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Carol's Blog for 2017

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Be who you are and say what you feel...Because those that matter... don't mind...And those that mind... don't matter."

4/2:  Another tick on me.  Not sure if I'm feeling sick from it or from being on the toilet all night.  I found the tick about 2:00 this afternoon.  Started feeling very flushed and hot about 4:00.  Got the dogs all fed and took a hot bath.  Feeling a bit better.  I'm hungry but even afraid to have a glass of milk.  I may fix some rice with milk and sugar. 
     Got a bunch more collars done.  77 in this batch of royal blue.  I should have them finished up by tomorrow evening.  There are 3 patterns I really like.  But then I don't make any I don't like.  Trying to figure out where I'm gong to put them!  Know I'm going to have to buy several tubs new.  Won't be lucky enough to get enough at thrift stores because they use them for stuff. 
     I talked to Dave yesterday.  He's going to help me out getting my daughter.  He has a GPS I can borrow and he will help me program it.  Or he might just take me to get her.  We could eat (well, they could eat) at Lamberts on the way home.  I so miss being able to eat!!! 
3/31:  Granted, I am of average intelligence, but some things just seem so hard for other people to 'get'.  I have 3 unique bank accounts at the same bank.  Lets call them A, B and C.  I want to take $XXX out of A.  I want $XX to go into B and $X to go into C.  She said I couldn't do that.  I had to put $XXX in B and then move $X into C.  It's all my money and it is not in CD's or any time sensitive accounts.   Is this a new banking thing or is she just an idiot?  Like this is BS, crazy and not reality!!  And she looked as ancient as me so not some millennial whose grandpa runs the bank and got her the job..
    More storms coming this weekend in to Monday.  The rain and then sun, the grass is a good  6" tall and the weeds, the ones with the purple flowers, are a good 10" tall.  Two days ago nothing looked like it needed mowed.  I can't get anyone to work.  If it is raining, that's an excuse.  If it's nice weather, then they are off canoeing or drinking beer and driving around with their pick-up windows rolled down waving at other 'good ol' boys they pass.  The guy that came a week ago all eager to work never called or came back.  Speaking of..... today is the last day of the month.  I went to Wal-mart just for some milk and French bread. I noticed so many people just throwing anything in their cart!!  I mean they were not really 'shopping', just grabbing frozen dinners and piling up the cart. I'm not positive how the food stamp card works but it is my understanding if you have not used it all up by end of month, you don't get to carry it over or you get less then the month before. I would bet money that everyone of the people I saw tossing rather then 'shopping' were paying with a food stamp card.  I would have followed and watched except I wouldn't know what one looked like anyway. 
     I finished up 57 black collars yesterday and and a good ways into assembly of 70+ royal blue.  I love this.... but I am totally running out of places to put them.  Just for one size, the 15" to 18", I filled up a plastic tub 24" x 16" x 16" deep.  And there are still about a dozen that overflowed.  I can't get the lid on.  I should have counted.  Intended to.  But I will have to pick up some larger plastic tubs so will count when I transfer them.  I know I will have exceeded 1000 when these blue are done.  Still have about 35 with hot pink, 35 with burgundy, 50 with grey, 50 with turquoise,  and a peach that I am debating on because I don't have a decent match for the webbing.  I have an orange which I had to totally rule out.  Webbing really clashed. Anyway, it comes out to about 4 an hour when things go right. 
     Beth Ann ripped a big hole in her donut collar.  Her burn is starting to look good.  I was down there when it happened. Not sure how it happened but she caught it on something sharp and it popped.  Scared the heck out of all 3 dogs and me.  I did find the others but I think the one I put on her leaks.  Only one that would fit. If it is flat in the morning, I'll have to hope Petco restocked because I had bought the last one in her size.  I hope I can find the box and receipt as it was guaranteed.  Not real sure of this would qualify but will try if I find the receipt.  
3/28:  I was outside picking up dog bowls from the wild bunch.  One on the porch of the dog house still had food so I left it.  Climbed way up on the hill to pick one up.  As I'm going up so is Patty with the full bowl in her mouth.  I did not have the heart to go back down the hill in that direction so went the long way around. 
   This morning we walked everybody but Freedom.  I wanted to walk him too, but I can't walk Fraz and Emo and him.  Betty and Nancy can't walk Fraz and Emo so Freedom will just get a walk alone inside the property.  He will get his stitches out tomorrow so that will be fun!  I need to take Sahara in for HW test too.  She has an appointment Thursday so want to get all the pre-stuff done.  She has a definite heart or lung issue.  I am so faithful with the HW prevention but the mosquitoes have become immune to the ivermectin.  Don't know how I will afford Sentinal for everybody.  Would be about $400 a month.  Ivermectin is about $12. 
