dog "Sanctuary"!!

So are you ready for the photos?  Trust me when I say this is just a sprinkle of the full magnitude of actually being there.  I have divided the thumbnails onto several pages because download time would be so long otherwise.

2 of 6 dead dogs:
rotting dog food
Remember, this is just a small part of what is there.  We volunteers did not make ANY of this mess.
There are no animal protection laws in Arkansas, even though we have tried and tried to get some passed.  This violation is a misdemeanor!!!  There is no way to shut her down.  There is no way to save these dogs.  There is no way to keep her from collecting tens of thousands of dollars as a "sanctuary".  There were over 100 bags of old molding dog food and hundreds more of fresh that had obviously been donated.  There were cartons of needles and vaccines scattered all over the ground. There was $11,000 worth of large, well constructed kennels stacked on the ground, unassembled, while over 150 dogs were forced to live in tiny transport crates or wire crates unprotected from the pending rain. 

Friday, Oct. 21, 2005 the Baxter County (Arkansas)  Sheriff investigated.  A court order allowed local Humane Society workers to go in on Saturday and Sunday and care for the dogs.   I was one of the volunteers who went out on Sunday.  AFTER we cleaned up what we were allowed to clean (it was officially a "crime scene" so we were limited) I took these photos.  These pictures are only a small part of the 450 to 500 dogs on this property. 

There were approx 50 Pit Bulls that an unsuspecting rescue group sent here from another state. She also had a van with "Katrina Rescue" on the side which I understand she actually went there and brought back dogs. There are many dogs that do have owners who have been looking for them for weeks and months.  She makes no effort to find the owners even though I saw atleast 50 with tags.  (The Sheriffs dept. is inventorying and trying to locate owners). There are many dogs with new born puppies.   I saw 5 dead dogs, several which were rotting in garbage bags (red arrows in 2 photos).  There were many very sick dogs with obvious ailments ranging from mange, open wounds, eye infections to broken legs and one with a broken back!!  A local vet was allowed to take that one into her clinic.  Other then that, the animals were not allowed to be removed. 

There was a wonderful dog with only 3 legs and I would have taken it home had I been allowed (as if I need 8 dogs!).  There were everything from a huge 150 pound Bull Mastiff to several Toy Pomeranians, and everything in between.  There were dogs so frightened they shook and whimpered and others so aggressive, several workers got bitten.   Most of the dogs were penned, but about 50 were running loose.  There were many that we were not really sure if they were asleep on bags and blankets or dead.  I only remember about a dozen that actually looked healthy. (I'm sure they were recent arrivals.)  There were atleast 3 dogs that had puppies yesterday.  There is one pix of a mommy and 5 newborns.

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