You Know you are a dog person when:

*You have used your dog's shampoo

*You have tasted a dog biscuit to make sure it's good enough

*You have lied to your spouse to keep or protect a dog

*You'd rather shop for dog stuff than people stuff

*Your dog has her own email address...

*And sends and receives email in her name

*You neglect to send Christmas cards to your human friends, but send them all over the world to dogs, from your dog.

*You cry watching "Emergency Vets"

*You cry watching Lassie

*You critique dog food commercials

*You have smuggled a dog or puppy into a public place so they didn't have to be alone in the car

*You don't visit people who don't let your dogs in their house

*Your dog has her own Christmas stocking and gets presents from "Santa"

*You can pluck a dog hair from your food and finish eating without batting an eye

*You refer to your friends as "Rover's mom" or "Fluffy's dad", etc

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