     I gave the model railroad club notice to move.  Just a big disappointment that the room was basically storage.  I thought there would be tours with school kids and that members would come out and run the trains.  They held meetings once a month for 2 hours.  That was it.  They were never out at other times.  Just not at all the legacy I wanted for Loren. 
     I've been on quite a roll with the collars.  It is my peace and quiet.... if you can call being pestered by JoJo every 5 minutes peace.  But he so needs it.  I love watching them get so excited when I turn on all the lights.  They know I am staying down!!  I open the gate and JoJo just flies onto the dog bed.  It was really strange today.  JoJo was up there with his bone and Beth Ann was just sitting there staring, or maybe glaring, at him.  He finally got down and she got up!  There is 2 beds, but I think his was more appealing since he was on it.  JoJo is just so good natured. If he would just not mark!!! 
3/24:  Have someone coming to do some work this morning.  I hope he is intelligent and diligent and likes dogs.  I was up early.  Bathroom all night.  I am trying to be so careful but the list of acceptable food is decreasing rapidly.  What was ok a few weeks ago is now not ok.  Running out of ideas.  Pork chop sandwiches are still compatible.   Frozen Yogurt, home made cookies and the $1 muffin mixes are becoming very questionable.  Pizza is out.  The $1 frozen dinners are out.  Baked chicken is out.  Anything I make and freeze is out.  Got to be today fresh.  But as long as I'm good with milk, particularly chocolate milk, I won't complain too much. 
3/23:  Storms are good for progressing the wild bunch towards trust.  I'm not near as scary as the thunder and lightening.  They huddle around me for protection.  I'll take any help i can get, even if it means very little sleep.  Predicted for tonight but Parker is not in the closet or the bath tub so it will either miss us or is more then 3 hours away. 
    I've really been cranking out the collars.  Shoulders and neck hurt, but it is my mental peace.  I cut out and assembled the base for 50 collars this morning.  Got the top fabric cut and overlocked.  Wish I had better thread colors, but buying online is so unpredictable.  Stores don't sell text 69 and that is what I have to use to make them safe.  The webbing I need came today.  I was at a standstill for only a few minutes then it came.  JoJo got a walk while I was 'unproductive' so that made him very happy. 
3/20: Actually the first  day in a long time that I have had any enthusiasm.  There is a craft fair in May at a nearby town called Dogpatch.  It use to be a theme park.  I reserved a booth to sell my collars.  Sandra is coming and she has dog coats she has made.  So we are excited.  It will be fun for both of us.  And I can bring a dog!!
I don't think Goofy will be up to it.  Thinking on Cotton.  I'll need to work with him, taking him to Petco and other places he can go in.  I think he will be fine.  I need a dog that will draw attention.  Goofy was perfect but Cotton is a close second.  Maybe Sadie on the second day.  Not too many white Greyhounds.  I picked up some PVC pipe and clamps from Lowes to make a way to attach a canopy to the tables in the booth.  Didn't buy quite enough so will get the rest tomorrow.  I have plenty of time but want to have a trial run with everything so it goes smoothly when the time comes. I REALLY need Photoshop back.  Not sure how I will do signs by hand and make them look decent.  I also need to make handouts. 
     86 degrees today but thunder storm predicted for around midnight tonight.  Poor Freedom.  I let him stay out last night since it was such great weather.  He did want in at some point but they wouldn't let him.  I will re-introduce him to the pack when he is healed.  Not going to chance stitches being torn out again.  I don't know who went after him.  I will have to keep him in tonight.  Wish I knew for sure that I would wake up about 11 and I'd bring him in then rather then when I go to bed.  He gets really warm in the room.  I do think he missed the petting last night. 
3/18:  Yesterday was a horrible day.  Two trips to town.  Coming home from the second trip, I was stopped at a red light and the gal in the next lane over just decided she wanted in my lane.  She just moved over and scraped all along the side of my car.  It is not dented but took the pain off to bare metal.  Will have to be fixed or it will rust.  People don't realize the expense of getting paint match and having to paint the whole panel..  Anyway, my shopping attempt had already failed.  Needed to match the yellow terry cloth with some print.  Everything clashed.  So I get home and get the clumsies.  I was getting Freedom in to feed him and tripped over the deck step.  Full body slam to the deck.  Toe was really throbbing.  Left my shoe on until night as was afraid I'd torn off the nail.  So, anyway, after that, I went to feed the wild bunch and my pant leg caught on a nail on the ramp.  My body proceeded forward but my leg did not.  At least I didn't have the food bowls in my arms. 
   Still fighting with Ballard over that ridiculous $150 charge.  It is more about ethics then money.  BBB is negotiating because I told them that if I initiate a conversation, that my give him the idea he can charge me again.  He can call me.  I'm not calling him.  If I open my mouth on volition, it puts me at a disadvantage.  What I want is a written apology and admission that what he did was wrong.  I'll never get it.  Men just don't think they ever need to apologize for anything.  And they certainly will NEVER admit to being wrong.  I don't like people, but "professional" men are ass holes.  Doesn't matter if they are a lawn care service or house painter or a lawyer or a doctor or anyone in between.  They are all ass holes when it comes to how they try to take advantage of elderly women. 
