Just another reason

2/27/08: I got this forwarded to me today.  Just another perfect example of why it is just not fair to dogs (or people) when you leave dogs intact to breed, over-populate and then become homeless, killed or a burden to others who had no participation in the owners neglect and thoughtlessness.  I have eliminated the name of the town and a few minor statistics.


8 yr old intact male, purebred Pyr, and his 3 sons, Pyr/Labs, 2 yrs old.  All dogs are intact, but are said to be UTD on vacs, worming, good natured, well mannered pets.  All are excellent with tiny children, strangers, all other dogs, no food aggression, no fight triggers. 


They will chase a cat up a tree, but never harmed one.  They have killed opossums and snakes that got into yard.  They love fetch with tennis balls, squeaky toys.  Will jump into vehicle and ride quietly, sitting in seat.  Leash trained.  Not house trained, outside dogs.  Yard is 4 foot fencing, never challenged any enclosure.


Gate has been left open 2x or more, owner not home for several hours.  Dogs found on front porch, waiting for owner.  Not runners, diggers, jumpers, or escape artists.


Owner in dire domestic abuse situation, home being repo'd, dogs in imminent danger of being abandoned by week's end if placements cannot be found.  She has exhausted all efforts to place them, cannot take them with her after she is evicted.  Mother dog and sister pup have been placed by owner.  She's out of time on Dad dog and 3 boy pups.


She is located in MO.    Pyr rescue is working on this, but fosters and cubbyholes are full.  They are posted on ....... (various adoption sites).    If you, or someone you can recommend, can help with any or all of these dogs, please contact me.    I sent 2 Pyrs last week to NH, and still have 15.  No room at the inn here.

One reason this hit my 'anger bone' more then usual was because of a conversation I had yesterday with a woman in Zinc.  She had 8 pyr pups listed on Freecycle to give away.  Since we already have 2 approved applicants for females, I figured I might be able to help out both parties.    To make a long story short, 5 male pups were left. "Don't have no females left but I'm sure I'll  have a bunch next year at this time" and "you never pet a goat dog or you ruin it".   OK, I was 'light' but emphatic in my response when I told her that by bringing all these puppies into the world, even if she found them homes (which she obviously could not), it was taking away potential homes for other dogs and ever puppy in every litter makes HER responsible for that many dogs dying that day.  I also told her that that litter of 8 in just 9 months could produce 64 more puppies and those 64 puppies in another 9 months having 8 puppies each would make over 500 puppies in just a year and a half not counting the potential second litter from the first 8 pups.  I doubt she 'got it', but at least I had my say.  Hilljacks in the Bible belt. 

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