Duke has been adopted

4/17/09:  Duke is showing a new side to his personality.  He likes his blankets out under the stars so he drags them outside each night and arranges them just so.  Not only that, when he is finished eating, he takes his bowl outside.  A few days ago, I found he had 'picked up' in his yard and neatly placed his Nylabone, his stuffed toy and his ball in his food dish!  The food dish was placed in the center of his blankets. (he hasn't gotten the hang of folding them yet). You could tell he was really proud of himself.  Since, he has destroyed the stuffed toy, but he continues to 'put away' his other possessions into his food bowl when he is finished.  I love it!

3/29/09: Duke is a very large Anatolian Shepherd with maybe a little Great Pyrenees mixed in. Less then 1 year old, he already stands 31" at the shoulder and weighs in excess of 100 pounds of solid muscle. Despite his massive size, he is a sweetheart. He gets excited to be around his people and happy to play with the dogs he has so far met. He rides well crated, yet not enthusiastic. He was happier riding in the back seat of the car. He is reasonably well mannered on and off leash. He is learning not to pull and sits nicely by my side if I am talking to someone. He enjoys meeting new people on his walks. He does not appear to have food issues. He was ok but not overjoyed with his bath. He was insecure at the groomers with all the goings on but it was a new experience for him.

Duke is a 'talker'. At first I was a little unsure until I realized those little growly noises were "happy talk" and his way of greeting me. It could easily be mis-interpreted just like when some dogs 'smile'. Duke is just a happy pup who wants to tell you in every way he can that he appreciates your attention.

He is typical of an Anatolian Shepherd personality. He needs to think what you want him to do is his idea. He would do best with people specifically experienced with the Anatolian breed.  We do not believe he has had any livestock guardian experience. I do not know if he would 'mark' inside the house, but he learns fast what is acceptable or not with positive, praise based training.

The game is on.  Mr. Duke and Duchess Tildi at play 3/29/09

Mr. Duke meets Zelda, Sahara and Sissy

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