    I gave the model railroad club notice to move.  They just disappointed me completely.  It was important that it be a legacy for Loren but it became a deserted warehouse where they only showed up once a month for a meeting.  No one came out and 'played train'.  No one ever brought youth groups out.  It was a 'do not touch' display that was not even displayed except to members once a month for 2 hours.  And they could not even turn off the water on the toilet.  It was the only thing I asked because a leak would fill up the holding tank and that's $275 to pump.  And the toilet is so gross, I'm sure it will have to be tossed and replaced.  Men are such pigs!  Yes, I'm on a hate men roll!!! 
   I took new Nylabones down for JoJo.  You would have thought he was a child on Christmas morning.  He was so excited.  The old ones were getting dangerously small so they needed tossed.  I took down 6 for the 3 dogs.  Beth Ann wanted them all.  She was creating a stash which I quickly put a stop to.  She gets very jealous of JoJo and he is so passive.  He just looks with soulful eyes, like "I'm sorry" when he didn't even do anything wrong.
3/11:  SNOW!!!   Lots of it.  Beautiful but not fun.  Dogs soaked my bed as their snow covered bodies thawed.  Glad I went to the store when I did as I just got home as it was starting.  That was 3 hours ago.  It has not stopped. 
     I really wanted to get some collars sewed but I only had 3 fabrics that would match the terrycloth.  And looking at the webbing in a different light, it is wrong too so will have to match the leash to the fabric and not the terrycloth.  I know I should not have started that color but once committed, I will do what ever to make it work..... including taking a swatch to Wal-mart and being packed like a sardine in the store. Everyone beating the 'snow day'.  JoJo was so disappointed I didn't stay when I went to feed.  I had promised him I would stay at dinner time. 
     There was a FB video that reminded me of someone from a long time ago.  I did a search and found out he died at 63, 3 years ago.  There is just something about knowing people younger then me have passed away.  Makes me wonder why am I still here?  Do I still need to get it right or still something more I need to do?  Dogs to take care of.  Great grandkids to meet.  Something entirely different?  Or maybe I'm just a day away.  We just don't know. 
     Goofy and Sadie have been poop heads lately.  Both have decided to be door monitors and decide who comes in and who can't.  It is very difficult.  Storm last night had everyone on edge.  As soon as the wild bunch started into the livingroom, Goofy chased them out.  I had to go out in the storm and escort them in!  Goofy got a good scolding.  Sadie has done the same and she too has gotten scolded.  This is not going to happen and they need to stop it or Goofy will find himself closed in the family room and Sadie will be in a crate.  I need sleep! 
     It is only 5:18 but ready to go soak in a hot bath and then go to bed.  I know I won't sleep worrying that one of the dogs will be kept from coming inside.  Divide and conquer, I hope.  
3/8:  Kathleen, Bob and their friend Harold cam down Sunday.  Got a load of the 'small stuff' accomplished.  So grateful.  They are heading back home today.  We got Freedom in for his dental.  One tooth was pulled.  His tumor removed.  Not talked to Wendy yet to see what she thinks.  Not going to do a biopsy as I would not treat if it was cancer anyway.  Never put a dog through that.  We picked him up just minutes after his surgery.  Carried him to the car on a stretcher and brought him home.  Closed him in the bedroom with me and Kathleen where we could watch him.  We combed on him and trimmed his hair around his mouth.  Something that was not possible when he is awake!  A few hours later when he was functioning, I put him on leash and walked him all over the 2 acres.  He was so good on leash.  This was his first time ever!   I let him do the leading, but put pressure on the leash when he would want to go where I didn't.  When we got to one tree, he decided to go around it, again and again.  I was getting dizzy!  Kathleen was watching out the window, laughing.  I was laughing too.  I didn't care where we went as long as Freedom was not freaking. 
     Trying to get him to his bowl to get his pills before Patty stole them was not a pleasant experience this morning.  No, mission was not accomplished. He won't eat if separated.  Patty has figured out through the weeks that Freedoms 'topping' is good and she doesn't always get a topping on hers.  I did put chicken on every bowl, but she zeroed in on his and they they would all run if I tried to detour her.  I took the pills out and put them in the fridge.  I'll try again later.  Very frustrating. 
     Goofy is doing good since back on the SD crap.  I did get a digestive support from iVet which I will try.  SD is $85 for 27.5 pounds.  iVet is less then $50 for 33  pounds and probably a whole lot better and more nutritional.  I didn't know they made a digestive formula.  Both ingredient labels are really bad, though.  Corn, Gluten, Barley, etc.   Not much choice since cooking chicken with rice, green beans and carrots didn't help stop the flow. 
