As we move forward, Ozark Dogs Rescue Organization has plans to expand to help more dogs in need.  We also want to begin a program to fill a need that is going unmet by other animal welfare groups.  Rescue to re-home is great and necessary, but what about the dogs and owners who don't want to part, but due to economics or illness, feel there is no other way.  We hope through the Assistance Program to create that way to keep families together.  Hopefully the Assistance Program will be starting in the fall of 2010. 

Assistance Program

Items Needed for both Rescue and Assistance Programs

The Assistance Program  will be providing the general public with education on canine nutrition, training, and breed characteristics. 

The program will also be a resource for qualifying individuals who want to keep their dog but because of economics or health reasons, may otherwise have to give it up.  

It will be located in the shop building on the Ozark Dogs property.

The program will establish and maintain a commodities supply that can be made available to qualified individual dog owners.  The commodities will include dog food, fencing and kennel materials, and dog houses or building supplies to make a dog house.  It will also include immunizations to be administered by a licensed veterinary technician.

The program will recruit and maintain a list of background checked volunteers who will make a daily visit to homes of the elderly or incapacitated dog owner to care for the dog when the owner is not able to do so on a regular or temporary basis or is absent from the home on a temporary basis due to health reasons.

The program will recruit and maintain a list of volunteers who will transport the dog for visits to the owner who is in a hospital, rehabilitation center, hospice or temporarily in a nursing home; where as such visits are permitted and in the best interest of the owner.

The program will eventually include not only Baxter County residents, but also Marion County, Izard County and Fulton County.

The program will be funded by specifically designated supplies and monetary donations as well as specified grant proceeds. 

Crib mattresses: used, any condition
Ice chests: small 6 pack size with handle.  Don't need lid.
Bowls: stainless steel mixing type.
Dog toys: KONGS, Nylabones, balls, rope toys etc. (No rawhide)
Blankets: (no quilts or electric).
Dog beds: washable
Small plastic wading pools
Fencing & supplies: welded wire, chain link, etc.
Kennels: chain link or rod. Any condition including ice storm refugees.
Dog houses: insulated or igloo, any size.
Crates: plastic or wire, any size, with or without door.
Preventatives: sealed Heartguard, Interceptor, Frontline, Capstar, etc. (No Hartz or Sergeants products).

Big ticket items:
Concrete work in 2 yard areas
18 X 21 carport for winter shelter
Insulated storage shed
Window Air Conditioner

Dog walkers
Dog cuddlers
Petters & brushers
Poop scoopers
Dog yard maintenance

Data entry
Licensed Veterinarian technician

CALL (870) 508-4814  to volunteer.