Keeton was scheduled for euthanasia.  He was on deaths door.  Estimated to be 12 years old and diagnosed as very heartworm positive, his days were numbered anyway.  He had cysts on his gums and nubs for teeth.  He didn't walk too steadily, either. The animal control volunteers in Kansas City had shaved his matted coat so he would be more comfortable.  He looked like a lion.  Another rescue pulled him for us and met us half way.

Keeton arrived August 8, 2007.  We expected his stay to be short; a month, we were told.  So why would we take in this dog that was going to die so soon?  Every creature deserves to have some happiness.  Every creature deserves to die knowing they are loved.  This is all we had to offer, or so we thought.  We have celebrated each day Keeton has been with us.  On February 8, 2009, we reached the 18 month mark.  Everyday is an experience. Every day we clean up poop.  Yet everyday is a blessing and a joy to have him to hug. 

Keeton's Wisdom

There are thousands of wild flowers to smell.

Appreciate each day.

A nap is a great afternoon rejuvenator.

A little rain never dissolved anyone.

If you don't want to go there .....Don't!

Enjoy the midnight sky.

Getting old is ok when someone loves you.

Only eat when you are hungry.

Only speak when you want someone to listen.

No one ever melted from
summer heat.

Nothing is more healing then unconditional love.

When you love a dog, you have to believe in Heaven.

A roll in the grass is the greatest pleasure on earth.

Never be in a hurry. 

Leaves in the hair are adornments.

Indecision makes life interesting.

Avoiding confrontation
prolongs life.

Always walk with a friend.

Don't be prejudice, cats are critters too.

Patience, patience, patience...

A little drool; a little hair. 
It all washes off.

A dog can look into your soul
like no human can.

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