     Trying to decide if I will start a new color of collars today or finish burning leaves or start cleaning the house walls.  Already finished 2 loads of laundry.  Just have to wait until the ones in the dryer are dry to start the next.  Need to go to the store for soap and fabric softener.  Some loads will be fine without the softener, but some will be less them comfortable, like the load drying now.  Oh well.  Didn't realize I didn't have a 'back up' bottle. 
     My daughter is coming April 18 and staying 3 weeks.  I am excited.  I hope my intestines behave so we can go some places.  I know she will enjoy going through all my stuff and helping have a yard sale.  She loves that kind of thing to do.  Kathleen will come down and help with the sale.  I so want the stuff gone. 
2/27:  Got the floor cleaned in the family room.  When it dries, I'll get the furniture dusted off and sofa scrubbed. Hopefully this time, it will stay a 'no dog' zone.  I want it cleared out of excess furniture but that will happen when we have the yard sale.  Trying so hard to get things nice and presentable so I can put this house up for sale...officially.  So much to do and so hard working alone.   So thankful my daughter is coming and she loves 'going through stuff' and having a yard sale.  I hate both! 
    Beautiful day weather wise.  Shiloh is perky today.  How do they read our minds.  Well, actually I told her last night she had a very special family coming to take her home forever and that she would be the queen.  I think she really understood.  She didn't even get on the bed with me last night.  Just laid right beside it where I could 'hang over' and touch her. 
     Canceled JoJo's immiticide HW treatment as several people I know and trust swear by the Advantage Multi curing in 6 months.  So much safer and way less stressful....and cheaper!!!    Also canceled Beth Anns appointment to have surgery.  Told of several other options to try on the wound.  I am not sure if the donut is keeping her from licking the wound or not but it looked better last night.  Money is running low and I just can't be throwing out $500 and $1000 for surgeries/ procedures that may be avoided and cost just a few hundred combined. 
     Afternoon:  Shiloh is on her way to her forever home.  I usually don't get choked up, but this is different.  Not only a very special dog (they all are) but the last Pyr that I will have placed.  End of an era.  They are fabulous people and I know they will spoil her.  She got in their vehicle (with a boost up) and laid right down.  She looked resigned.  I really do think she understands.  Damn, this is so hard...... 
2/24: barely....   Weather is beautiful.  Starry sky, gentle breeze, about 65 outside at midnight and 5' of pollen.   Hope the allergy pill kicks in soon. 
        Still feel so bad about Molly.  I keep thinking how scared she must be.  It is just not fair.  People make me so angry.  It is not like her mommy can't come home.  This is almost like when I was caring for Annie and I told her mommy she was dying from grief and she needed to come home.  But she wouldn't.  Left me with the horrible choice.  I waited as long as I could, but age had taken it's toll and this stress of feeling abandoned was too much for her.  Just wrong.  Unless you are dead, incapacitated or captive, you CAN choose to be where you are needed.  But then some people are not real 'dog' people.   I admit I was one of them once and how I regret some choices...but I was young.  These dog mommies are not.  
      I'm excited.  My daughter is coming to stay for the month of April.  If she drives, my granddaughter will come with, fly back home, then return for the drive home.  She can't stay because of work and other responsibilities but I will be so glad to see her too. 
      Shiloh has a very excited adopter.  I switched out Beth Anns vet appointment for Shiloh so I can be sure she is fine before she leaves Saturday.  I'm sure what I am seeing is from the stress Molly caused her, but want to be sure.  I also want to be sure she is not in someway injured.  She did get knocked off the deck and fell about 2' from Molly attacking her.  With her bad leg, things like that are more scary then normal. 
     Guess the Zurtec is kicking in.  Just an itchy nose remains.  Back to bed! 
2/23:  Over the edge.  I rarely totally come unglued but I am there this morning.  Molly has got to leave.  She is a good dog and as sweet as can be but she terrorizes my guys.  Poor Shiloh is scared to move without me escorting her from room to room.  If any of them go outside in the middle of the night to potty, she follows them out and then sits on the deck and growls, not letting them come back, even within 40 feet of the house.  I have to get up, put on shoes and go escort them in.  I may have an adopter for Shiloh, but right now, Shiloh is not acting right.  It is probably just being terrorized, but it could be illness.  Until Molly leaves or I spend umpteen $$$ on tests, I can't let Shiloh leave not knowing the cause. 
     I had to take Shiloh with to go feed the 3 in the shop because I can't leave her alone for a second with Molly.  I discover Beth Ann has broken the blow up collar that keeps her from licking her wound.  I did not get to Petco yesterday to get the smaller size.  Will that be $40 wasted?  Will she break it too? 
