78 Sleepy Hollow Dog Yards

There is 2 fenced acres with house access and one fenced acre with house access.  On the acreage, close to the house are additional kenneled off areas.  This is to either keep the dogs close to the house or away from the house.   Then there are 2 yards with shop access.  There are an additional 5 large (approx 1500 to 2000 sq feet each) yards with insulated human size dog houses.   These yards can easily be divided into 5 additional yards.  The kennel panels are there. There is also a great area which would include under the front deck that we fenced off.  There are kennel panels for that.  Electricity is easily available and heaters and AC's for each 'dog house' is included.   The property zoning allows livestock on the upper 3 acres.

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Far left is shelter on 1 acre with house access.  Right is yards #2 & # 3 with Doggie Duplex

2 yards with Doggie Duplex

Side of Doggie Duplex showing yard # 4 and unfenced acre behind

Doggie Duplex on left, Yard #4 in center, Yard #1 on right

Yard #1 on left. Yard #4 in center, Shop yard #5 on right

Part of yard #3 on left, Yard #4 & Shop yard #5 on right

 Shop yard #5

 Shop yard #5

Looking at yard # 1 and shop from back of front deck

Looking at yard # 1, shop yard #5 and shop yard #6  from back of front deck