I See Your Dog


I see your dog sitting in a cage all alone after you've dropped him off at my shelter.
I see your dog and the reason you've turned him in; no time, new baby, moving.

I see your dog wondering why he is here and wondering when you are coming back.
I see your dog depressed because it realizes you aren't.

I see your dog is an older dog with a flea allergy, rotten teeth and bad hips.
I see your dog is a guard dog who won't let anyone near it's cage.

I see your dog with a broken leg you still turned in after we told you we can't fix it.
I see your dog is not something someone would want to adopt.

I see your dog in my euthanasia room wagging it's tail not knowing it's fate.
I see your dog in the arms of my coworker while she is talking to it and petting it.

I see your dog as I put the needle into it's vein and inject.
I see your dog quietly go to sleep knowing it won't have pain anymore.

I see your dog and wish for the day I won't see anymore.

I saw your dog.
You weren't there for your dog.
I was there, I took his pain and heartache away.
I had to be your replacement in his last moments.
I loved your dog in that brief moment more than you ever did.