     I could not stay down in the shop long enough to wait for JoJo and Sadena to finish eating, so when I do get back down there, I will have a bowl full of pee.  JoJo does that a lot.  I'm just too tired and can't take it.  I can be fine with my 'forever' bunch; Goofy, Parker, Cotton, Sahara, Zelda, Hanna, Chipi, Leslie and Freedom.  I am even ok with Patty, Pumpkin, Fraz, Emo and Cola.  Sadie is a doll and no trouble.  But I am worn out with trips to the shop to feed, medicate, bandage, poop scoop, change water......   I've got too many 'needy' dogs.  Goofy is finally getting over his diarrhea but the Science Diet I/D is total crap.  It works but has no nutritional value what so ever. 
     Just took Molly to boarding.  Broke my heart but have to put my guys first.
     Swapped Beth Anns' vet appointment to Shiloh so I can be sure she is ok.  I don't want to send her if she is sick.  Guess I will head to Petco and get a new blow up collar for Beth Ann.  Dang allergies are already starting....  
2/21: Beth Ann has been here since July 2015!  I had her burns under control and we were getting close.  Now her burn has really grown and looks terrible just in the past few days.  Had to put her by herself because she is so sore that she is afraid Sadena will jump on her and she is getting really protective.  I don't blame her.  So she has the second apartment all to herself.  I need to go to Petco tomorrow and see if they have a large blow up collar.  I have med and XL.  The XL is too big but has to do for the night.  Surgery is planned for her next week.  Freedom is the following week.  Then 2 weeks after that is JoJo  I think my bank account will have just enough money left for another month of food and it will be empty.  I had figured it would get me through July.  Not going to happen.  Molly will be here until about the 5th.  Kathleen and Bob are coming on the 6th to help with Freedom.  I'm just so warn out and just thinking about this next 30 days has me even more worn out.  At least Goofys diarrhea is under control.  He is on expensive 'prescription formula'  food and it seems to be working .  I am grateful for that. 
2/19:  All the extra dogs are gone.  Miss them, yet don't.  Molly has been at Lisa's dads for several days.   I don't want her traumatized, which I know boarding wiould do to her for 2 weeks, but also hate my guys being traumatized by her.  If she would behave or not chew up the chain link, or get along with JoJo, being here would be fine.  But she won't.  Hoping her 4 day visit away from here will put her more at ease and she will not feel the need to climb the pack ladder.
     I hurt so bad the past few days.  There is a decompression machine at the chiropractor and it pulled on my hips.  I didn't feel any discomfort then, but I have paid the price since.  I looked it up and there are a few warnings.  Since my hip problem has never been diagnosed in 68 years of problems, I suspect I have one of those conditions that it warns about. 
     Handyman came to look over my list today.  Don't know how it will work out.  I hate that I can not do the simplest things anymore.  Can't even get on a step stool to change a light bulb or bend down to re-nail a baseboard.  I just want this house in shape so the 'final clean up' will be easy when I am ready to move.  If I can get things done, I'll list it 'by owner' on Zillow directing it to an 'animal' lover audience.  It is so perfect for that and I hate to see all my hard work torn down.
2/15... barely.  12:12 a.m.  Just got back in the house.  One of the rescues' dog was out.  At least it didn't leave.... but if it had of, I wouldn't be up.  The dogs would have stopped barking and I would have figured it was another critter causing their dissatisfaction.  I was waken an hour earlier by a dog fight.  Molly just has issues and I am about to go crazy.  She attacked both Chipi and then Shiloh when they tried to come in the bedroom.  Since I was up chasing a loose dog, I figured I'd put her with JoJo.  So moved the other 2 and got her.  That went terribly bad.  JoJo, who loves everybody, sensed her vibes and went after her the minute we got through the door.  I'm at a loss of what to do aside from sticking her in boarding.  She will trash any room I close her in.  Guess I will tote up a crate and she is going to get a crash course in crate training.  I'll put it in the bedroom next to my bed.  And if she fusses, I'll leave her and go sleep in the other room.  I can't have my guys afraid to come in out of the rain or afraid to even come near me for attention. 
    There is a farm for sale in Twin Falls that adjoins my son-in-laws farm.  It is far enough out, no one would notice the dogs.  Also, since it is an area that everyone knows everyone, being 'family' would give me a welcome.  Only problem is I'd have to finance half until this place sold.  I really don't want in that kind of a bind.  If it is meant to be, something will happen to make it happen.  Because my daughter is most likely moving there and my grandson has already started the moving process, I want more then ever to be there.  I'd be giving up a lot and the 'unknown' is so scary.  But if you don't try, you never know.  One thing about this farm, it would 'stay in the family' so I could spread the dogs ashes that I have accumulated for the past 12 years.  I would grow trees for each one.   
2/13:  Just finished steam cleaning 9 area rugs.  I still have the big white one to go.  Yesterday was finishing up washing 19 mattress covers and cleaning 2 dog pillow beds.  So far no accidents yesterday or last night.  The weather is nice so he has been laying on the deck.  I still have 4 large rubber mats and 3 small entry mats to hose off that are out there.  Thank god he didn't spray the walls.  Anyway, I will need to get the white rug done tomorrow as really need to be able to park back in the garage.  Darn.... I forgot I need to wash the 2 mattress covers in the garage.  
     Called the handiman I gave some scrap fencing to a few months ago.  I've called several times.  He does not check messages!  Anyway, I hope he can get to some of the stuff I need done.  It's pretty basic stuff, but I am just not capable.  Don't dare stand on a ladder to even change a light bulb.  Being alone and no one 'checking in' on me makes me very careful.  I've known too many people who either suffered for days or died and weren't discovered for days.  I don't think my dogs would eat me but I really would not want them going hungry and being confused because I was not taking care of them.
     The other rescues dogs leave Saturday.  I will miss 2 of the 6 but not a lot.  Be glad when Molly can go home.  She is becoming a problem.  She lays on the deck at night (if she can't be on the bed with me) and won't even let the others come into the lower yard.  I'm up and down all night making sure everyone can get in.  I just can't be toting water way up the hill for them.  She won't even let them near the gate for a drink.  I'm just really tired. 
2/11:  Kathleen has been here helping.  Good timing.  Goofy has had a huge bout of diarrhea. I was up at 6:30 to discover it.  Every area rug.  Every toddler bed.  Every dog pillow except one.  But several hours later after changing all mattress covers and 6 loads of laundry, hauling out rugs and scrubbing floors, he did us the pleasure of getting the remaining dog pillow.  We did get some dogs combed out.  I was exhausted so headed to a hot bath and plan for bed by 5 p.m.  Out of the tub only to find a 'blast' through the house again.  I fed him chicken, brown rice and green beans with Metranidazol and pro-biotic for dinner thinking that would settle his tummy.  Good thing I withheld the kibble.  Cars are in the drive way.  Area rugs in the garage.  Tomorrow will be a long day getting them clean.  I have to keep them down because Goofy has a hard time with the slick floors.  I'm really tired.......
2/6:  Got the hospital bill from Nov.  Thought between medicare and the VA, it would be pretty much covered.  I'm devastated!  Medicare paid 1%.  Yes one percent.  VA paid 8%.  Leaving me with almost an $8000 bill.  So much for moving.  I will fight it, though.  If I have to use blackmail, I will.  They sent me out at 3 a.m. after several hours on morphine to drive myself home.  It took me an hour and a half to drive about 7 miles.  I kept throwing up and I knew I was not 'sober',  Do think they have some liability issue there that they probably really don't want made a public court case.  If I was on welfare or an illegal, it would have been free.
     I put Beth Ann in with Sadena.  I figured she would do fine again once she settled in.  I got a hold of Ryan about taking her to teach her to not chase cars and to get over her dog aggression.   I'm second thinking it because of this money issue.  Just not fair how health care can ruin families.  Mine is minor, but just makes me stop and realize how horrible it is that life is seen as a profit. 
    Got my massage today.  Didn't have time to sew and JoJo and Flicker (the visitor) are upset because I didn't spend time with them.  I will sew tomorrow.  Kathleen will be here Wed thru Sunday to help comb some dogs.  I left a message for a handiman I gave some fencing to.  I have a list that Kathleen and I can't do.  We already 'fixed' a shelf and it was a disaster.  I kind of hit the wrong place with the hammer and broke the side.  I need to leave difficult stuff to the experts.  A few years ago, I could have fixed it without breaking it.    Getting old, getting arthritic and getting bills I didn't expect can sure ruin an otherwise decent day...week ... month ....year.....
2/5:  Week has slipped by.  I've been spending a lot of time sewing, making collars, to relax.  The house is a mess, but if I dust mop up leaves in the morning, they are just back in the evening.  I'm not in the house to look at them, so I only dust mop them out in the evening before I go to bed.  Crazy since I am in bed not seeing them, but I have this thing about treading through leaves in the semi dark.  Some I cannot distinguish from Goofys' poop.  Kicking a leaf out of the way with my toeless slipper is not always a wise choice.
    Beth Ann is back.  I feel bad all the way around.  She was just too much for the people. They tried.  Beth Ann is just a challenge for anyone.  I thought she would recognize Sadena but that did not happen.  I'll have to work around it.  Hope a day alone will make her more accepting.  Sadena is in the same yard they shared before.  But there are a lot of unfamiliar dogs here with the other rescue, so she is a bit uneasy.  OK, a lot uneasy.  I'm going to see if Ryan will take her and work with her.  Just so darn expensive, but not a lot of choices. 
     I never made it to the grocery store today.  Out of chocolate milk.  It is like a normal person being out of coffee.  Ido have white milk and Nestles Quick so that will have to suffice in the morning.
    Todays weather got so nice.  Froze the past 2 nights.  Knock on wood, a mild winter so far.  Summer was soggy wet so guess the weather gods are trying to balance things out.  Buzzards are circling about a mile west.  Must be large as there are about 20 of them.  Usually just see 4 or 5.  Sad, what ever died, but guess all creatures need to eat. 
1/30:  I will never open mail again on Saturday.  Stuff that is WRONG and I can't fix until Monday so don't sleep all weekend.  Too much stress.  I hate incompetence and the government is full of it.  So are banks and financial institutions.... and 'tech support' people in all areas.  Took me 6 phone calls to get someone who spoke English and didn't need a book to answer my question.  Actually got the state government person to admit she made a mistake.  My past financial person is going to have to fix one BIG mistake.   I will have to deal with the bank tomorrow.  The idiot on the phone was just idiot. 
     I must have spilled food in my keyboard.  Time to save and give it a good shaking.                                           
1/28:  A monumental "first".  Freedom got a bath.  It was not planned.  Someone really did a number on him and there was blood and a lot of dirt.  I had to get him clean to find the source of the blood.  Luckily Dena and Susan were here feeding the dogs I'm providing space for.  Without their help, I never could have managed.  He was scared enough of them to run in the shower to hide.  It took some maneuvering to make that his only route, but it worked.  He was actually really good once he relaxed.  I think he was either too petrified to move or he likes the feel of the water.  He eventually laid down.  Of course, the reason behind that could have also been because he didn't want me washing his butt.  What ever, 90% of him got clean.... well, maybe 85% but what ever, it got done.  Luckily he is only double coated in spots!  Weird but then he is quite unique.  I got him as towel dried as I could.  My blanket on my bed is soaking up the rest f the water.  DeJaVou.  And the sheets have only been on the bed a few days. 
     Molly got accepted by the pack so one relief.  I'm dog setting while Lisa is gone for a month taking care of some relatives estate.  The condo only allows dogs under 25 pounds.  Don't think Molly qualifies. 
     I'm not feeling very good.  I think between all the smoke from burning leaves,  all the hard work raking them, then the cold weather and then this shower with Freedom.  I'm running a fever and my face is really flushed.  A glass of milk and I'm off to bed..... a wet bed... but that's ok.  I'm sure there is a few areas that are dry if I can twist my body in just the right direction.
1/27:  I'm working with the greatest bunch of gals, providing space for the dogs being rescued.  Today was a very sad day.  One of the dogs that had just been spayed that they "wanted to keep" got hit by a car and died.  But that is only half the story.  What led up to this is far worse.  And there is nothing we can do about it.  Sadly, several other dogs will have to be returned, after vetting, as a promise was made.  We have fought back tears. When I meet a dog, it is an attachment that never leaves me.  This dog was here, even though for only a day. We just have to be grateful for the ones who got rescued and will move on to good, loving homes.
      I burned leaves from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00.  Way too long.  Way too much raking.  Way too much smoke.  The biggest pile still needs moved to a safe burn area.  All done by hand as it is between the house and the dog yards.  80 or 90 feet moving a stack 4' high by 6' wide by 12 feet long.  I don't think my poor dislocated fingers will be able to handle it.  They are so sore tonight just from moving a stack that size 20'.  
     Sadie won't get to sleep with me tonight because she is picking on one of the visiting dogs.  He is a really sweet Rottie.  I expect the wild bunch to be poops, but shame on Sadie.  She is going out of her way to bark at him.  She will have to stay on the other side tonight. 
1/26:  Hate mistakes.  But then anything to do with government forms one is bound to make mistakes.  Expecting a check.  "Found treasures"  "Unclaimed property".  Loren had some stock that I didn't know about.  Not much, but it will buy a few bags of dog food.  So I was let down that I have to fill out a certain form again and go back to the bank and get it notarized.  Also got the form I need for my property tax exemption so will do both tomorrow.  I'm sure the assessors office will say I have to 'wait until March' to bring it in.  Then they will have to start all over removing the tax. 
     "Flicker" is one of the dogs I am providing space for.  Cute little guy.  He was walking lopsided.  Turns out a horrid ear infection.  I've moved him into the shop with JoJo and Sadena where I can more easily medicate the ear, plus he has separation anxiety and cried all night last night.  I think in the shop, he will feel better having company and not being alone.  And NO, I am not keeping him!   It has really turned cold so I hope someone gets out here to feed the others soon incase they think we need to put heaters in the yards.  I can't carry them.  They are too heavy. 
     I spent another day in the shop.  I just hung 52 more collars on the rack.  Guessing about 12 hours work.  Before I start more, I am re-doing some I did a long time ago.  Better plan now.  Only takes about 4 minutes each to re-work them and I salvage some extra hardware.  Don't know where I will put the next batch I make.  The wall is full.  About 700 collars now.  Maybe even close to 800.  Goal is 1000 hanging.  I really need to take some pix.  They are all so beautiful.  Goofy and Parker both need new, but I can't decide which I like best for either of them.  Everyone else has fairly new ones.  Some dogs just project a color. like Chipi is yellow.  Pumpkin is peach.  Zelda is green.  Goofy has been burgundy, but it is not 'his' color.  I'm not sure what color is his.  Parker has been blue.  He is more teal. or navy. 
1/24:  Sewed most of the morning.  I should have checked phone messages first.  Oh well.  So things don't always get attended to.  I'm still ready for that cave, as long as it has electricity so I can sew and cook food for me and the dogs.  Have a vet appointment with Hanna tomorrow.  The tremors may be caused by something in her nose or sinus cavity.  When Kathleen was here Hanna had a bad one.  I rubbed her nose and it quit like turning off a switch.  We were both in total disbelief.  So it is worth looking into. 
   Goofy insists on a 'routine'.  Sometimes he has dementia, though.  He wants his walk.  Normally I take him down to the shop when I feed JoJo.  That is our morning and evening 'trip'.  Tonight he just wanted to go out the front door, walk around to the side and come in through the family room.  Didn't even pee.  Other times he just wants to stand in the driveway and watch leaves blow by.  I look at him and see myself in a few years.  I hope who ever is around me is as kind and understanding and patient as I am for him. 
   While we were traveling around the house, I saw Cotton out in the field rolling in mulched leaves.  He was having a great time.  I think he does it just so I will give him attention combing them out before bedtime.  I should say "I hope it was leaves he was rolling in!"  .
1/22:  Discovered one of the wild bunch is feeding the squirrels.  Several tote full food bowls up the hill.  Never thought much of it until yesterday.  The bowl was very strategically placed by a small hole in the bottom of the fence.  Several squirrels were scurrying back and forth, gathering goodies.  They, however are not going to share with the fox nor the skunk who have paid several visits. 
      JoJo is enjoying my sewing time in the shop.  I'm really on a roll!  I've done 50 slip leads and finished 25 or so martingale collars in 2 days.  I love it.  Having such a great time being creative.  I'll be at 1000 slip leads soon.  That is not counting the 100 or so I sent with dogs, sold or gave away.  Maybe I will find a sales outlet someday, but I really don't care.  It is my relaxation and if it becomes a 'business' it will no longer be fun nor relaxing. 
1/20:  I'm providing space for some rescue dogs.  Just space.  Gal is taking care of their needs.  Yesterday 3 came.  Black Mouth Kerr maybe.  Barked and howled all night!   My guys kept barking at them to shut up, but they didn't listen.  My guys finally gave up about midnight and went to sleep.  Guess they can sleep through anything that is not considered threatening or interesting.  Shiloh got up on the bed with me and laid crosswise on the pillows.  She worked so hard to get up there, I didn't have the heart to even re-adjust her.  I had a sliver of a space.  What I didn't use, Sadie did. 
     Two small hounds came today.  I'm sure the melody of last night will be twice as loud tonight.  They are all just ribs.  Heartbreaking.  Typical sad situation.  Country people with no money taking in dumped dogs and way in over their head and don't have a clue how to get help.  There are 29.  They will keep 6 that will be returned after they are altered and vaccinated. 
    Spent about 5 hours in the shop today.  Finished off 25 collars.  JoJo loves me being down there.  If I am standing at the work table, he leaves me alone, but as soon as I sit at the machine, he is there for attention.  .Since I am up and down a lot, he does become a pest.  Sadena is sniffing my hand but not letting me do the touching.
1/19:  Finally got some quiet at midnight.  Mr. Fox and Peppi-La-Pue were busy until then.  Luckily no one was close enough to 'get it', but the back yard did indicate he was in full presence.   There is a small area from outside the fencing that is open to under the deck.  Once something gets under the deck, it has to go out the same way it came in.  I suspect that was the case. 
  Kathleen spent several day here and brought Lakota.  He was confused.  Know when she would come up to the house, he was thinking he was being returned.  Poor guy.  We didn't get much accomplished, but we had fun.  We are just too old and decrepit to be on the floor combing on dogs that do not want to cooperate.
   I am ready to go take a bath and go to bed, but waiting on someone who may or may not come tonight. 
1/14:  Feeling 'normal'.  Able to log into my site and just type away!   It's 9 a.m. and we are all fed.  Pumpkin is 'on this side' and is in quite a tizzy about it.  She is my vocal one always barking angrily through the sliding glass door at these guys. Now she is with them and does not have her 'wild bunch' to back her up. What an attitude adjustment.  She is not afraid to come inside so I am going to leave here over here while I go sew and keep JoJo company.  The results of her extended separation will be interesting.  I'll know tonight. 
1/13/17:  Finally have my site capabilities back.  Computer crash thanks to Bill Gates and Windows 10 forced on me.  Lost everything on the laptop and a whole lot of programs on my desk top.  166 GB from the laptop.  I hope he's sitting by the 10th window on his jet when a meteor crashes through that window.